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1. Introduction a) Thank you sponsors! 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Who are we? (Many of you have seen me before but so much has changed!) Who in this room should not be using social media? Social Media is the evolution of websites How Consumers are using social media and what it means to you. The 2 ways agents are trying get leads from social media…which one is right for you? 7. What are the benefits and drawbacks of the different social media sites? a) The stats on blogging, and which blogging platforms are best b) The little known LinkedIn secret c) Twitter d) YouTube e) 3 step-process to a successful start on Facebook 8. Sources of Content 9. 3 Take-aways 10.Questions?

About REIC
• Founded by author, speaker, and coach John Alexandrov in 2004 • Perceived in the industry as the “Mercedes Benz” coaching company (top 1% agents) Our Mission: REIC is an innovative real estate coaching and media company that creates cutting edge coaching programs, proven business strategies, and dynamic social media marketing systems. We are dedicated to promoting our services with integrity, honesty and authenticity. Excellence is our standard and we are passionately committed to the achievement of your success. With REIC, you will confidently advance toward the fulfillment of your dreams. Our social media advice is foremost meant to be great business advice!

About Jarred Alexandrov
• • • • Facebook user since 2004. Written blogs since 2000. Written and marketed 3 Ebooks. Created hundreds of coaching and social media leads for REIC through social media. • Created over 100 Facebook fan pages for real estate agents. • Created dozens of closed leads for real estate agents. • Let’s get it out of the way…why NOT use social media?
• Takes too much time • It’s too hard • I don’t understand it • It’s a fad • It’s annoying and I don’t care what others have to say

• It’s only for teens • I’m only working part time • I’m broke • Jim tried it and it didn’t work • I’m scared to be “out-in-the-open”

Today, The Only real excuse you have for not using social media is…

“I’m retiring tomorrow!”
“It’s not IF you do social media…it’s how well you do it” – Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics People are making hiring and buying decisions differently today than they did… • 30 years ago (cable TV) • 13 years ago (internet) • 3 years ago (social media) • 3 months ago (social search from Bing and Google) • 30 days ago (social relevance score)

Home-buyers use social media in their decision making process and until you understand how, you’ll miss out on innumerable opportunities to be their agent.

Who in this room has a website?

• So people can find me • So they can search for homes • Because my company gave me one • To read my testimonials and find out more about my specific areas of expertise • So people know how to contact me

Every business (large or small), every loan officer, every real estate agent should have a professional Facebook page for these same reasons and more!

How Successful Agents Are Using Social Media: 1. They are using Facebook pages as their website or their “face to the world.” 2. They are using Facebook, YouTube and blogs to enhance their search engine rankings. 3. They are using Facebook and Blogs to capture leads, and to drip on their database for free.
More Effective than Traditional Website

4. They are using Facebook and Blogs to keep people up-to-date on the community.
5. They are standing out from the agents who are behind the times.

How Are Consumers Using Social media? 1. Research Agents: a) If someone searches for you on Google or Facebook, do they find you? What do they find? What impression does it create? 2. Get up-to-date information on the areas they live in (or want to live in) and free reports: a) Social media is the fastest news source, and that news is easy to share. 3. To help their friends and families make decisions: a) When I see something on Facebook or twitter I think will be of value to my friends, I share it! b) People are asking each other for advice on who to hire.

*89 % of buyers/sellers search for agents on Facebook/Google

Why Social Media for Realtors? At the very least...

1. It’s another place to be found where people are searching! • People are searching for you and making decisions based on what they find. 2. More chances to capture leads, get referrals, and advertise listings: • Prospective and past clients can be influenced to take action by your social media activity once you realize what works and what doesn’t.
For most agents and businesses social media is a lead conversion tool, not a primary lead generation tool.

The Social Media Process that is Right for a Specific Group of Real Estate Agents
Create a Video Find Content to Write about Blog (once-a-day or 3 times a week minimum)

Post Video to YouTube

Post Blog in Linkedin Groups Blog gets Posted to Twitter

Blog gets Posted to Facebook Business Page

Copy to other Blog sites

Leads from Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, other Blogs

Capture leads on your blog using opt-in and contact forms

More Time Spent = More Results

Follow-up on those leads ASAP with an auto responder email or phone call

Who is this right for? • Very motivated, aggressive • Above average with computers • Like being “connected” all the time • Pick-up technology quickly • Enjoy the challenge, and like being on-top of the latest technology • Like spending lots of time on the computer figuring things out
If this is you (or you can have somebody do it for you), great!

The Best Way to Get Started (or re-started) Using Social Media for Most Agents
Spend 10 minutes per day finding useful content that others have already created for you. Especially other people on Facebook! Promote your page through email marketing, newsletters, in-person, website, and other accounts Create scripts, marketing pieces, and learn to position yourself as a tech-savvy realtor using your Facebook page as evidence. Post this useful content to your Facebook business page to stay top-of-mind with your database.

Lead capture through forms on your Facebook page.

Convert more leads that are already qualified.

Less Time Spent BUT Time Well Spent = Results

Who is this right for? • Wants to combine “old” and “new” methods. • Knows they need to be on social media or risk becoming a dinosaur. • Prefers NOT to create content themselves but is good at knowing what their clients want to know about. • Understands the value of “top-ofmind” awareness. • Likes to position themselves as different from other agents.

If this is you, great…follow the rest of my advice!

Which Social Media Sites Should You Use?
1. Facebook: a) The 3 step process to a great start on Facebook. b) If you don’t have an facebook business page you’re at a disadvantage.

2. Blog: a) What are the stats on blogging? b) Which blogging platform is best?
3. LinkedIn a) Solidify business connections b) Drive traffic to your blog 4. Twitter: a) An easy distribution platform

5. You Tube: a) Posting video and virtual tours increases your Google ranking over 50%
6. Google+ ??

Here is How Blogging Works:
• The more you blog, the better chance you have of being found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. • The better chances you have of being found on those sites, the more attention you will get (if you are creating good content). • The more attention you get, the more leads you get. • The more leads you get, the more homes you sell.

The more I blog…the more business we get.
Keys to Blogging: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You have to enjoy writing and commit to doing it consistently You have write about a broad range of interesting topics You have to choose the correct platform You have to know how to promote your blog posts You have to know how to optimize your posts for Social Media and search engines

Research on blogging shows:
You have to love to write and you have to write consistently! a) It does work if you can dedicate time to writing.

Start Here

If you’re going to…how?
A) B) C) Wordpress (ideally the best free option but learning curve) Posterous (easy to use and automatic distribution) Maybe ActiveRain (monthly fee but can be very effective) Write a mix of property updates, vendors, community info, and opinions on the market.

Wordpress Blog


LinkedIn: The “business only” version of Facebook a) Great for making business connections and recruiting b) Drive traffic to your blog by joining groups in your area and posting your blog posts c) Somebody changes jobs or locations? Contact them! (Same for Facebook…this works! )

Twitter: The easy way to distribute what you blog and post on Facebook a) Twitter connects easily to blogs, LinkedIn and Facebook, but take constant monitoring to build a following b) Worth having an account and promoting your blog because Twitter is factored into the search engine rankings

Too Much Time for Too Little Results = Not a Good Business Decision

You Tube: A way to provide valuable content in an easy to use format. Video looks great on your blog and on Facebook as well. a) Posting video to You Tube immediately helps your search ranking on Google b) As you’ll discover…most people think visually…they love video and feel like they know you if they can see you!

Google+: Keep an eye on this. Potential to be a great network. A ) Not open for business accounts for at least a few months.

Why Facebook instead of blogging, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, for most agents?
1. It’s easier to use for most people and many agents are already familiar with using it. 2. You can manage it in 10-15 minutes a day (copy and paste and share). Don’t spend more than 15! 3. It supports lead conversion and is a drip marketing campaign. 4. It’s better than a website because it supports you Google ranking and is easy to keep upto-date

Differences between a Facebook profile and a Facebook Business Page
Facebook Profile/Personal Page Personal Updates? Business Updates? Customized Tabs? Market Data Imported? Listings Imported? Testimonials Displayed? MLS Search ability? Opt-In Forms? Free? Yes No No No No No No No Yes Facebook Fan Page/Business Page No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Facebook Personal Profile’s have “Friends”, Facebook Business Pages Have “Fans” – they are separate from each other so you could have a friend on your profile who isn’t a fan on your page.

3 Step Process to a Great Start on Facebook.
1. Get your Facebook fan page/business page set-up correctly. • Without a custom fan page, you can’t lead capture, enhance your online reputation, or provide the latest information without spending a lot of time on it.

2. Promote the page to your sphere of influence via your personal Facebook page, emails, phone calls, email signature, etc. • Need to get 25 fans within the first few weeks to get custom web address • Add your facebook web address to your email signature, other materials
3. Get in the habit of posting useful information to your page on a consistent basis. • This can be once-a-day, or once-a-week. There is not set formula and it is different for each person. • “Sharing” other people’s content on Facebook is easy AND keeps you top-ofmind with your referral partners

The Perfect Facebook Business Page!

Professional pages have: a) Your Listings b) Lead Capture forms c) Automatically update Market Data d) Display testimonials e) MLS Search f) Link to your website/blog g) Links to your best vendors h) Your contact info i) A unique web addresss j) Helpful resources k) Apps from zillow, trulia if necessary

***Stand out in listing presentations!!!

Facebook Profile: For most people this is your personal account to stay in touch with friends and family. • • It can be separate from your business account You can “hide” it so nobody can find it.


Facebook Business Page: The way to fully realize the benefits of being on Facebook!

Lead Generation on Facebook!

Search for Homes Facebook!

Testimonials & Market Data

How To Promote Your Facebook Page 1. Put a link to your page in your email signature (www.facebook.com/take1team ) 2. Send an email announcement to your database announcing the new page 3. Include your facebook web address on your marketing materials, listing presentation, post-cards etc 4. Get people to comment on or “like” your posts so their sphere will see you! Also share other people’s posts! 5. Send a direct mail piece to your past clients and list asking them to Like the page. You are not a celebrity! It takes time and consistency to build an interested, responsive base of fans.

Post cards by PrintMaster of Norwood: Dianna 781-769-6656

How Does Hingham REALTOR Tricia Powers have 470 fans and 1000+ views on every post she does?
1. It's not all about you! Post 4 things useful to every 1 thing that will help you. 2. Make it fun. Inject a little humor. Humor in my experience is what gets people to interact and enjoy the page. 3. Post about once a day, but make it useful info. 4. Tell people about your page and have the link on your email signature.

Sources of Content

 http://real-estate.alltop.com/ www.patch.com (select your state then town)  Local newspapers  Your loan officers  Your attorneys  Other vendors  Industry blogs (kcmblog.com)  Your company reports  www.HouseLogic.com  CnnMoney, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal

Three Take-Aways
1. The less time you can spend on social media, but still support your marketing efforts, the better. Are you process #1 or process #2?
2. Your accounts should look professional, have lead capture forms, and other valuable resources. It can be better than your website and help you convert more leads! Know how to use them to convert more leads. 3. Don't feel bad if you can't do it all. Most people can't. Make a good business decision, which for most people is putting your time and energy into Facebook first and hiring somebody to set-it-up for you.


Brand New!

You will get more listings…

Choose Standard or Advanced Page

Purchase on www.FanPagesforRealEstate.com

Schedule consultation with Facebook Designer Ryan Staples

Email Ryan your logo, info, testimonials, etc.

Take Ryan 1-2 weeks to design the page for you review

Review the page for accuracy and approval

We make the page live and do a training call to show you how to use it and start promoting it.

Also collect any instruction docs you need. Get access to 1 month of coaching webinars with Jarred Alexandrov.

Thank you!

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