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Well Aleron, this is it. The last album from Kalanas pile.

That means after today, one of the twins will take over your family history lessons. I havent quite worked out all the details yet so Im not sure who will be taking over. Anyway, lets get on with the show shall we?

Kalana was never much for photography. Personally, her sisters habit of taking pictures of EVERYTHING drove her up the wall. Thats one reason why her albums are so sparse. No one in the main house really cared much about keeping very accurate records. If not for Xanthe, the artist, we would have barely any pictures of generation seven at all.

Aiden wasnt too keen on the photos either. Especially when she caught a shot of him in an embarrassing situationsuch as losing a shoot-out to his wife.

Orianna was much older than the rest of generation seven, and so she was married and having kids long before anyone else. She took over running the Haven with her husband Solan. Hed joined the order after he was bit by a wild wolf and became infected with Lythancropy.

Oriannas youngest brothers were still teens. Myrrdin spent a lot of his time playing pool. He never really settled down.

His twin brother Cai didnt get married either. In fact, the twins moved into a flat together in the city. Myrddin took a job as an architect, while Myrddin chose to join the Lorian guard.

Xanthe and Dyamis girls were the next of The Twins to enter teendom. The Huinkes still loved to throw parties to celebrate all of lifes major milestones. So the whole family was invited to celebrate the occasion.

Both girls grew up and Kimi decided that she wanted to join the Lorian Guard like her cousin, while her twin sister Migisi wanted to become a world class ballet dancer. Kimimela went on to achieve quite a lot in her lifetime, but then she was always outspoken and strong willed.

Xanthe decided that she loved the bonfire tradition her husband had brought from his homeland. Theres been a bonfire dance at every birthday since Dyami joined the family. Theyre fun! Hehe. Yeah I have to agree they are pretty spectacular.

And then it was my clans turn for birthday celebrations. First up was my sweet little Neveah. She decided that what she wanted most out of life was to reach her golden anniversary with her one true love. And she wouldnt mind taking a job as a chef in one of the local restraunts either.

Her brother Bors? Well he had other plans. He decided he wanted to be a Space PirateI wasnt exactly comfortable with that career path. But he stayed out of trouble somehow. He married Kimi didnt he. Yes. Which is why I say somehow. That was an explosive combination to say the least.

And last but not least, Kalanas twins grew into teens. Atticus decided that he wanted to explore the galaxy and make as many friends as he could. Athan decided that he wanted to earn a law degree, though he wouldnt mind exploring the galaxy either.

Toren and Aiden continued to enjoy one anothers company. And while Kalana and Aiden didnt much care for photography, Athan did. He was always snapping photos.

Atticus continued to be close to animals and seemed to be able to communicate even with the wild dogs that had inflicted Solan with his strange condition.

Alia the family dog had also had a puppy that eventually grew up. Atticus chose to name her Tali. She followed Atticus everywhere.

Why would Athan take that picture?

He liked to tease his older brother about being such a neat freak. So I guess he took this photo as blackmail?

Atticus got even by taking this one for the same purpose. Nothing like showing a potential girlfriend that the boy shes interested in enjoys dancing with his grandma.

Or that he still jumps sky high and screams like a girl if you pop out from behind the kitchen table. It helps to have set up a hidden camera to document the event.

Their twin cousins were regular visitors around the house. Neveah often made them all snacks which everyone seemed more than happy to eat.

But by far, the boys enjoyed going to the beach with the Huinke family. It became routine for Xanthe and Dyami to take the kids on an outing one weekend a month.

It wasnt long before the main house welcomed some new and yet not so new faces to the mix. Serenity Loros, Killian Loros, granddaughter, became a regular visitor around the house. She took to playing pool with Aiden, Kalana, and Athan.

It didnt take the family long to realize why Serenity was spending so much time at the house. She and Athan were head over heels in love with each other.

But older brother Atticus wasnt too far behind finding a sweetheart. He opted to start dating a childhood friend Wendy Vaughn. He just realized one day that his best friend was incredibly pretty even if her family wasnt wealthy enough to afford her the nicest clothes.

So no one in the family was surprised when he asked Wendy to go steady.

In his old age, Toren had taken up the violin. He was actually quite good at it. He was self-taught, but he played marvelously well.

Who took that? And what is Athan doing? Uh..I think Aunt Xanthe must of snapped this one during one of her visits. I have no idea what they were doing here.

Atticus had taken after his parents and had a competitive edge. He could often be found challenging someone in the family to a game or sporting event.

Athan was much more low key. Life just seemed to roll of his shoulders. He enjoyed artistic pursuits like his grandmother Tristen and actually took up pottery as a teenager.

Both boys loved to dance, even if Athan was born with two left feet.

But Athan loved games as much as the rest of his family members. He just wasnt as uh hardcore.

His older brother on the other hand..well they say the apple doesnt fall very far from the tree. And in his casethat was true.

Atticus was athletic just like his mom, and loved to do anything that got him moving. Youd often find them out back shooting hoops, or swimming, or riding bikes, or working out at his mothers gym.

When the twins came over to the main house, Athan was often engaged in lighthearted games with Neveah.

Or else he was cutting up a rug with her twin brother Bors.

Atticus meanwhile took the opportunity to play the family game. Oh and took the opportunity to see how many times he could take advantage of his cousins. Sweet natured Migisi seemed to be a favorite target.

I think he may have forgotten who her twin sister was. She wasnt stupid. Migisi was the only one in the entire family who could and would play Atticus for a sucker. So how hard was it to keep a straight face when she did that? Who said I kept a straight face?

But Migisi would never cheat her beloved grandpa Toren. She was a sweetheart really. She simply had a wicked sense of humor. If someone wanted to try and cheat her at chess or darts, ok no big deal. As long as they understood, she was willing to cheat back.

Myrddin and Cai spent most of their time during their visits to the house with Toren. Rhias youngest boys didnt seem to have the close relationship with Kalanas boys as the other twins did. They sort of drifted apart after they grew up.

Toren really did develop a love for music in his old age. Im not really sure what brought it on, but I guess even old timers can learn new tricks.

When I say the twins were at the main house a lot, Im not joking. I think at times Kalana and Aiden must have felt like they had eight kids instead of two. But Ill tell you, that you never heard Toren or Tristen complaining they were there. They loved doting on the grandkids.

And before anyone was ready Atticus and Athan were young men. And once again it was time for the council to choose a leader. They had a tough choice. After all both boys could very easily have carried the family into the future. Atticus had never had trouble making friends be they human or beast, and he had certainly inherited his parents fiery ambitious spirit. He was also a child prodigy who excelled in the math and sciences. Hed already built an entire set of gadgets before he was 16. There was no telling how many more inventions hed make.

And then there was carefree Athan. Life just seemed to roll of this kids shouldersthe rules never seemed to bother him. He could always find a way to get a job done without panicking. If something went wrong, well okay...well all take a deep breath and figure it out together. Lifes too short to spend it worrying. He was soft-spoken like his grandmother Tristen, and had inherited her green thumb. He could make anything green grow. And even if he wasnt a geniushe still had a good head on his shoulders.

So whos it officially going to be readers? Atticus or Athan? I think Atticus may be upset if he loses, but hell get over it eventually. LOL.

Oh and everyone see Neveah thereshes the green one. I actually put her in a bachelorette challenge because I couldnt find her a decent mate in college. Edith wants to marry off those 6 kids off hers, so that means Rykers grand-daughter had to find a husband. So Ill be sharing a bit of side-project next. And then well get back into the main legacy and you can see what happened when generation eight took over.

Believe it or not, college was actually really boring for generation seven. I didnt take many pictures. This was literally the only interesting thing that happened. Cai nearly burned the dorm down. So well be skipping college. Dont worry Atticus and Athan have something else they did instead.