SMART Business Plan

Ethics, Energy, Efficiency

Scientific: using the method of science to be of advancement and benefit to all people Myriad: More than one method or technique to arrive with many solutions to the same problem Aetheric: the principle that energy is abundant in the universe, as a field that exists around us. Resonant: the production of something in harmony with the environment. Technology: something external that uses energy in some way to provide some new function of life.

Executive Summary
The company's goal is to develop, both through education, research, and technology, resonant methods of energy generation and transmission through an 'aetheric' medium, that is to say, to send energy without wires, both to technology, and also through the ethics between resonant interactions between people.

Description of Business
PROBLEM: The entire world is in crisis. Oil production is slowing, gas prices are rising, and global warming is starting to produce some of the worst storms that we have ever seen, compounding the problem even further. The hunt for oil is costing the United States vital friendships with countries that were once allies, and also creating a cabal of countries that have the upper hand on us because of our addiction to fossil fuels.

Energy from fossil fuel is a hundred billion dollar industry, which is distributed across a few Big Oil companies.

Do you think they will simply stop doing business because of the ecological or environmental impact of what they are doing? People are addicted to oil, and these are the cartels that deal it to us.

Politicians talk about “weaning off dependence on foreign oil”, but its own oil fields are within the Gulf of Mexico, which is becoming increasingly unstable during hurricane season, as the temperatures of the Gulf rise due to global warming, caused by the same greenhouse gas emissions caused by fossil fuel burning. Also, there are a great deal of refineries on the Gulf coast as well. Thus, in order to keep the price of gasoline stable within the country, we have no choice but to turn to other countries to supply our oil. In turn we allow those countries to control the price of oil, rather than ourselves. This creates an upward spiral of inflation, global warming, and being at the mercy of other countries who know we need fossil fuels to survive as a “modern” country.

As a result, gas prices are constantly fluctuating, constantly annoying, and constantly draining the pocketbook of every person on the planet.

Energy through fossil fuels is highly inefficient.

In the process, oil must be located. This requires energy expenditure.

Next you must set up some drilling mechanism. This also requires energy expenditure

Next, you must actually drill into the Earth. This requires energy expenditure. Then, you must bring that oil up to the surface of the earth, which also is an expenditure of energy. (Don't forget about paying the people who work on the rigs, and the energy they expend to make sure all of this oil is getting drilled. Getting them to the rig is an expenditure of energy, as well as money)

Then, of course, you have to have some way of transporting that unrefined oil from the place you drilled it, to a place where you can refine it.

This also requires energy.

It also requires that you have a competent crew, otherwise the environmental impact of the material you are carrying becomes even more readily apparent.

From there, the oil is then refined into other fuel forms (diesel, gasoline). This requires yet more expenditure of energy. You also need some way, if the refinery is not located on the coast or near to the source of oil, to transport it to a refinery. This, also requires an expenditure of energy.

The process of refining oil takes less or more energy, depending on the “crudeness” of the kind of oil that has been extracted. Some oil is harder to refine than others. Furthermore, oil refineries play a major role in the pollution of Earth's atmosphere, more than cars or factories.

Oil refinery is an extremely process complex, requiring a great deal of external energy and chemicals to produce the products and byproducts that it does. In other words, it is not a naturally occurring process. But, a lot of energy goes into simply producing that which we take for granted, even up to the point of refining oil.

Now that it has been refined, to some usable state, it is then transported by some method in order to reach the intended customer. This requires an expenditure of energy, which ironically is more expensive, since diesel fuel is more expensive than regular gasoline.

Then, in order to distribute this energy source to the customer, you must establish some method of doing business with them. This means building gas stations. Building a gas station and running the pumps every day requires energy, as well as paying people to work there. Lets not forget, of course, the energy that the customer must expend to get to the gas station and receive gasoline from the pump, which requires the use of gas, too.

Each step in this process makes it that much less efficient. Too much energy is being expended just for a few people to have a small amount of energy for use in their home or vehicle. Furthermore, the environmental impact of this energy expenditure is starting to take not only a staggering toll on this planet, but also to affect this whole extraction and transportation process itself. This is entropy within a closed system, which will always reduce the energy of the system by using it up.

There is a lot of talk about “alternative” sources of energy. Wind, solar, nuclear, hydroelectric, geothermal, compressed natural gas, biodiesel, and tidal power all constitute an energy source that is not gas or coal.

We have to first exclude any source of energy from this “green” model that requires a source of fuel that is spent. Nuclear energy is not exactly “green” since it requires a radioactive material to be used up, and also produces nuclear waste, which is ironically more harmful than hydrocarbon emissions.

Furthermore, biodiesel and compressed natural gas produce cleaner emissions, sure, but the point is that they still produce emissions. (By the way, have you ever driven a compressed natural gas powered vehicle? They produce some rather pungent smelling emissions) And they require energy expenditure to produce the fuel and transport them.

So, when we say “green” we are talking about simple natural methods of generating energy through simple things like hydroelectric power plants, tidal power plants, windmills collecting wind energy, solar power plants, and also geothermal energy. These are ways that we can generate energy directly from the energetic disturbances in our environment. (However, the environment become more unstable the more we pump our hydrocarbon emissions into it) They are useful, but not reliable for two reasons:

However, there are a few problems with these “green” sources of energy

Localization: This energy is usually generated in one location, using some special method and there is a limit, even with high power alternating current, to how far energy can be transmitted. (350 miles)

(the other problem)

Reliability: Solar power cannot be generated at night. Tides occur only at certain times of the day. Wind is not always blowing. These do not produce a “steady” output.

What we need: (“Solution”)
As source of energy that is reliable and easily transmittable. Also, it must be extremely efficient and require as few steps as possible to “extract” or generate. Furthermore, it must be able to be transmitted across great distances, quite possibly, to anywhere it is needed on Earth.

The truth is that we have never needed fossil fuels to create energy. The truth is that electric cars existed before fossil fuel burning ones. The truth is that global warming never needed to happen. The truth is that we can drastically change the way that we generate, transmit, and use energy. The truth is that this was possible 100 years ago.

The principle that allows for the creation of matter in this Universe is simply the propagation of harmonic waves. Resonance is the key to understanding energy, and the generation of abundance.

For example, even an invention cannot happen without the idea intersecting with reality, without the people who fund the inventor giving him resources to do so. All of these things must be in resonance or the invention does not happen. Even still, people must need the invention, so they have to be harmonious with the idea of the invention... this is what made electricity popular in the first place – people needed energy to power their lives. They needed light to cast out the darkness of night.

The number one question that this business might face is: If this were possible since 1890, how come no one has done it before? Well, since Edison gets most of the credit for electricity, and Marconi for radio, and Roentgen for x-rays, and so on, most people aren't aware that Tesla either discovered these principles or improved on them, and also made it a reality... for a little while. Tesla is not in the history books, otherwise we would have to tell the story of his Magnifying Transmitter, the ambitious project called Wardenclyffe Tower, which would have provided the whole world not only with free wireless electricity, but also worldwide communications. In 1911.

A Few Reasons Why You Are Paying So Much To Pollute Your Atmosphere:

Reason #1: The creation of the oil “industry” by John D. Rockefeller. Standard Oil was a large trust of many companies until it was broken up in 1911. But by then, oil was the standard for energy generation, along with coal...

A Few Reasons Why You Are Paying So Much To Pollute Your Atmosphere:

Reason #2: George Westinghouse owned many of Tesla's patents and also controlled a great deal of his royalties. As a result Tesla never saw money from any of his inventions, and Westinghouse took credit for a great deal of them.

A Few Reasons Why You Are Paying So Much To Pollute Your Atmosphere:

Reason #3: J.P. Morgan, who would have financed such a worldwide electricity transmission project, pulled Tesla's funding from it in 1911, claiming “Where would you put the meter?” Tesla had initially secured the money to build Wardenclyffe by claiming it would be a worldwide transmission tower. (Which it also was)

A Few Reasons Why You Are Paying So Much To Pollute Your Atmosphere:

Reason #4: Thomas Alva Edison, who at one time hired Tesla to improve a motor, telling him he would pay him $50,000 to do it, claimed he was only joking when Tesla actually improved the motor. Edison was highly jealous of Tesla's genius (having gotten through most of his life by trial and error – mostly error) and tried to ruin him by proving that alternating current was “dangerous”. Yet, today we use alternating current and not direct current.

A Few Reasons Why You Are Paying So Much To Pollute Your Atmosphere:

Reason #5: Tesla was unable to get funding for his project, for J.P. Morgan had blacklisted him, and ended up selling the land to the New Yorker Hotel, where he was living in order to settle his debts with them. The New Yorker dismantled the transmitter and also the laboratory there. I guess they weren't aware what they had gotten in exchange.

A Few Reasons Why You Are Paying So Much To Pollute Your Atmosphere:

Reason #6: All of these various forces were only in business not to provide power to the world, which was Tesla's intention, but to make a profit. But now we see the final outcome and byproduct of all of these companies and their ethics.

Energy Generation
So, it becomes important to find new and creative ways of generating energy, that rely on much deeper, quantum levels of understanding of how energy flows in the Universe, rather than the Neanderthal equivalent of rubbing two sticks together.

The principle of generation is simple: Energy follows the path of least resistance. This “reality” we live in is full of electrons bound to nuclei – and science has shown that this field of electrons around the atom – which is a component of electricity, no less, is merely a “cloud of possibility”, because most of the time, the electrons are “somewhere else”. This likely has to do with the density (vibration) of the atomic structure of everything here being so low. Energy likely exists in the universe abundantly at much smaller vibrations than we can surmise. Science has called this “missing energy” dark energy.

Energy Transmission
In the current standard system of energy transmission, alternating current is sent in a polyphased current through a system of electrical wires which overcomes the natural resistance of the wires. It is stepped up in oscillation as it travels from the generator, and then stepped down in power by transformers when it reaches your home.

Direct current, the proponent of power transmission by Edison, would have only been able to travel at least two miles before needing a repeating station, likely powered by the selfsame direct current. Alternating current was a polyphase system which was able to travel up to a distance of 350 miles. Oh, and it was developed by Nikola Tesla. (But the patents are owned by Westinghouse, of course...)

Ultimately, Tesla studied the phenomenon of lightning, which is how he developed his wireless methods of energy transmission. This required study of the ionosphere, and what we call today the Schumann Resonance. He did this in Colorado Springs, CO. in the late 1890's.

The principle of transmission is quite simple. You can generate energy through the principle of resonance and send it through the air using the resonance cavity between the Earth and the ionosphere, which is known as the Schumann Resonance. Then, you can gather this energy into whatever product you need using a simple antenna. It is no different than the principle by which cell phone signals are sent, but the energy sent to any device is on a much different wavelength. Nikola Tesla discovered this principle in the 1890's.

Quite simply, unethical business practices of patent control and inventor manipulation make sure that any time this equipment is formulated, it tends to “disappear”. However, it becomes increasingly important to develop wireless longdistance methods of energy transmission if we are going to try to develop more “green” methods of energy generation. Some countries, like Iceland, produce more geothermal energy than they need.

Also, Efficiency

Let's not forget that it is important to also make the products which use energy more efficient. That is, they can return a large percentage of the energy they have used in some lesser, but still significant fashion. This also means that people would spend less to get more. That would also increase human energy as well as give people more time and money to pursue happiness and freedom.

The number one thing people need right now is a clean, efficient source of energy. They need it to power their homes, they need it to power their workplaces, and they need it to power their transportation. They need it to be given to them at lower costs and higher amounts. They need it to be independent of other countries, controlling the cost of oil. They need a car that does not pollute the atmosphere. They need cheaper public transportation. They need more money in their pockets and less money in the pockets of Big Oil, because that is what would boost the economy. Home energy use:

If people knew that this were possible, they would not be shelling out hundreds of billions of dollars to Big Oil. They would actively seek this technology with a fervor and a passion the likes the world had never seen. People, and even ex-oilmen are crying out for something ELSE.

This is our three-point plan and mission statement for solving the crisis.

Ethics Energy Efficiency


It was due to unethical business practices that oil became the standard for energy production in the first place.


Therefore, it become paramount to create a new set of values and standards to follow for the energy “industry.”


This is our “Crystal Path” course of ethics, so called because we believe these are resonant values which will enhance the energy of individuals' lives.

The Company Values
● ●

Integrity Learning from Mistakes Will to Accomplish Thirst for Knowledge Creativity Silence Until Release Confidence

Ability to Utilize Language to create Harmony Balance & Equality Flow of Energy Innovation and Imagination Resonance

● ● ● ● ●

● ● ●


Furthermore, energy should be something that is shared with all people, not amassed and hoarded. The amassing of energy is not power, but the vacuum of power. Power is when energy is used and returned to it's source.


If a wireless universal system of power transmission exists, then this ethic of resonance is soundly entrenched in our business model. Energy is a right of all free beings. Technology is all that you should be paying for.


This business does not seek to become a utility company – it seeks to replace the utility companies with something more beneficial to both the people of the planet and the environment. This is a bold statement, but remember – things should have never developed down this path, anyway.


If you create a more efficient car or even a more efficient light bulb, you are creating a world that is wasting less energy through dissonant technology. Closed systems and dissonance cause entropy, which wastes energy.


Just for one gallon of gas, think of how much energy went into drilling, extracting, transporting, refining, transporting again, and pumping at the gas station is required. How much energy is expended just so you can drive 15-30 miles in a car?!


If our energy system relies on the other 74% of the energy that you cannot see in the Universe, it will not run out in our lifetime. And, through usage it is being replaced through kinetic energy and other means, which means it is a highly efficient source of energy.

Business Structure

The business will first seek to be a sole proprietorship. That is, it will not survive on anything more than loans, business deals with technology corporations, and ethics courses as the startup income. This is why we intend to keep a small employee base to begin. To keep our ethical basis. Once a product seems likely, we might align ourself with a technology company and become a corporation ourselves. But we want to become a publicly traded company.


Should consist of a small group of highly specialized individuals capable of disseminating knowledge of the product, researching and developing the product. More like a partnership than a hierarchy of command, though I retain the rights and control over the results.

Business Structure
Three Tiers of Efficient Employees
● ●

Manager/Owner (1 person) -paid leastElements of Management (6 people) -paid moreResonant Employees (team of 12 specialized people) -paid most-


Is not at the “top” of the business, but at the Center of it. He is the Spirit of the business, guiding it where it needs to go through both the elements of management and the resonant employees. I believe in leadership through example, not “leadership through complaining,” as you might find in a lot of fast food and retail management. This applies to the industry we will be entering, also.


I believe that ownership of the company will profitable enough for me to be able to take the least amount of salary. I want the people doing all the work to make more money than I do. They deserve it more, because they are helping the world. I'm just the director of the people in the project. The further out from the center you get, the more work you should be doing, and therefore, you should be receiving more pay.

“Elements” of Management

Light – Business Lawyer (patents, lawsuits, contracts, & all other legalese) Fire – Business Manager (oversees the everyday workings of the business, make sure it's efficient. Works with the other elements of management to make sure that the business side is working smoothly) Air – Creative Manager (head of the “art department” but also the creative side of management the business. Works with PR department in terms of advertising and press releases) Water – Accounting Manager (oversees the books, accounting, taxes, etc. works with the business manager to make things run smoothly, and with personnel to do payroll) Earth – Personnel Manager (approves all hiring and firing, checks up on payroll with accounting, works with employees to make sure we are fair and they are satisfactorily taken care of) Shadow – Public Relations Manager (is in charge of press releases, public side of the business, making us look good, oversees the website, advertising, etc.)

Resonant Employees
i.e. r & d team
● ●

Ethics & standards control – ensures that we are ethically sound and hold to our own internal values system. Medical Staff / Physician – on staff as observation of team health & safety. Psychologist – on staff to provide for mental health of team. Preferrably a psych. who studied Reichian therapy. Quantum Physicist – provides guidance in theories and physics. esp. with superstring theory, dark matter, and dimensional physics. Mathematician – provides computer support as well as chaos theory. Must be knowledgeable about the harmonics of numbers such as Phi. Graphic Designer – to provide for web design, graphic design, and to work with the PR manager on meme dispersion.

Translator – this business will require international travel and research, and we will need someone with the capacity to speak many languages. Technical Engineer – on staff for the creation or repair of any kind of system. Ensures efficiency Electrical Engineer – must also be versed in Tesla technology. Computer Systems Specialist – someone who maintains all computer systems of the r&d team. Preferrably LINUX based, with the creation of a new OS Philosopher – to work with other staff to provide “answers.” Biologist – to provide medical staff with add. support, and inform of the biological impact of existing systems

● ●

Important facts
The collaboration of all of these different types of individuals represents a business that is both leftand right-brained. Thus, it is whole-brained while a lot of companies are half-brained and unethical. Furthermore, each of the different initial 19 people can hire up to 6 additional support staff to assist them with their tasks, once the business becomes more profitable. (for a total of 133 employees)

Company Names
There is really only one company with three “Parts” to it. The business idea itself is called SMART, which stands for Scientific Myriad Aetheric Resonance Technologies, while the three parts are TCP – The Crystal Path, ARR – Aetheric Resonance Research, and ART Aetheric Resonance Transmission. Those are just the three things that we “do”, not individual businesses within this one (but could be).

Trademarks & Patents
We would seek to gather the trademarks for the names of these products and also secure the patents through our business lawyer. We might require buying the rights to use patents which are already existing, and this will cost us money in the start-up of our business. We will also have to secure the name of the business as SMART not under the acronym but the full name. (we will settle for a different name, if need be...)

Business Loan Required

<$6million a year, for 6 six years to be repaid over 10 years after the 6th year. (with a small staff, it will work cheaply) If additional money is needed, it will be requested when the company is firmly operating on the “Ethics” side of the business. Since we are researching and developing an “alternative energy source”, I would think that we would be eligible for government grants in this area of expertise, also.

Use of these Funds

Acquisition of laptop computers and computer systems for research notes Electronic and electrical mediums for research (lab equipment) Travel expenses for recruitment of individuals (worldwide) Travelling to various places for research Payroll and salary Setting up workshops for the ethical information printing materials (for The Crystal Path) public education and advertising (PR) Paying executive officers and management Securing patents and trademarks

Phases of Business
There are these different phases of the business Conception (this Plan) Research (Omega) Experimentation Implementation Production (Beta) Release (Alpha)

● ● ● ● ● ●

A business plan is laid out and discussed A business license is secured A business loan is secured Executive positions are filled Employees are hired Work begins!

Research Phase

Research into various methods of RPG (resonant power generation)
− − − − −

Piezoelectricity (Energy harvesting) Quantum Waveform Addition (harmonic waves) Aetheric energy Zero Point Energy (Casimir force) etc.

Research Phase

Research into WPT (wireless power transmission)
− − −

Research of the bulk of Tesla's material in Belgrade, Serbia Research into Wardenclyffe Tower Study of electricity and lightning More efficient use of existing energy Efficient use of “green” technology

Research into EEU (efficient energy use)
− −

Experimentation Phase

We would test each one of these ideas for generation, transmission, and use individually to see what their impact would be, how they could be integrated into existing systems, and how we could market them to existing corporations. This would require the expansion of the initial 19 employees to nearly full capacity. Expansion of the employee base would improve efficiency but may affect productivity.

Experimentation Phase

Once we had workable experiments and numbers and tests (positive data) regarding these kinds of systems, we would move into the implementation phase. Since we are working on several projects concerning energy and power, any number of our projects might be at different phases.

Implementation Phase

This is where we take the positive data from the experimental or “test” phase and put it to work designing new concepts, most likely through business partners we will make through the positive data we have collected. Developing technology with other businesses based on these methods of energy transmission are the earliest ways of securing profit, before a product is even on the market.

Implementation Phase

We would make ethical, energetic, and efficient designs with these external clients that would not just benefit our company and theirs, but everyone using this technology. We would work with any technology company whose products require energy to function. This is a very broad base of businesses, and would indeed acquire a large market share of the most number of clients.

Product Phase

We would create our methods of energy generation and transmission as well as several “test” products that rely on these energy sources. This would be the beta stage, where our method of energy generation and transmission is being “field tested” so to speak. Our technology partners would also be creating their own technology ready to use this energy.

Release Phase

This is the moment of Truth. Before this, in all other phases, we would be spreading the ethical memes of the Crystal Path, which would pave the way for these technologies to be used ethically. This would be the PR campaign for the business, in a way, because we would ask people whether or not they wanted to live in a more energetic world. The product would be out, and demand would be increased by the viral memes we would have spread.

Constant Progress

However, the business does not stop at the release phase. We simply have to always be developing new technology, in order to be a household name and a success. Something must always be in the research phase. We must always strive for challenging ourselves, and other businesses to follow our ethical and resonant example.


We could initially use these plans to assist utility companies in transmission problems, for example the Pickens Plan is to create a Midwestern wind corridor that would generate a large amount of “green” energy. However, even A/C would only be able to send this energy 350 miles, at best. A wireless power transmission system would be able to reach tens of thousands of miles across the surface of the Earth.

The Impact on the Community
The business should hire people from this community in order to initially begin its Work, though it should not exclude other people from other states or even countries. (This would require to obtain work visas for people we bring here from other countries) The expansion of the company to other locations by the nature of it's business is ensured.

Financial Factors

A business of this magnitude should be quite profitable IN THE LONG RUN. It may take a long time (at least 6 years) for the business to see a definite financial gain from investments, but in the long run (over 20 years), these investments will be seen as integral to the advancement of science and humanity.

Most people might think that we are a “free energy” business. And we are. But the energy does not come from nowhere or nothing. It is a transformation of how energy is generated and transmitted, and it is based on sound principles that were discovered by various people throughout history, whose names have been swept under the rug by more “profitable” ways of duping the customer into paying for energy which is abundant in the universe.


Thus, an investment in this business is an investment in the future of everyone. a) because it gives people an ethical foundation which will benefit everyone b) and because it gives everyone more freedom and energy in the long run.

Income Statement
For most of the initial 6 years, we will generate profit and income through the dissemination of the ethical information called “The Crystal Path.” When the technology is ready, we will make a profit through licensing its technology to other corporations, selling a product to consumers, and developing better methods of wireless transmission beyond the Etheric band.

Income Statement
We feel that for a minimal investment, a rather sizable income will result. This is because the average consumer is disgusted with the current oil crisis, the state of pollution in the world, global warming, crime, the imbalance of wealth in the world, and once we educate them of the possibilities that existed 110 years ago, they will DEMAND this kind of technology to be created IMMEDIATELY.

Cash Flow Statement
The amount of cash flow will increase with the advancements that we make. There will be a steady inflow of cash from our ethical classes to begin the process of becoming a self-sufficient business. Once the research and the experiments of our technology are tested and sound, and we have gained significant interest from related technology corporations, we can begin to make a much higher yield of income.

Cash Flow Statement

I predict that since this technology previously existed, it would be easy to study the principles of its generation and replicate it's construction through similar means. Depending on the amount of funding that this business could receive and the structure of its employees, it could efficiently go through all phases in at least 6 years.

Cash Flow Statement
Furthermore, it could pay back any and all loans by using the funds received quite conservatively, and only expending that which would be needed to buy supplies and pay employees for the first two years, and to set up a way to disseminate the Crystal Path information throughout Internet channels and also prime people and corporations that our company is researching and doing what we say we are doing, generating significant interest.

Cash Flow Statement
Energy is a business that could gain hundreds of billions of dollars to the first person who develops better, more efficient technology and methods of energy generation and transmission. This is just waiting to be rediscovered by people who are ethically going to use the information, and use it to help mankind by developing it, rather than shelving it and making billions more dollars off of the suffering of the entire planet. That is unethical.

Cash Flow Statement
So, cornering a billion dollar market is part of our goal, but we do not intend to make hundreds of billions of dollars. Maybe billions of dollars, through the creation and sale of technology and the patents we will develop. But we do not intend to make oil obsolete. Just not used as an energy source. Oil will still be needed to lubricate machines and to create plastics. Oil companies won't go out of business if we do this.

Cash Flow Statement

Therefore, we don't expect much aggressive movement from the oil industry. They already know they are unloved by the public, and they know that their product is the number one cause of pollution, greenhouse emissions, and therefore global warming. I don't think they will lose out much, since they already have billions of dollars.

Cash Flow
Consider the current expenditure of just America on Energy. (note: this graph only has the top 19 states and their energy use by sector)

Technology Partnering
If we develop some new method of energy generation or transmission, we must inform all current technology producers of the benefits, the methods of such technology, and also inform the Department of Energy what is possible using these kinds of systems.

Consider the increase of possibility in technology if we only built one aspect of this technology.

Resonant Energy Generation
The possibility for reducing greenhouse emissions would become possible with resonant ways of generating energy. Furthermore, you would be able to power things independently of fuel sources. Such as submarines, large boats, or even space faring vehicles.

Wireless Energy Transmission
Even more things become possible when not bound by batteries or fuel sources, instead, simply putting an “antenna” on something to give it power also gives us freedom to invent new ways of using this technology.

Efficient Energy Use
By reducing the energy needed to produce energy we decrease the entropy within a given system. The idea is to have an energy system that allows energy to flow through it and lose as little potential as possible. Somewhere between the “closed” and “open system” is what is known as a “regular system.” By producing more regular systems that expend less energy for production, by understanding the fractal pathways that energy naturally takes, we can increase energy for all.

Technology Partners = Clients
Not only would we be able to lead through example, we would be able to lead through our unique set of ethics to these other companies. We would give them energy and efficiency and hopefully the ethical drive to use such technologies to advance humanity, not to set it back with more weapons of mass destruction or corporations that are essentially a power drain on human life, creating profit. We want ethical, energized, and efficient technology partnering.

Remember: There is nothing new about these ideas.

However, what is new is the approach to these systems as a whole method of development.

Either one or all of these components are possible with currently existing technology. In fact they have been possible long before today's technology existed.

To ignore the needs of the public, which would clearly benefit from the research and development into these systems, would be to ignore a market that some unethical corporation would likely rediscover and capitalize on, thus furthering inefficient and greedy systems, driving up the price of energy, and possibly creating a less free and efficient energy future.

A much more detailed Q & A about the inner workings of these systems and their impacts would be something that this business would be engaged in, every day of its operation. We would be researching not only the physical side of the impact but also the mental and social aspects of these systems. Thus you see the need for a highly specialized team of individuals, led by someone with a definite goal and vision.


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