Ethics Applied to the Resident Assistant Position

Presented By: Jean Keelan, M.S., N.C.C. Director of the Academic Center for Excellence

Outline of Presentation         Definition of Ethics Types of Ethics Behaviors of an Ethical Person Ethical Considerations in the RA Position Residence Life‟s Mission Statement UT‟s Student Code of Conduct What does it mean to be 100% Responsible? The Headline Test .

ethical behavior is that which is „good‟ or „right.‟ In .‟” Quoted from Wikipedia.Definitions  “Ethics is a general term for what is often described as the „science (study) of morality.

Types of Ethics    Meta-ethics: the investigation of the nature of ethical statements Normative ethics: the attempt to arrive at practical moral standards that tell us right from wrong. and how to live moral lives Applied ethics: applies normative ethical theories to specific controversial issues…there are several sub-branches of applied ethics examining the ethical problems of different professions Taken from .

Behaviors of an Ethical Person        Thinks before acting Considers all people involved Examines all potential outcomes Applies established policies and procedures Acts in a professional manner Maintains confidentiality when appropriate Is diplomatically honest .

Applied Ethics to RAs       Being a good role model Exercising rational thought and sound judgments Setting priorities that reflect values Establishing boundaries in relationships with residents Focus on the RA mission Enforcing rules and regulations .

personal responsibility. comfortable. Residents can explore value structures. staff and peers in order to promote well-rounded. holistic development on an individual and community basis. Students are offered opportunities to interact with faculty. and community development and awareness. affordable and stimulating living environment.Residence Life Mission Statement  The Office of Residence Life is dedicated to providing students with a safe. interpersonal relationships. .

good citizenship. trust. .Spartan Code of Conduct The community at The University of Tampa strives to support the development of each student as a productive and responsible citizen who embraces the values of honesty. and responsibility. respect.

Spartan Code …promote and practice academic and personal honesty. allowing for an environment of sharing and learning. …conduct myself in a manner that makes me worthy of the trust of others. …commit to actions that benefit the community. …recognize the ideas and contributions of all persons. as well as engage in activities that better others. …accept full responsibility and be held accountable for all of my decisions and actions. …discourage intolerance and acknowledge that diversity in our community shapes our learning and development. .

The Art of Becoming 100% Responsible .

The Headline Test     In every situation. Imagine the course of action taken printed in the headlines of a major newspaper. . Can you be proud of the choices you made? Were you being 100% responsible? The most difficult choices test the very core of your values and character. determine choices and associated outcomes.


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