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-A study

What are moral values?

Moral values are the standards of good

and evil, which govern an individuals behaviour and choices.

Sense of Morality
Distinguish right from wrong (cognitive component) Prepare to act accordingly (behavioural component) How we feel about it (affective component)

What to do and what not to do

WHAT is right & WHAT is wrong? WHAT is desirable & WHAT is undesirable?

Most importantly

WHY this is right and that is wrong

How to gain moral values?

Moral values derive from ones own self.

In the war of temptation between heart and mind, always , heart should win when concerned with others and mind should win when concerned with self.

Religion is another source of moral values

Most religions have built-in lists of dos and donts, a

set of codes by which its adherents should live. Morality & Spirituality Moral and spiritual values are different from each other, at the same time there are similarities too. Spiritual values are limited to the individual himself. Where others are involved, they become moral values.

Moral Development in children

The process by which children acquire society's

standards of what is right and wrong.

How to develop moral values in children

From teachers and parents Clarify which behaviors are acceptable and which are not Engage children in discussion about moral issues Help children to understand a friends emotional feelings Help children to understand others perspectives
Interaction with peers

Moral values & society

The importance of moral values lies in the fact that they regulate an individual's life and conduct from the innermost levels of his personality.
Moral strength helps an individual to manifest love,

selflessness, peace and happiness. The same moral force begets in society values like liberty, fraternity, non-violence and justice

Moral values & current society

The current society lacks many moral values like

Honesty Respecting each other Justice Non-violence

Most of the issues in the society is due to the lack of these moral values. A solution to these problems is-

Character Development

Character Development
What is good character? Honesty & truthfulness Responsibility Courage
What causes or prevents good character Heredity Early childhood experience Modeling by important adults & older youth Peer influence General physical and social environment

Character Development
How can good character be developed? Supportive adult-child relationship Think about and discuss moral issues Exposure to societal values Experiences that promotes understanding of others
Effective communication and sharing of values among

families, schools, communities.




1) There was a little boy, Ram who thought it would be

fun to play with his fathers pen and ink-bottle. While playing with the pen, he made a little blot on the tablecloth
2) There was a little boy, Shyam who noticed his fathers

pen was empty. He thought of filling the pen with ink so as to help his father, but while he was opening the bottle, he made a big blot on the tablecloth.

Who do you think, is having more moral values?

Ram or Shyam?

A woman was nearing death from a special kind of cancer. There was one drug that the doctors thought might save her. The drug was expensive to make, but the druggist was charging ten times what the drug cost him to make. The womans husband went to everyone he knew to borrow money, but could only get half the cost of the drug. The druggist refused to sell for less, and the man couldnt get a loan. Should the husband steal the drug?

?If the husband steals the drug, who do you

think, is having more moral values the husband or the druggist?


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