Innovation Now: The Boston Globe’s two-brand strategy

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Our particular opportunity

The digital shift is well under way


Print circulation price hikes (2009) gave us breathing room, but new revenue needed

§ is a substantial contributor with its strong advertising business that would be at risk should we lock the site down behind a pay wall
22 traffic
Aug 2011 - National C petitive Market ust om Media S ource 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 HUFFINGTONPOST.COM NYTIMES.COM USATODAY Sites LATIMES.COM* WASHINGTONPOST.COM WSJ.COM* BOS TON.C OM NYPOST.COM SFGATE.COM CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM* Total U.S . %Active R each Unique Visitors (MM) 36.7 33.0 26.1 18.6 17.8 16.6 7.0 6.7 6.7 5.9 17.0% 15.3% 12.1% 8.6% 8.2% 7.7% 3.2% 3.1% 3.1% 2.7%

*Indicates that the entity has assigned traffic to certain pages in the domain to other entities Data Souce: comScore Unified Key Measures


Research that helped inform digital strategy


Consumer Perception / Brand Differentiation

Globe News Consumption & Willingness to Pay

Print-engaged favor a format and editorial approach that resembles a newspaper, even though they are eager users of new technology, more willing to pay for Globe content Online/mobile-engaged prefer a wider “news surveillance” activity that draws them to search engines, email links, and other digitally-directed modes of discovery, could be


Source: Forrester Research


Business Model
Could we create a separate online brand for The Boston Globe?

Could it provide a new, consumer revenue stream without sacrificing’s advertising or audience?


Business Model: Two brands, Two opportunities?

§ §

Paid premium product Appeals to former and current Globe subscribers/readers Elegant ad integration Meets expectations of print engaged

§ § § §

Free Mass audience Advertising supported Targeted to online/mobile engaged

§ §




Content Guidelines / Distinct Experiences



Multiple platforms: Accent on mobile





Reader benefits

See all stories that appeared in the Globe in a familiar navigational presentation
– –

Enhanced by multi media Complete with updates throughout the day


Immersive reading experience
– –

Easy to read articles in their entirety Related stories and other stories in section easy to find


Ability to save articles to read at a later time offline or online No need to download apps for different devices


Advertiser benefits

Affluent, well-educated audience Fewer ads on page heighten visibility and awareness Sponsorship of sections and features provides positive brand association – unique visibility Ability to target demographically increases campaign’s effectiveness




Can reach target audience across both and



Marketing Campaign




Progression of development

Launch BostonGlobe. com Free Trial m New Content

Sell BostonGlobe. com Subscription s m Globe Content Guidelines

New BostonGlobe Branded Product Dev. m “Reimagined”

Digital product portfolio to grow overall audience

Product portfolio to grow overall audience
We b Mobile /Apps


Research underway to inform future digital strategy

Scarborough Audience research for The Boston Globe and Web analytics: Omniture, comScore, Nielsen 2525

Overall goals

Grow overall audience across product portfolio

Match product development with the needs of targeted audiences


Provide the ability for advertisers to reach mass or targeted audiences Increase overall revenues from a combination of consumers and advertisers



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