Technological Aspects of Cake Processing

• Air incorporation through foaming. • Three basic category – Multistage mixing – Single stage mixing – Mechanical mixing .Definition • Confectionary product.high sugar and light porous structure • Gelatinization of starch and get formation.

cocoa.Natural flavours. butter. milk solids. chocolate • Moisteners. .Ingredients • Toughners. milk solids. and starch • Flavouring compounds. water. eggs. egg yolk. eggs and syrups • Driers. egg white and other binding agents • Tenderizers.flour.Sugar.flour. sugar.milk. shortenings.

low gluten. more swelling. . Less damaged starch High sugar ratio cake. more viscous batter.mellowing of starch. modify it.Flour • • • • • Soft wheat flour. Blending is done.less protein. Chlorine gas treatment.high protein content.

• Confectionary sugar or brown sugar • Corn syrup. or malt syrup may also be used.Sugar • Sugar or syrups may be used. . lactose. regular. • Fine. superfine. coarse and powdered sugar.

Role of sugar • • • • • Gives desired flavour to the product. Assists in creaming and whipping process Moisture retention. freshness Provide the colour to the product Provide good grain and texture to the product • Source of energy .

shortness and tenderness to the product • Improve the palatability of the product • Contributes towards flavour if milk fat is used.Shortening • Standard fats or oils. • Promote a desirable grain and texture • Act as emulsifiers for the holding of liquids. . milk fat based products and other shortenings • Impart richness.

• It help in providing texture and foam formation. • Improve nutritive value • Improve sensory profile of the product.Milk and milk ingredients • Milk and milk ingredients are used in formulations in various forms. • Basically they provide protein and milk sugar. .

provide additional fat. of cells formed and act as coating material • Colour – rich yellow colour • Richness. • Leavening. .help in foam formation. no. improve creaming.Egg • Very important and costly ingredient. as shortening • Increase NV retard staling. tastes sweeter. • Egg yolk and egg white are main component.

relatively tasteless end product. • Ammonium bicarbonate • Potassium bicarbonate • Baking soda. carbon dioxide. ammonia and air.low cost. • Sodium carbonate .Baking Powder • For leavening purpose. nontoxic. easier handling.water/ethanol vapour.

Composition of baking powder • Sodium and ammonium bicarbonate and acid phosphates and filler. .

cost reduction. and improve in the quality of the product. • For sponge cake• Equal weight of sugar and flour • Weight of shortening should be equal to the weight of eggs • Combined weight of milk and egg should be equal to weight of sugar or flour .Formulation • Trial and error method • Product diversification.

High ratio cake • Weight of sugar should equal or exceed to the weight of flour • Weight of egg should exceeds to the weight of fat or shortening • Weight of liquids should equal or exceeds to the weight of sugar. .

Mixing Process • Creaming process • Single stage mixing • Mechanical mixing .

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