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Work Experience 2005 at Al Mafraq Hospital

Prepared by: Noura Al Ali

ID: 200121399
Section: 04H6CNET01
Major: HD CNET
College mentor: Barry Naidoo
The Content

Employer Information
Tasks performed
Equipment and software used
Existing and new skills learned
Working with others
Areas for personal development
Problem encountered and solutions
Suggestions for improvement
Employer Information
Tasks performed

Formatting computers
Changed the damaged computer hardware
Installed Microsoft operating system, Microsoft office, and anti-
virus software
Inventory of the new network points all over the hospital
Adding the new and old computers to the new domain
Working as a help desk
Equipment and software used

Printer and scanner Windows operating system,

Microsoft office, and
External CD-writer antivirus
Desktop computers Other programs that some
departments of the hospital
required like: Visio.
Drivers for computers, for
example printer
New and Existing skills learned

Computer: Personality
Backup the hard disk using How to be patient with clients
the ghost startup and
imaging CD’s.
Work alone, work under
New Fix most of printer direction and efficiency in
problems. completing the tasks
Restoring data

Formatting computers English skills: speaking,

writing, reading and
Installing an operating listening.
system,office and different
Existing programs

Backing up and restoring data

Adding computers to the


changed some of the computer

Working with others

The hospital provided me with positive teamwork


Staff members were helpful in guiding me through my tasks.

Did not face a lot of problems and to get close to the IT staff
How to be patient with the customers
Areas for personal development

Try to understand absorb the essence of work.

Work hard to improve my communication skills.

Apply for courses related to my major

Apply for an ICDL course to improve my computing

Problem encountered and solutions

The network specialist who I supposed to work with them

weren’t corporative
When working as a help desk answering the phone
Fixing some computer problems…try first to solve it by my self
Lack of number of CDs needed for formatting
Some departments didn’t backup or inform the IT department
about their needed data
Suggestions for improvement

Teaching me new computer skills that I haven’t learn at the
college using workshops, lectures, videoconference and

Create a working environment similar to the real one
Explained to us different situations that we might face at our
work experience and asked us to solve them in different ways
Courses about the variedness of accents to a void confusion
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