Managing impressions is Unethical Or Not

Points Managing impression is another name for lying Counterpoints To say, Its unethical to manage impressions in organization is living in denial

It is both unethical and wrong for all practicalEverybody fudges to some extent, either to get a reasons job or to get promotions It hurts your ego after lying “White lies” act as kind of social lubricant

It creates distrust among groups where more andIts naïve to think , we can live in the world without more people portray impressions lying Practically speaking, impression managementIts ok as long as it doesn’t go too far and start backfires in the long run advocating the entire moral fabrication Try to avoid odds and join to work in anIf there is no harm, a reasonable enhancement is organization which matches with your virtue andalways acceptable values Exhibiting good qualities like being friendly,Support: A gay applicant case positive thinking while still being honest is always good in a longer run Support :George’O leary case and Indiana University’s Kelley school of business case


and thus they gained expertise on one particular form of work The company has given premium apart from daily wages to the workers 4/21/12 Even the workers were given incentives to conceal .Case incident 1 SUKHDEV AT JINDAL PUMPS  The case is about an employee Sukhdev working at Jindal Pump which makes heavy duty pumps Long time since the workers are working on the same machines.

the 4/21/12 company would try to get more output which in turn . neither he want to share his working skills with anyone He thinks if he would teach his skills to others. Sukhdev a 56yr worker didn’t agree with the decision His job is to cut steel metal shafts for industrial pumps which requires much precision and he is best in that He doesn’t want to change jobs.Case incident 1 SUKHDEV AT JINDAL PUMPS Like many other.

His behavior towards the management of Jindal Pump is a direct result of knowledge of his expertise What .Questions Question Possible answers Explain Sukhdev’s behavior in Sukhdev posses personal power Power terms? which is the expert power. if anything this case say Says nothing about trust and power? What does this case says about The president of the firm wants implementing knowledge to pool the whole area of work. management system? There should be a sharing of knowledge among the workers to make them perform variety 4/21/12 of jobs .

Case incident 2 THE POLITICS OF BACKSTABBING The case discusses how backstabbing is prevalent in the organization. what is the nature and motive behind it? Two cases is being discussed one of Mr Bhargawa working as assistant manager in a financial service Co and the other is of a sales executive at Mumbai Mr Bhargawa is doing good in his job until he found that his colleague started 4/21/12 complaining against him for his incapability .

Case incident 2 THE POLITICS OF BACKSTABBING An executive in Mumbai-based technology company has himself revealed how he has backstabbed his colleague to shatter her credibility In 1999 he was assigned as an external sales representative working with his colleague who worked internally at their client’s office He wanted to attain internal sales position 4/21/12 for himself. for which he started .

conspiracy. do youby some external believe lead tocompulsion illegitimate political behaviors such as backstabbing? Imagine that yourAsk for an investigation colleague is backstabbingor a mutual consensus on towards you. what stepsthe matter on which you would you take to reduceare accused or eliminate this behavior? 4/21/12 Do you believe thatIts being said that .Questions Questions Possible answers What factors. in additionJealousy. or to those cited.

one need to know how it is acquired and exercised to fully understand organizational behavior 4/21/12 “Power corrupts” is often misinterpreted.Conclusion Both power and politics is a reality of an organizational life and its not going to go away There are always pros and cons of this issue and is much debatable Power and politics are natural process in any group or organization. it is not .

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