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How to improve Verbal Communication

1 Some ways to improve verbal communication 3. Introduction II.2 Some specific cases and way to solve this problem of each case III.I. How to improve Verbal communication 3. Some problems in verbal communication 3. Content 1. Conclusion Outline . Overview of verbal communication 2.

dissatisfaction. opinions. 1. ideas. directions.1 Definition Verbal communication can be defined as communicating your thoughts (desires.Overview of verbal communication 1. objections. your emotions and pleasures) through words.2 Types: Two basic types • Interpersonal communication • Public speaking .

3 Purposecommunication Relaying a message to one or more recipients Be used to inform. inquire.• • • Overview of verbal 1. . argue and discuss topics of all kinds As a vital to teaching and learning and building relationships with other people.

Overview of verbal communication 1. differing perspectives and faulty communication techniques. etc . language barrier.4 Challenges • Misunderstanding because of poor word choice.

etc b. technology.Verbal communication is used to clarify . Clarifies . education. Inform Communication -Verbal communication is used daily to inform information: business.Overview of verbal communication • 1.5 Importance of Verbal a.

policies and relationships. . Corrects When something isn't being done correctly or is being done ineffectively d.Overview of verbal communication c. Feedback Feedback is the ability for individuals to give their verbal opinion and experience with the purpose of improving systems.

boss and employee .Overview of verbal communication e. Power of influence Example : -the president of the United States . the power of influence is seen between father and son.or more common levels.

rattling. water or coffeedisturbing gestures. or using photocopies. firstly. etc… .. a. blowing air conditioning. unclearspeaking too quickly. mocking spots. ventilation. ringing mobiles phones. not pronounce. a faultyfaltering..lack of skill. In this case.stuck or rough margins. the people met. is physical barrier For writing For speaking .1 Communication barriers. etc. such as fingerprints or smudges. and typewriter ribbon.Some problems in verbal communication 2.

Richard can not hear because of bad acoustic .Some problems in verbal communication • Your message blocked because the people in your audience are painful ( bad acoustics or bad sound system • Clip: Mrs.

Some problems in verbal communication . The people met emotional barrier • Emotional barriers are those which affect people the most especially those with problems.b. Richard are angry and they not keep calm -> the communication is failed. distress or inappropriate behavior may lead to misunderstanding • Clip: Both of the receptionist and Mrs. • Aggression.

which can cause problems. Cultural Barriers – Languages • People from different cultures often have difficulty communicating because of many different languages (over 3000 languages in used to day). • Different cultures have disparate systems of idiom and etiquette. many different words.Some problems in verbal communication c. .

Watt”name of manager .K. he frequently answers: "sí" ('yes'). and " qué?" ('what?') • lead misunderstanding with Mrs.Some problems in verbal Clip: communication • Manuel waiter from Barcelona (Spain) with a limited grasp of the English language and customs • When told by someone to do something. Richard : “C.

2 Assumptions • Too often. . Richard and don’t pay attention to her. participants in a debate or argument misunderstand the opponent’s meaning and then respond to what they assume the opponent is saying • Clip: The receptionist gets angry because of Mrs.Some problems in verbal communication 2.

you still might miss the point and vice versa • Clip: Mrs. so the communication is not successful.Some problems in verbal communication 2. Richard try to order a room but the receptionist still miss her order. .3 Confused Messages • Even if you do your best to understand what someone is saying.

in the video.1 Some ways to improve verbal communication • First of all.How to improve Verbal communication 3. Richard should wait for the receptionist finish to deal with the other customer=> don’t waste time and get trouble with the men because of cultural barrier. • The receptionist should listen to Mrs. . people have to overcome these communication barrier. Richard • Mrs.

Understand the Verbal Communication Process • Verbal communication is effective when the message you put out is the message your listeners receive. receiver. message.How to improve Verbal communication a. encoding. feedback and context . decoding. This process consists of eight steps: the source. channel.

think about and be aware of the words coming out of your mouth. Think and prepare before you speak • To accomplish the objective of getting your message across. • To choose your words carefully to make your communication clear and unambiguous.How to improve Verbal communication b. .

never interrupting . Practice Active Listening • Becoming a skilled listener will help in successful decoding and increase your abilities to persuade. paying attention.How to improve Verbal communication c. • Practice active listening by : making eye contact. motivate or negotiate when speaking. providing feedback.

Appropriate Body Language (nonverbal communication) • Body language can clarify verbal communication or make the message you are trying to communicate more difficult to understand.How to improve Verbal communication d. • Practicing to use proper nonverbal communication to get a successful communication .

Paraverbal Messages • As we communicate we use certain tones. pitches and pacing in our voices. • Try to control you voice to get good communication . These elements are all part of paraverbal messages.How to improve Verbal communication e.

How to improve Verbal communication 3.2 Some specific cases and way to solve this problem of each case a. Culture barrier • To learn as much as possible about the other’s culture and heritage. . • The only way to solve these problems is through experience.

. . there are the following suggestions: .Are there assumptions you are making that might influence your interpretations? Don’t personalize the debate.Don’t simply react. Assumptions and emotion problem • To avoid this communication problem. Avoid tangents and irrelevant issues.How to improve Verbal communication b. Take a minute to analyze what the other person is saying.

. Verbal communication in Business • Etiquette also plays an important role in an area that has developed in most all business settings: hierarchical communication. In organizations. • People communicate in businesses with each other most often by oral communication.How to improve Verbal communication c. communication skill is used to send messages 64% of the time.

• Another form of practice can be talking to older relatives and friends . you should: • First of all you need to be aware of the fact that you must be flexible with people depending on the circumstances.Conclusion To acquire better verbal communication.

Thank for listening .

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