Need of wearable biosensors  Introduction  What is a biosensor ?  Properties of biosensor  Wearable biosensors: 1. Ring sensor 2. Smart shirt  Conclusion  References

 training support for athelete.  tracking of professional truck driver’s vital signs to alert them of fatigue. .  monitoring of individuals who work with hazardous elements. remote monitoring of patients.

. Use of wearable monitoring devices allow continuous monitoring of physiological signals.  Wearable systems are totally non-obtrusive devices that allow physicians to overcome the limitations of ambulatory technology.  detects events predictive of possible worsening of the patient’s clinical situations.

.A biosensor is a device for the detection of an analyte that combines a biological component with a physio-chemical detector component.

Signal processor.Consists of 3 parts: 1. Physiochemical component. Biological component 2. . 3.


size of the top board is 0.Fig 1.8 x 0. . Fig 2.  works on the principle of plethysmogram and pulse oximetry. ring sensor weared on a finger.8 inch. photograph of ring sensor.

 First stage amplifier. Micro processor(inside)  Signal Conditioner.  Sample and Hold circuit. . LED’s and Photodiodes. LED’S and photodiodes. Battery Transmitter  Software for the microprocessor on the ring.  Software for the host computer.  CPU.  RF Transmitter.



 Continous monitoring. .  Initial cost is high.  Reducing hospitalization fee.  Limited number of physiological parameters can be monitored.  Easy to use.

Fig. . Smart Shirt System.



. Easy to wear and take off.  Initial cost is high.  Continous monitoring.  Battery life is less.

 Certain individuals are susceptible to anaphylaxis reaction (an allergic reaction) when stung by a bee or spider and need a shot of adrenaline immediately to prevent further fatalities. Smart shirt technology opens up existing opportunities to develop adaptive & responsive systems that can think & act based on the user conditions stimuli & environment. . by applying advancements in MEMS(Micro-Electrochemical systems) technology we can achieve that.  The Smarts shirt’s delta acquisition capabilities can be used to detect the condition when an individual is lapsing into a diabetic shock and this integrated feedback mechanism can provide the appropriate response to prevent a fatality.

 Just as special-purpose chips and processors can be plugged into a computer motherboard to obtain the the required information processing capability.It is anticipated that the smart shirt will bring personalized & affordable healthcare monitoring to the population at large. the smart shirt is an information infrastructure in which the wearer can “plug in” the desired sensors and devices.  Just as the spreadsheet pioneered the field of information processing that brought “computing to the masses”. thereby creating a system for monitoring vital signs in an efficient and cost effective manner with a “universal” interface of clothing. .

handbook of biomedical instrumentation.wikipedia.Neumann. June-03  R.html  http://en.”Enhancing the quality of life through wearable technology”.com/smartshirt. 725-755  http://www. 22.sensatex.org/wiki/Biosensor .”Biomedical Sensors” . Park and Jayaraman.page.vol.

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