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Hyatt Regency

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) • One of the most critical elements of becoming an environment-friendly hotel is the adoption of a new culture that extends throughout the hotel organisation. and even its vendors. local community. . and between the hotel and its guest.

The team is co-ordinated by the Representative (MR). an assessment is done to determine what improvements can be made. • Then. . how much does it cost. The assessment also allows you to establish a baseline against which changes should be measured. • First step is to identify the inflow and out flow of each activity of each department and then identify the related Environmental aspect and impact. and what type of changes in consumption or waste generation are expected.An EMS takes the following approach to address its environmental issues: • The core team is formed with one member from each department of the hotel.

or departments. or install low-flow taps in guest rooms and staff locker rooms by Nov 1st. Greatest improvements are made through changes in staff procedures which are termed as operational control procedures. the impact or results.• A hotel sets objectives like reducing water consumption. such as introducing towel and linen reuse program by specific time period say. • Finally. must be measured and documented. Dec 31st. Each objective is supported by a set of specific targets. in terms of changes from the baseline. or reducing solid waste for the entire property. . • The individuals. This provides the necessary feedback to determine whether the EMS is working. responsible for achieving the targets are identified in the action plan.

control and improve the short-term and long-term impacts of its activities.Hyatt Regency • It is a ten storey five star hotel of 518 rooms is located in the heart of New Delhi. products and services. Delhi covers all environmental aspects associated within the boundary wall of the hotel arising out of its activities. thereby helping to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. . products and services. • The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) of Hyatt Regency. • EMS allowed the hotel to address. anticipate and meet growing environmental performance expectations.

Delhi is the first hotel in the world under Hyatt International chain to get the ISO 14001 certificate from Det Norske Veritas (DNV). September 2001.• EMS implementation took fourteen months. so as to act immediately towards minimising the adverse environmental impacts. Initial six months went in carrying out the detailed initial environmental review and prioritising the significant environmental aspects. • Hyatt Regency. .

In terms of the commitment on part of the management. products and services. . which affected the organizational activities. • But later. the key was in identifying the environmental aspects.• The main challenge faced while implementing the EMS was that most of the core group members representing various departments took the initiative as an additional burden since they felt that a lot of time was spent in documenting and reviewing their day to day work under the initial environmental review. • The second major challenge was acquiring support from the management. the same group realised that it gave an opportunity to observe their own activities in an environmental perspective.

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