Mohamed Photos is a full featured specialized photography service in Bahrain, owned by the Multimedia graduate, photographer and lecturer

Mohamed Ghuloom. Mohamed Ghuloom is known by his unique concepts and attention to small details. He has worked for several companies both local and worldwide. Mohamed's works have been published in different media vehicles, ranging from street ads to magazines and websites.

This portfolio will showcase examples of his works* as well as his resume.
* Some advertising works have not been included in this portfolio because of copyright matters.

At Mohamed Photos, without extra explanations that might take your valuable time, we know our job very well, therefore we promise top quality & accurate results. We are proud to say that until now we have not faced one dissatisfied client. You're looking for quality, accuracy, experience, and value, then come to us.

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Mohamed Ghuloom
Creative Director, Conceptualist, Professional Photographer, Graphic Designer, IT Expert, Marketing & Advertisement

Bio: I try my best to dream, imagine, and play with ideas. I explore new approaches to tasks, issues, and problems, and I can think outside the [ ]. I pay strong attention to small details.

Skills: Photography Writing Graphic Design Journalism Creative Services Creative Concept Technology Evaluation Computer Repair Social Media Online Advertising Blogging Sales Technology Integration Microsoft Technologies Apple Macintosh Desktop Support Adobe Creative Suite Live Meeting Google Products Expert

Specialties: Professional Photography Writing & Public Speaking Teaching Psychology & Human Behavior Creativity and Precision Directing New Projects and Brands Team Leading Management Marketing & Advertisement Website Optimization

"He inspires you without any words. he's flexible, a good listener, very cooperative and open mind. His mind owns an international level. We as Bahraini youth are proud to have a talent and proficient photographer like Mohamed."
Jaafar Hamza CEO at BrainOnPapers Creative Conceptualist

"Mohamed is truly one of the best artists in his field. He has extensive knowledge and insight, which really shows in his work. He is the best photographer I have ever met in my 13 years magazine publishing, tv and advertising career."
Al Lotter CEO at Bobby Demure Creative Director

"God knows how much we adore this guy! every time he takes a photo we know it's just a new star in the sky! Working with Mohamed gives you inspiration and motivation to keep doing what you are doing! Who doesn't love what he is doing? He knows how to draw the photo before he shoots it!" Mohammad (Blingz) Director/Coach at Bahrain Parkour

"Mohamed loves being at your service" me :-)

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