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Oral Report • Presenting ideas effectively to individuals or groups when given time for preparation (including nonverbal communication and use of visual aids). targeting presentations to the characteristics and needs of the audience. 4/21/12 . and attention to delivery. careful planning.  • A presentation of factual information to an audience. • An art that involves attention to the needs of your audience.

4/21/12 .Oral Report Methods Method Definition Manuscript Method   Þ You read a written report to your audience word for word. too formal. glancing up from time to time to make eye contact. You will not be able to give additional explanation because you have to present your report verbatim or word-for-word. Since you will just be reading the whole time. Memorization Method Þ You learn by heart and recite a report. This method tends to make you too structured. the audience might get bored because of the monotony of the whole process.

outline. Method Impromptu Method Þ You talk on the spot with no prepared draft.Oral Report Methods Extemporaneous Þ You speak spontaneously using an outline or note cards as guide. You can explain further as you report. or note cards. This method is applied only to brief reports that require little or no research or presentation. you tend to speak lengthily without considering the time element. You should have familiarity with the topic so that you can discuss it comprehensively. 4/21/12 . But sometimes.

what they already know. you should have a strong grasp with your topics. what they want to know about your topic. Intensive research and advance reading would help a lot in mastering your topic. Research on the topic that was assigned to you. 2. Know your subject matter. Use various resources so that your report will not be confined in just a single piece of knowledge. Before the presentation. Prepare your report 4/21/12 . and what you want them to learn after your report. Know your audience 3.Things to be considered in the presentation 1. You should know who will you be speaking to.

This would help you be more organized and avoid stammering during your report. comprehensible. Prepare your script Before the presentation. You may prepare a note card containing only the visuals should your Your main points of be as report simple as possible. Must be easy to follow.Things to be considered in the presentation 4. Prepare your visuals 4/21/12 . and 5. you may prepare your script. It should contain only the most important points of your report.

4/21/12 . and pitch. Presents ideas in a clear. volume. organized. concise. Speaks with the right speed. and level of awareness. Uses words and phrases correctly. interests. attitudes. tone. and persuasive manner. Maintains eye contact with the audience.Key Behaviors of a Reporter • • • • • Responds to the audience's needs.

4/21/12 . involved. Uses effective nonverbal communications (gestures. Seems interested. posture. Refers to notes when appropriate. facial set. and committed throughout the presentation. and mannerisms).Key Behaviors of a Reporter • • • • • Presents ideas logically. Listens attentively to others when they ask questions and contribute to discussions.

Checks to make sure ideas are understood. 4/21/12 . Tailors presentation to fit the needs or characteristics of the audience. Uses prepared visual materials effectively.Key Behaviors of a Reporter • • • • Impacts the audience in a positive manner.

4/21/12 . Lists unresolved issues and addresses them. Keeps within time schedules.Key Behaviors of a Reporter • • • Prepares for the presentation.

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