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Bodega Dreams
Ernesto Quinonez

What to look forward to this week…  Monday: A story about…  Who is Ernesto Quinonez? Tuesday: Background of Bodega Dreams: The historical and social context/Dialectical Journal Wednesday: Spanish Harlem/ MEAL    Thursday: Spanish Harlem con’t./ THEMES Friday: Vocabulary Quiz/Independent Reading  .

Who is Ernesto Quinonez?        Born in Ecuador in 1966 Raised in East Harlem aka Spanish Harlem. NY Mother was Puerto Rican. worked as a seamstress in a garment district sweat shop Father worked in a factory Youngest of 5 children Attended NY city public schools Received BA in English from City University of New York .

Growing up in Spanish Harlem. It's better to hit back and get beaten up once or twice."s--a kind of graffiti meant to memorialize people in the neighborhood who've died.” .P.Central character: Chino Is he autobiographical? Memoir Vs.I. you have to fight sometimes. you learn that in order to not take a beating everyday. Fiction Excerpt from an interview… “Chino paints "R. I did that too when I was a kid. then get picked on for the rest of your teens.

parts of me that are changed. diluted. scattered all around. built up.Memoir/Fiction??? But Chino isn't really me. and--I hope--scenes that were true in the sense that novels are true. . cut and paste stories. and the book is fiction.

Be Prepared to Share!!!!! .Homework…  Add to the end of this notebook entry:  Research Spanish Harlem (library/Internet/word of mouth) Write down one interesting/surprising fact about Spanish Harlem.

Independent Reading 2 Entries Due at the end of class!!!!  Summaries will not be accepted!  .

Spanish Harlem .

Spanish Harlem .

Pharmacy .

Bodega: grocery/wine shop (Inside of a bodega) .

Reactions?? .

Quick Facts about Spanish Harlem Located at the northeastern part of Manhattan  Has a predominantly Latino population— largest Puerto Rican population in NY  Includes the Italian Harlem  116th and East .

Eastern European Jewish immigrants began settling in Harlem and East Harlem became home to a large Italian population  1914-1920 (post WWI): Puerto Rican immigrantsEast Harlem=Spanish Harlem  . job opportunities increase of German population  Irish. Italian.Some History… 1880s: urbanization=people moving into and developing cities=building apartments.

What is the American Dream?? Write in your notebook for 2-3 minutes and be ready to share your response! (Raised Hands) .

Defining the American Dream… •Freedom includes the promise of prosperity and success for everyone. regardless of social class or background •Success depends on individual effort “All men are equal” --Declaration of Independence .

How is the “American Dream” problematic? .

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