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Developmental Milestones ( 6 – 12 ) months

Gross Motor Development includes controlling the head, sitting, crawling, maybe even starting to walk, supported walking, ...

6-Month-Old’s Development Progression of: • Rolling • Sitting .

Rolling Progression • Two rolling progression: (i) Non-segmental Rolling (ii) Segmental Rolling .

. • This movt is based on neck righting reaction.Non-segmental Rolling • Also called as Log Rolling • Child performs this from birth to 6 months • Child able to roll from supine to side-lying.

shoulder girdle. Rather it is of different segment: trunk.E • Requires rotation within body axis. L. the vertebral column.Segmental Rolling • Develops at approximately 6 months of age.E. U. pelvic girdle. Referred as intra-axial rotation . • Body-righting reaction acting on the body is a predominant factor in movt at 6 months • Movt is not as one unit.

rolling from prone to supine. pushes into supporting surface with foot.Rolling Prone to Supine • Before infant rolls volitionally. and supine to prone often occurs accidentally. child accidentally roll prone to supine . • Child lifts buttocks higher from the surface.

Other types of rolling: (a)Rolling from prone to supine .Leading with U.E (b)Rolling from supine to prone .E .Leading with U.E .Leading with L.Leading with L.E .

leading with upper extremity .Segmental rolling from prone to supine.

Segmental rolling supine to prone. rolling leading with upper extremity .

• Progravity stabilizing motor behaviours is referred to fixing into gravity rather than fixing against gravity. i. Propped Sitting • Child sits w/o external support.E • Child fixes a larger and more stable BOS than sitting w/o propped propping support of his U.either being held or .hands and buttocks create a tripod base .e: . .weight shifted forward . strongly contracting hip flexors to increase the stability.hands full contact with floor surface • Major weight bearing role .E .sitting with a backrest • Child attempts to prop with U.Sitting Progression 1.

Early Independent Sitting • Able to sit alone • Arms used for balance • Able to manipulate object with one hand while the other holds it • Sitting and manipulating at once may still be a challenge .2.

• Usage of rhomboid muscles. utilizing trunk extension to maintain upright (antigravity) .E support and wide base.E • Ring sitting provides wide BOS • Child can only remain stable w/o fall . • To further secure trunk extension or stability w/o propping. • L. Ring Sitting • Ring sitting = position of L. until hands is lifted from surface • Child erect sitting. pelvis perpendicular to surface.E • Trunk extension becomes stronger. child eventually rely less on U. child holds U.3.E in high guard position.

child begins to move L. neutral hip rotation and a (slight) extended knee • Other side of hip flexed.E out of ring position into: (i) Half-Ring Sitting (ii) Long Sitting • Ability to have one L. Half Ring Sitting • As child experience increasing stability in independent sitting. externally rotated with knee flexed .E in front.4.

(Simple) Long Sitting • Both leg extended (slight) • More commonly seen • Neutral hip rotation & slight extended knee • BOS narrowed mediolaterally (compare to ring sitting) • Allows lateral weight shift easily .5.

6. the difficult it is to shift weight. . Mature Long Sitting • Both legs extended • High guard position • Child is more stable when this sitting is achieved • BOS narrowed mediolaterally • Allows lateral weight shift easily * The wider the BOS. Therefore. child would move beyond ring sitting with narrower BOS in order to move around (weight shifting).

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