Testing Process…

Testing Means…
• We Evaluate the Product • We Ensure for Quality • We Certify, that it is “BUG FREE” Product.

Process Flow…
Development In progress

Kick Off Meet (DT, PT, CM, IT, Compliance)

Preparation of Test Plan/Test Case

Handoff from DT to Testing

Code Transfer to a SIT Or in CD By CM

Mail from CM Once the Code Is Transferred Testing in progress

Defect Identification & Logging

Shipment or Signoff

Post Shipment Review Meeting

Testing Starts with…
• Preparation Test Strategy • Arriving at a Test Plan • Knowledge Transfer (KT) from Functional Experts • Preparing the Test Cases • Setting up the Test Environment
– URL/ Login Id’s/ Defect Management Tool

What does a Test Plan contain?
• • • • • • • • • Target Audience Objective of the document References Scope of Testing – No of Pass Deliverables Exit Criteria/Sign-off Resources/Roles and responsibilities Defect Reporting Testing Schedule

Writing of Test Cases
BR – Business Requirements FS – Function Specifications

Clarification Document??

Functional Points

Test Condition

Test Cases

Test Scripts or Test Steps

Test Case Template
Sl.No Test Case ID 1 Test Case Description Enter an Invalid ID or Password Expected Result System should not accept invalid ID & Password Actual Result Pass Fail 1

To Accept Testing of project…
• Sufficient Time & Resources should be provided for testing, as stated in the Test Plan • Test Plan Approved by the PM • Unit Test Cases from the DT • Free Flow test ensured from DT • Proper Environment Setup & Support • Code Transfer through CM • Handoff from DT

What do we achieve by Following Process?
• Will be able to deliver a “Quality” Product , on “Time” • Will be helpful at time of Audits

Are we Following??

Thank You.

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