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Wahaj Ahmed Khan Syed Yawar Raza Naqvi Muhamad Umair Zahid Syeda Sidra Kanwal Rizvi

What is Smart ID

Smart ID is the multi purpose ID card. This project is the initiative to create a unique national id for every Pakistani citizen with the objective of increased national security, managing citizen identity and facilitating e-governance.

Core Benefits Synergy effect of standardized documentation. Assist counter terrorism and illegal immigrants & workers. Integration of existing identification systems.

Secondary Benefits Benefits like prevention of fraud and Tax evasions. Financial savings for government.
Other Benefits Use for other organizations like banks for maintaining credit history. Can be used by hospitals, schools and employers.

Smart ID Card


“Making life easier then before”


“Our Mission is to attain an iconic leadership among the success stories of tomorrow ”

Objectives of the Smart Card Project
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Obviate need for multiple documentary proof Facilitate easy verification Facilitate easy availing of government or private services Serve as basis for e-governance services


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Government Identification Financial System Healthcare Education Employment Utilities

Multi Application Linkage
Bank Account ATM Card Credit Card Driving License Passport Education

Registration of Land, Property

Smart ID # 42101-177481-5

Medical & Healthcare Services

Family Registration

Traveling Registration


Smart ID Technology

Smart ID cards are designed to be in line with the specifications laid out in ISO/IEC 7816 and SCOSTA. The cards are designed to support a minimum of 300,000 EEPROM write cycles and will retain data for at least 10 years ISO/IEC 7816 is an international standard related to electronic identification cards. ISO/IEC is managed jointly by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro technical Commission (IEC).

Information Accessibility
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Online Systems & Card Readers Different organizations can access the data through online system or if they need information from other departments they have to send the request to concerned department. Card readers will be used by traffic police or on different outlets.

SWOT Analysis

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Comprehensive expertise in the field of information technology For the 1st time in Pakistan a unique multipurpose identification card launched. Easy to handle due to its size similar like ATM or Credit Card. Backed by the Government.


Tedious Process. Moral Issue. Require heavy investments

SWOT Analysis

Current trend of technological advancement.

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Intrusion attack on database. Political Pressure. Lack of support from different divisions

Touch Points of Coordination
Web Connection Govt. Services


Citizen Information Processing for National ID Call Center Data & Information Hub

Education / Employment/ Health Care

Utility Services

Government Information Centers

Financial Services

Marketing Mix

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Smart ID is the combination of different services. Based on CNIC #. Provide convenience. Valid for 10 years. Easy to use.

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Affordable One Time Charges for a Service. No Annual Recurring Charges.

Marketing Mix
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In 1st Phase current target city is Karachi. In 2nd Phase Lahore and Islamabad. 3rd Phase Quetta and Peshawar. 4th Phase other rest of Pakistan. As the product is for national interest we have to put great efforts for counseling with promotions. We use traditional medium and also focus on latest technologies for promoting i.e. Advertisement on www

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Marketing Mix
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The card is made of plastic and embedded by a hologram to avoid counterfeiting Dimension is just like a credit card Beautiful background design

Market Segmentation

Karachi, Lahore Islamabad


Every member, no age limit even a new born baby. Male, Female, She male


Market Segmentation

Student, Professionals, Labors, Retired etc.


All Classes

Target Market

All Pakistani citizens


Initially only three Services are provided i.e. NIC, Passport and Driving License in one window. Banking Services Education Services Health Care / Medical Property Services Employment / Business Utilities Traveling Registration

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Smart ID Life Cycle
Old Age Benefits
Birth Medical Information

Employment & Business

Smart ID # 42101-177481-5

Schooling / College Information

Banking & Financial Services Law/ Police Services

Various utility Services

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