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Agenda for Lesson 1
Course Content  PMP Certification Review  Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions

Course Content

Total 12 lessons 1: 2: 3:
PMP Certification Review Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions Project Management Framework Project Management Processes Integration Management

 Lesson
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 Lesson
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 Lesson

Course Content  Lesson ◦ ◦ 4: 5: 6: 7: Scope Management PMP Exam Application Guidance Time Management Cost Management Quality Management  Lesson ◦  Lesson ◦  Lesson ◦ .

Course Content  Lesson ◦ ◦ 8: 9: 10: Human Resources Management Communications Management Risk Management Procurement Management  Lesson ◦  Lesson ◦ .

Course Content  Lesson ◦ ◦ 11: 12: Professional and Social Responsibility Exam Application Revision Sample questions  Lesson ◦ ◦ .

Course Content  Course ◦ ◦ Materials PMP Exam Prep 6th Edition (Rita Mulcahy) PMBOK® Guide 4th Edition Head First PMP. 2nd Edition . 2009)  Reference ◦ .O’Reilly (will be released on July.

pmi.PMP Certification Review  PMP ◦ Credential Handbook Requirements Can be downloaded at PM Experience + PM Education  Eligibility ◦ .

PMP Certification Review  Application ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ procedure Online submit at PMI (90 days) Completeness Review (5 business days) Payment Audit Process (if selected) Exam eligibility period – 1 year from the date of the application approval .

Government & Corporate” then “Project Management Institute”) ◦ ◦ ◦ 2 exam sessions: 9:00-13:00 or 14:00-18:00 Cancellation: 48 hours before the exam .com Only 1 exam center in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Examination Authority Rm 501 HKEA San Po Kong Sub-office 17 Tsuek Luk Street.PMP Certification Review  Exam ◦ ◦ Close book exam Schedule exam at http://www. Professional. Kowloon (Choose “Academic.prometric. San Po Kong.

PMP Certification Review  Exam ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ 200 multiple-choice questions in 4 hours 4 choices per question 175 scored + 25 unscored questions Passing mark: 106/175 (~61%) .

Moderately Proficient and Below Proficient Sample: .PMP Certification Review  Result ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Received immediately Overall: Pass / Fail Breakdown in domains: Proficient.

PMP Certification Review  Cost ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ US$555 for non-PMI member (~HK$4329) US$405 for PMI member (~HK$3159) US$129/year to become PMI individual member US$555 > US$129 + US$405 (Save US$21.8!) . or HK$163.

US$150 (non-PMI member) .PMP Certification Review  Reexamination ◦ ◦ 3 attempts within 1 year eligibility exam period US$275 (PMI member). US$375 (non-PMI member)  Maintenance ◦ ◦ ◦ 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) in each Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) cycle CCR cycle: 3 years after you pass the exam US$60 (PMI member).

PMP Certification Review  What ◦ is PMP Exam Like ◦ ◦ PMP EXAM IS NOT A TEST OF THE INFORMATION IN THE PMBOK® Guide You cannot rely only on real-world experience Training in professional project management that is aligned with the PMBOK® Guide is critical .

org .23% Project Executing .PMP Certification Review  Process ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ group breakdown Project Initiating .9%  Latest information: http://www.9% Professional and Social Responsibility .11% Project Planning .pmi.27% Project Monitoring and Controlling .21% Project Closing .

Introduction  History ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Project Management Institute (PMI) founded in 1969 1st edition of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBOK® Guide) was published in 1996 2nd edition of PMBOK® Guide in 2000 3rd edition of PMBOK® Guide in 2004 4th edition of PMBOK® Guide in Dec 2008 Project Management Professional (PMP) certification was launched in 1984 PMI Hong Kong Chapter was established in 1997 .

Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  1. The exam tests from the perspective of a large project. General PMI-isms Project managers can save the universe. So the project manager is working on a large project that involves 200 people from many countries. 2. and has a budget of US $100 million dollars or more.” and must be very skilled. has never been done before in the organization. . The project manager puts the best interests of the project first. are “wonderful” and “great. not his or her own interests. takes at least one year. 3.

Project managers have all the power and perform all the activities in the real world as described in the PMBOK® Guide.. and why! The project manager always knows why his or her project was selected by management to be done. The project manager understands the process of project management. etc. and makes sure those objectives are met while planning and managing the project. second. 6..Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  4.g. e. not later in the life of the project. . The project manager is assigned during project initiating. 7. what to do first. General PMI-isms 5.

time. and customer satisfaction. cost. and that office has important. General PMI-isms 9. assessing. The project manager spends time planning. quality. Organizations have a project management office. These policies may include project management methodologies. Organizations have project management policies. risk procedures.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  8. and quality procedures. managing. resources. clearly defined authority over projects. . which the project manager adapts for use on his or her project. 10. risk. and controlling scope.

12. how much each work package cost. and what risks were uncovered (now referred to in the PMBOK®" Guide as part of organizational process assets). The project manager works within the existing systems and culture of a company (enterprise environmental factors). and one of a project's results is to provide input to improve those systems. . 13. A work breakdown structure (WBS) is used on every project. Organizations have records (historical information) for all previous projects that include what the work packages were.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  General PMI-isms 11. The project manager uses this past history from other projects to plan the current project.

but a series of management plans. Their needs are taken into account while planning the project and creating the communications management plan. and control a project. A project management plan is not a bar chart. .Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  General PMI-isms 14. manage. The project manager creates other documents (project documents) in addition to the project management plan to help plan. 16. They may also help identify and manage risks. Stakeholders are involved throughout the project. 15. The project manager knows what is involved in creating a real project management plan.

. Since most projects are managed in a matrix environment.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  General PMI-isms 17. 18.) PMI does not approve of gold plating (adding extra functionality). (I am serious. 19. such seemingly easy topics as motivation theories and powers of the project manager become quite serious on the exam. People must be compensated for their work. a question about this has appeared on the exam.

A project manager plans the project with input from the team and stakeholders. Planning is very important. project management processes. and all projects must be planned. 23. 22. . and integration management will be planned. Part of planning involves deciding which processes in the PMBOK® Guide should be used on each project. There are plans for how every knowledge area except project management framework. and controlled. 21. not on his or her own. These are called management plans. and every project has one for each knowledge area.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  Planning the project 20. managed.

If at all possible. risk management assignments. all the required work and all the stakeholders are identified before the project work actually begins. as well as project work.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  Planning the project 24. and meeting attendance. The project manager determines metrics to be used to measure quality. 25. The project manager creates a system to reward team members and stakeholders. The project manager has a plan for continually improving processes. 28. All roles and responsibilities are CLEARLY documented and assigned to specific individuals on the project. These may include things like reporting responsibilities. 27. 26. .

Project cost and schedule cannot be finalized without completing risk management. the project manager focuses extensively on identifying risks. 32.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  Planning the project 29. The stakeholders. are assigned risk identification and risk management duties. Since the project has never been done before in the organization. . as well as team members. 30. 31. The project manager realizes that managing risks saves the project time and money.

as documented in the project management plan. The project management plan is approved by all parties. 35.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  Planning the project 33. 34. The project manager knows unrealistic schedules are his or her fault. He or she then meets with management to resolve any differences BEFORE the project work starts. The project manager assesses whether the project can meet the end date and other project constraints and objectives. . The project manager plans when and how to measure performance against the performance measurement baseline. but he or she also has other measurements to use to determine how the project is performing while the work is being done. is realistic. and everyone believes it can be achieved.

The exam defines a kickoff meeting in a way that may be different from your understanding of a kickoff meeting. The project is managed to the project management plan.  During the project 37. 38. .Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  Planning the project 36. A project manager measures against the project management plan to help determine the project status throughout the life of the project.

Delays must be made up by adjusting future work. 40. He or she can say "No" and work to control the project for the benefit of the customer. Therefore.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  During the project 39. Projects are re-estimated throughout the life of the project to make sure the end date or cost objectives will be met. 41. . rather than asking for more time. The project manager has authority and power. the project manager almost always knows if the project can meet the agreed-to end date and budget.

resources. the project manager is continually looking to ensure everyone knows what is going on and has appropriate expectations. quality. The project manager realizes that. over time. The project manager lets others know they cannot get something for nothing. . and customer satisfaction. 43. The project manager has enough data about the project to do this analysis. Therefore. A change in scope MUST be evaluated for its impacts to time. risk. cost.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  During the project 42. not everyone associated with the project will have the same understanding of what the project is and what could occur during the life of the project.

47. looks for changes. 45. 46. The project manager is proactive and finds problems early.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  During the project 44. The project manager spends time on such activities as team building and ensuring team performance. and prevents problems. The project manager spends more time focusing on preventing problems than dealing with problems. The project manager knows about and takes seriously human resource responsibilities on a project. .

policies. The project manager recommends improvements to the performing organization's standards. The project manager ensures that organizational policies are followed on the project. 50. 53. Team meetings do not focus on status (that can be collected by other means). 51. and processes. Risks are a major topic at every team meeting. . All changes to the project management plan flow through the change management process and integrated change control. Most problems that occur have a risk management plan already created to deal with them. 49.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  During the project 48. Such recommendations are expected and welcomed by management. 52.

. 55. 57. Quality should be checked before an activity or work package is completed. The project manager works closely with the quality assurance/quality control department in performing some of the quality activities discussed in the PMBOK® Guide. The project manager is actively involved with the procurement process and assists in managing procurements.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  During the project 54. 58. 56. Quality should be considered whenever there is a change to any component of the project. The project manager understands contract language.

No project is complete unless there has been final acceptance from the customer.  Closing the project 60.Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  During the project 59. 62. 61. The project manager archives all project records. including those that do not seem important to him or her. All projects produce a final report that gives the project team a chance to announce that the project objectives have been met. The project manager makes sure all the terms of the contract are met. .

Summary for Lesson 1  Course Content  PMP Certification Review  Knowledge Gaps and PMI Assumptions  Next lesson: ◦ ◦ Project Management Framework Project Management Processes .

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