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Electronic records


WHAT IS A RECORD? Records: Recorded information. in any format. that allows an office to conduct business Duplicate Copies Drafts and Informal Notes Routing Slips Personal Correspondence Does NOT include unofficial records: .

typed letter E-Form template Museum accessions database Form master copy Accession card catalog Student paper (e-mailed or D2L-submitted) Instant message log Student paper submitted in class Memorandum of conversation . not format ! Electronic Record E-mail message Paper Analog Memo.Value of a record determined by content.

11]. iii) By an information system programmed by or on behalf of the originator to operate automatically [sec. .ELECTRONIC RECORDS Electronic records means data. received or sent in an electronic form or micro film or computer generated micro fiche [sec2(s)] An electronic records shall be attributed to the originatori) If it was sent by the originator himself. records or data generated. image or sound stored. ii) By a person who had the authority to act on behalf of the originator in respect of that electronic records.

stores or transmits that message or provides any service with respect to that message [sec.2(z)]. stores or transmits any electronic message or causes any electronic message to be sent.2(v)]. . Intermediary: Intermediary with respect to any particular electronic message means person who on behalf of another person receives. generated. generates.DEFINITION Originator: originator means a person who sends. stored or transmitted to any other person but does not include an intermediary [sec.

12(1)]. automated or otherwise. sufficient to indicate to the originator that the electronic records has been received [sec. ii) Any conduct of the addressee. .MODE OF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RECEIPT OF ELECTRONIC RECORDS It may be given by: i) Any communication by the addressee.

ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Records created & received electronically Records created & received in hard copy Records are filed & managed for access & maintenance electronically .

if any. receipt occurs when the electronic record enters the computer resource of the addressee. receipt occurs at the time when the electronic record is retrieved by the addressee. . ii) If the addressee has not designated a computer resource along with specified timings .TIME AND PLACE OF DISPATCH AND RECEIPT OF ELECTRONIC RECORDS The time of receipt of an electronic records shall be determined as follows: i) If the addressee has designated a computer resource for the purpose of receiving electronic recordsa)receipt occurs at the time when the electronic record enters the designated computer resource. b)if the electronic records is sent to a computer resource of the addressee that is not the designated computer resource.

ii) The initial electronic record is retained intact or has been altered since such electronic record was so affixed with the digital signature [sec. Verify in relation to a digital signature. means to determine whetheri) The initial electronic record was affixed with the digital signature by the use of private key corresponding to the public key of the subscriber.SECURE ELECTRONIC RECORDS Secure system means computer hardware . electronic record or public key.2(zg)]. software and procedure thati) Are reasonably secure from unauthorized access and misuse. ii) Provide a reasonable level of reliability and correct operation.2(zd)]. iii) Adhere to generally accepted security procedures [sec. .

by application of a security procedure agreed to by the parties concerned. capable of identifying such subscriber. . then such digital signature shall be deemed to be a secure digital signature. it can be verified that a digital signature.SECURE DIGITAL SIGNATURE If. created in a manner or using a means under the exclusive control of the subscriber and is linked to the electronic record to which it relates in such a manner that if the electronic record was altered the digital signature would be invalidated. at the time it was affixed. wasunique to the subscriber affixing it.

the cost of alternative procedures. the availability of alternatives offered to but rejected by any party. .SECURITY PROCEDURE The Central Government shall for the purposes of this Act prescribe the security procedure having regard to commercial circumstances prevailing at the time when the procedure was used. the level of sophistication of the parties with reference to their technological capacity. including- the nature of the transaction. and the procedures in general use for similar types of transactions or communications. the volume of similar transactions engaged in by other parties.

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