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• Festivals in India are characterized by

- color
- enthusiasm
- gaiety
- prayers
- rituals

• India, being a multicultural and multireligious society,

celebrates holidays and festivals of various faiths and
special interest groups

• Many states and regions have local festivals depending on

prevalent religious and linguistic demographics

• Three National holidays: Independence Day, Republic

Hindu festivals

• Diwali
• Ganesh Chaturthi
• Holi
• Ugadi
• Dussehra
• Sankranthi/Pongal
Holi-Celebration: Festival of Colors
Durga Puja
Durga Puja
Diwali: "Festival of Lights"

• Symbolizes the victory of good over evil

• 5 days
• Usually falls between 15th October and 15th
• A major Hindu festival that is very significant
in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism
• Lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and
hope for humankind

Lamps and Flowers are integral part of Diwali as are

many decorations
Rangoli: Form of decoration
Lamps and Flowers are integral part of Diwali
In Singapore, Diwali is marked by 2 kilometers of
lights across the Little India area
Kumbh Mela
The largest
gathering on
~ 100 million
Hindus from
around the world
participated in at
one of the Hindu
Holy cities Prayag
David Attenborough
Christmas in
World's Largest Maitreya Buddha Statue
India has started construction of
the World’s largest Buddha
statue, it is being designed to
last for the next 1,000 years
Secular Tolerance
• Italy born Catholic Indian National Congress Party
Chairman – Sonia Gandhi

• Sikh Prime Minister - Manmohan Singh

• Muslim President – Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

•to lead a nation that's 82% Hindu

• “I defy anyone to cite another country with such

diversity and tolerance to its political leadership"
Secular India
Inventions in India
- Chess (Shatrang)
- Number System
- Zero (Aryabhatta)
- Decimal system (100 BC)
- Calculus, Trigonometry, and Algebra
- Quadratic Equations (Sridharacharya in 11th
• The largest numbers used by Hindus in 5000 BC
during the Vedic period was 1053 with specific names
• The largest numbers used today is 1012
• The value of "pi" was first calculated by Bhudhayana
Other Inventions
• The reservoir dam for irrigation was built in
Saurashtra in 150 BC
• Bhaskrayacharya calculated the time taken by the
Earth to orbit the Sun in 500 BC to be
365.258756484 days
• The art of Navigation was first born in the river
Sindh 6000 years ago
• India was the only source of diamonds until 1896,
according to the Gemological Institute of America
• IEEE of USA has proved that the pioneer of Wireless
Communication was Professor Jagdeesh Chandra
Bose and not Marconi
“Mountain of Light”
5000-3200 BCE

• Weight: 108.93 carats

• Cut: round brilliant cut

The British Crown

Sanskrit Language

• Dating back to as early as 1700 BC

• Vedic Sanskrit is the earliest attested Indo-
Aryan language
• One of the earliest attested members of the
Indo-European language family
• The scope of this article is the Classical
Sanskrit language as laid out in the grammar
of Panini, around 500 BC
Devimahatmya manuscript on palm-leaf, in
an early Bhujimol script, Bihar or Nepal,
11th century
Ayurveda or Ayurvedic Medicine
(~ 1000 BC)
• An ancient system of health care that is native to the
Indian subcontinent

• Dhanvantri is known as the Father of Surgery

• In the Sushrut Samhita, the teachings and surgical

techniques of Dhanvantri are compiled and complemented
with additional findings and observations of Sushrut, the
primary pupil of Dhanvantri, regarding topics ranging from
obstetrics and orthopedics to ophthalmology (~ 1000 BC)

• Ayurvedic practice was flourishing during the time of

Buddha (around 520 BC)
A statue of the Hindu
God, Brahma.
Hinduism believes in the divine
origin of Ayurveda

the God of Ayurveda
Classical Music
Music of India
Lata Mangeshkar
• Sung in over twenty major Indian
• Deemed the Nightingale of India
• Mangeshkar's first cinematic song was
for the Marathi film Kiti Hasaal (1942)
• 1974 - Recorded in the Guinness Book
of World Records for having sung the
maximum number of songs in the world
• 1987 - Honorary USA Citizenship in
Houston, Texas
• 2001 - Best Playback Singer of the
Millennium (female) by Hero Honda and
file magazine "Stardust"
• 2007 - Knight of the Legion d'honneur
Honour (French highest civilian award)