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The mixing of harmful things

to our environment is called
Pollution is harmful for all
living beings and create
Pollution of 3 Types

Air Pollution
When Unhealthy things mixed
in the air it is called air
Source Of Air Pollution

The Main Source of air pollution is artificially

created wastes. They can in the form of gas
or particulates . Natural pollutants of air and
dust ,pollen and soil pollutants ,illness or
Causes of Air Pollution

1. Smoke From Vehicles and factories pollute

the air
2. Petrol and Diesel fumes from car , bus and
vehicle pollute the air in atmosphere.
3. When we throw garbage in the open ,it
pollute the atmosphere.
Effects of Air Pollution

Due to polluted air we get difficulties in

breathing ,sneezing ,coughing ,redness of
eyes Etc. Air pollution causes sever damage
to crops and live stock in countries with
heavy industries and crowded roads.
Control on Air Pollution

1. In vehicle by Changing the ingredients in

fuel like CNG and adding control devices.
2. We should plant more and more trees.
3. Factories should make arrangements to
refine their waste before they release it into
the atmosphere.

Water pollution is of the most serious

environmental problems. It occurs when
water is contaminated by substances such as
human and other waste ,toxic chemicals
,metals and oil. Pollution can affect rain
,rivers ,lakes, oceans and ground water.
Sources Of Water pollution

1. Industrial wastes.
2. Sewage
3. Agriculture chemicals and waste
4. People wash dirty clothes in rivers ,ponds
and lakes they pollute water bodies.
Effects Of Water Pollution

-> Polluted water can cause

inconvenience ,diseases like
Cholera ,typhoid.
Measures For Water Pollution

1. Sewage collection and treatment system

should be effective.
2. People should use less of detergents in their
3. Factories and industries should be set up far
away from residential area.

Noise Pollution occurs when

level of noise increases from
certain level. Most noise
pollution comes from
machines, automobiles and
Noise Pollution is caused by

1. Use of loudspeakers in social functions and

2. Big machines like generators are also big
source of noise pollution.
3. Number of vehicles producing a lot of
sound .
Prevention of Noise Pollution

1. Loudspeakers in social functions should be

restricted to a limited time and certain level
of volume.
2. Mechanism of vehicles and other machines
should be changed to produce less noise.
3. Unnecessary honking of horns of Vehicles
should be restricted.
Guided By:

Md.Jasleen Kaur
(Student Trainer)
Submitted By:
Govt S.S School (Mutipurpose)


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