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The company focused on providing Operation & Maintenance. • • 4/20/12 . Design and Property Management Consultancy services.• NF is an Australian base Engineering company which has been set up recently in Vietnam (Feb-2010). The Set-up manager who came from the Australian headquarter names Rick and his replacement as current Country manager of Vietnam business names Kyle. it has been managed by two different managers with two different management styles which influence deeply to business operation and employees. Since the business establishment.

Organizational Chart Set up Manager Rick Country Manager Kyle Engineering Manager Vincent Finance Manager Hanah HR Manager David Electrical Manager Hoa Mechanical Manager An Automation Manager Thien EHS Manager Trang Finance Assistant Thuy HR Assistant Duong 4/20/12 .

contribution and performance His style management is project base “As long as you get your target. I don’t mind if you come to work” he said before He emphasize the mutual trust and self-disciplinary in working He control loosely on financial expenses of the company • • • • • 4/20/12 .• • Case: Rick is a boss with a background of Mechanical Engineer He came to set up new business in Vietnam and sign the first service contract to a customer which is one of the biggest firm on chip manufacturing He set-up the organizational chart based on individual role.

• • Case: Kyle is a boss with a background of Marketing with MBA degree His number one focus is commercial development of the business He replace and follow Rick’s mission on the first contract with the demanding customer Business under Kyle’s time grow fast in the Minor Work at Project at customer site which has never been emphasized under Rick’s time Finance is tightly controlled with specific cost center and document Engineering team is more organized due to his strict compliance policy As the business grow after almost 2 years. Kyle still wants to attend all recruitment interview and site check to see his employees’ daily work based on schedule His strong perception that he is the only boss and people can’t leverage power 4/20/12 with him. Hence. he micromanages all the members of the management team to ensure they strictly follow his direction • • • • • • • .

I would like to see you CC me in every email you send to your staffs and customers. but he frequently . but they have argument sometimes since Vincent believes he can manage his team well and only seek for help if it is beyond his hands while the boss hates people do things “behind his back”. He then ask his engineering manager later what is the conversation about Vincent respected his boss.• • Case: Kyle and Vincent Even Vincent is one of the most competent engineer to run the show smoothly in front of the customers’ eyes. Kyle always want to know what Vincent is doing daily “My friend. Then he would try all efforts to find out • • • • 4/20/12 commitments with customers related to engineering problems which is make Kyle gives good recommendation for strategic planning. I just want to know all the activities on site. I can delete all the emails that I don’t want to read” Kyle keeps repeating the same and the same in every meeting with Vincent Sometimes. Don’t worry. Vincent have a long conversation with customers and partners and Kyle pass by accidently.

Believe me. Follow my guideline. she has been working in France for different financial firms for more than 10 years. Kyle is always proud of the practical application of his MBA degree on controlling the finance of the company. “Kyle. you will see thing much easy” • • 4/20/12 . “It is gonna be OK. we can’t keep changing our accounting set-up daily. this is the way our clients want it. we must do in this way.• • Case: Kyle and Hanah “Kyle. It is gonna screw things up” complained by Hanah. but you know that people start using money carelessly when there is no process” Hanah is an expert in finance and accounting. she still found herself lost sometimes after Kyle gives her new directions on how to make the process or how to allocate them correctly. Hanah. I wish I can do it. However. Kyle simply smile and answer “Hanah. I think we can give people some flexibility on purchasing small parts which are essential in their daily technical work” asked by Hanah since she found the inefficiency of the current procurement process.

David takes it with an unpleasant feeling all the time.• • Case: Kyle and David “Hey. You must observe all their activities and report them on time. David found that his ability is limited since his boss did not approve those potential candidates who passed through HR and technical interview with him and Vincent. D. I would show you how we can do it much better to hire good guys with lower cost”. • • 4/20/12 . but he must come back and look for the one who the boss is happy. Whenever Kyle has a coffee talk with David. I want you to show me all our staffs’ salary. They will feel unsafe and things will be in order”. He did not know why. you know what is the best thing you must do? That is policing people. Sometimes. he gives his good advice “as an HR manager.

but it is due to family relocation. They could not bear the pressure of the big boss on his expectation of micromanaging their teams and being micromanaged by the boss at the same time. Kyle spends too much time on site to understand his people’s work rather than utilizing his time to look for new opportunities. 3 of them are key supervisors. There is only 1 resignation case under Rick’s time. There is no new contract yet except the first one Rick signed when he came to Vietnam to set up the business.• • Case: Negative aspect of NF company under Kyle’s reign: 6 staffs were resigned. His chief engineer Vincent starts thinking about resigning due to overload and loss of trust by the boss • • • • 4/20/12 . Spare part and tool purchase is slow and stuck frequently since Kyle needs to approve every expense even less than 5 dollars value.

• • • • 4/20/12 . The headquarter should be aware of the situation and even replace him if that is necessary for the business. Bottom line. let the experts of each field give him advices and take the decisions while he can give them the vision of the business development. if Kyle can’t stop his micromanagement style. Kyle is not an expert in everything.• • Advice: Kyle needs to do less micromanagement on his key staffs and give them more empowerment and encourage in their work. He will put a lot of stress and pressure to his staffs. It is unhealthy for the business operation. Kyle utilizes his great experience on marketing to look for new opportunities for the company rather than spending too much time on site. Kyle should measure people on performance indicator rather than his personal observation on their daily work.

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