External gear pump diagram

 Pressure distribution(calculated with HYGESim) and directions of forces acting on gears. Zones of possible wear of machine’s casing

 External spur gear pump – exploded view

 How External gear Pumps Work (principle)

 As the gears come out of mesh, they create suction at inlet

 Liquid travels around peripheral ,not between the gears
 Finally, liquid is forced through the outlet under pressure

Advantages     High speed (up to 3500 rpm) High pressure (up to 200 bar ) No overhung bearing loads Relatively quiet operation due to smooth flow  Design accommodates wide variety of materials  maximum pumping efficiency  maximum bearing life

Disadvantages  Four bushings in liquid area  No solids allowed  Fixed End Clearances

Various fuel oils and lube oils Chemical additive and polymer metering Chemical mixing and blending (double pump) Industrial and mobile hydraulic applications (log splitters, lifts, etc.) Acids and caustic (stainless steel or composite construction) Low volume transfer or application

Materials of Construction
 Externals (head, casing, bracket) - Iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, high alloys, composites  Internals (shafts) - Steel, stainless steel, high alloys, alumina ceramic  Internals (gears) - Steel, stainless steel, composite  Bushing - Carbon, bronze, silicon carbide, needle bearings  Shaft Seal - Packing, lip seal, component mechanical seal, magnetically-driven pump

 ηtot = ηvol . ηhm  ηvol - ratio between the actual and the theoretical flow rate  ηvol= 1- ke * Δp / (N*µ)

 Volumetric efficiency about 93% under optimum conditions

Power-to-weight ratio
 measurement of performance  comparison of one unit or design to another

Fluid Power Handbook & Directory Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Modelling and experimental validation of external spur gear machines for fluid power applications, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory (journal homepage www.elsevier.com/ locate/simpat )

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