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By Folkerts, Jean

Submitted To Bandana Sachdev Submitted By Rubia Raghuvanshi 2010D2TS875P

This book is organized to incorporate the role functions of the media into description of the various types of media and uses of is organized into three parts: Media processes and functions Media industries Media Research,Regulation,and Restrictions

In part 1
In the first part book describes how media functions of informing and Persuading Are incorporated into the basic activities of journalists and advertising and public Relations proffesionals . Media and communication Content and behavior of media are closely tied to the development of technology And the economics of big business. Media operate within a context of political Behavior , social and cultural development, and globalization. The communication Involves transmitting information and ideas to one person or to a large group of People. Typically, media include newspapers, magazines, television , radio, books , And movies. Media companies have experimented with converging technologies by News functions in a single newsroom , but they continue to use various distribution Systems such as newspapers, and online delivery. Individuals use mass communica -tion for surveillance ,decision making, social and cultural interaction , diversion and Self-understanding.

The primary purpose of journalism is to inform, but it also often entertains and someTimes seeks to persuade. Journalism has two traditions: one is the objective analysis of The facts at hand and the other is a narrative tradition, or storytelling. Journalism have Lost credibility during an era of infotainment. Public Relations Public relations concerns planned and sustained unpaid communication from organizAtions to publics. Public relations specialists can work in-house for an organization or As aconsultant for an organization .Any of an organizations many publics can influence Whether that organization achieves its goals.The goals of public relations are to inform And seek information from the organizations publics. The public relations process inclUdes setting goals , conducting research,creating a PR plan and evaluating the success Of the plan. PR practitioners communicate with internal and external publics. External PR activities include lobbying , financial PR and events coordination. Internal communIcation includes downward , upward ,horizontal, and vertical communication. A variety Of technologies are available for PR communication, and the type that is used must Appropriate for the information needs and habits of the publics.