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There are three main types of VoIP calls. But all calls are not free. VoIP technology has been considered as a way to make completely free phone calls. .

Delivering voice telephony service together with data services over a converged IP networks raise a few challenges:  Billing  Service Quality  Competition .  VoIP is becoming an attractive VAS that opens new opportunities for Broadband service providers both wired and wireless.


g.1 for the SIP server in Figure 10.0. which is automatically generated by the RADIUS server. 10243).For the VoIP system the CDR information is collected by using the RADIUS protocol.. the SIP server acts as a RADIUS client that interacts with the RADIUS server to create a CDR for each VoIP call.  The sipaddress parameter indicates the IP address of the node that requests authentication (i.1).  The username parameter specifies the calling party (e.113. 39116819 in Figure 10..1(a)). 140.e.. A VoIP CDR typically includes the following parameters:  The radacctid parameter specifies a unique record identifier (e.  .g.

200801-22 09:01:32 and 2008-01-22 09:02:44..  ..  The acctterminatecause parameter indicates the reason why the VoIP call is terminated (e.  The acctsessiontime parameter stores the call holding time (e. User-Request).. 00:01:12).  The calledstationid and the callingstationid parameters record the telephone numbers of the called party and the calling party respectively.g.g.g.The acctstarttime and the acctstoptime parameters (e. respectively) store the start time and the stop time of the call.


The CRDs finally end up on the invoice in form of an itemized bill. The rating engine can be apart of a billing system or it can be preliminary process outside of the billing system. Once the CDR have been collected. validated. a charge is calculated for each call identified by the details in one or more CDRs. calculate balances and generates invoices.   . normalized & consolidated. This process is known as and it is carried out by a rating engine. The billing system add up to change determined during rating for each account.

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