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Prep. by:

Manoj Sharma

World of Fortis Healthcare Ltd…

“To create a world-class integrated healthcare delivery system, entailing the finest medical skills combined with compassionate patient care”

-Late Dr. Parvinder Singh

Founder Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Ltd.


Salient features: • • • • • • • • • • • • Sprawling campus spread over 5 acres 154 bedded Super Specialty facility Largest number of critical care beds in the region 2 Multi specialty OT’s 2 Cardiac OT’s 2 Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Siemens) Minor OT Advanced Diagnostic Centre Dialysis Centre Heart Command Centre SICU Mammography Unit .

• Building brand image • Revenue generation . The area where there is scarcity of good healthcare facilities. The main aims of Outreach OPD are discuss below: With respect to Hospital:• Conversion of remote area people to you hospital. These patients are followed up to ensure that they complete their prescribed treatment What is Outreach OPD? The OPD which is located outside your personal clinic or hospital in outreach and remote areas is called outreach OPD. • Covering large catchment area. there is better scope of hospitals who can give services to patients at their door steps without charging extra.Outreach OPD What is OPD? The General OPD clinic treats patients with basic ailments and refers those with more complicated problems to diagnostic centers and the government hospitals.

Continued… Current Outreach OPD of Fortis Escorts. PIMPS Ferozpur – Muni lal Charitable dispensary Bikhiwind – Dhawan Hospital Ludhiana – Oxford Hospital Pathankot – Balaji Nursing Home Amritsar(Proposed) – Rani ka Bagh . Amritsar Jammu – Personal OPD Jalandhar – Central Hospital.

Reporting of Outreach OPD 5. Conversion tracking of Outreach OPD 6. Advertisement and branding of Outreach OPD . Potential of Outreach OPD 3. Logistics Involved 4.Lifecycle of Outreach OPD 1. Identify the need of Outreach OPD 2.

•To generate the revenue for hospital and develop our business. •To receive feedback from the patients regarding their satisfaction with our treatment. .Research Methodology Objective of study •To develops our outreach OPD so as to provide super specialist treatment facilities to the patients who are at distant places and towns and are unable to reach the hospital. Scope of the study is unlimited because expanding the services and the area of operation will continue yielding more and more revenue.

Questionnaire. Database Analyze the information: use of Graph. Delight card Methods of data collection: Secondary and Primary . Multi Scale Present the findings Make the Decision Instrument used: Internet.• • • • • • • • Define the problem and Research Objectives Develop the research plan: Exploratory Research Sources of Data Collection: Survey.

P Singh in Pathankot on 2-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr. H.K Bhagat in Jallandhar on 10-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr.Deepak Kapila in Bhikhiwind on 9-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr. Mohit Arora in Jammu on 25-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr. Mohit Arora in Ferozpur on 29-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr. Rajiv Gupta in Jallandhar Detail of OPD of Dr.Mohit Arora in Ferozpur on 15-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr. Mohit Arora in Jammu on 7-July-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr.S. Deepak Kapila in Bhikhiwind on30-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr.Data Analysis and Interpretation Detail of OPD of Dr. Mohit Arora in Ferozpur on 13-July-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr. H. Mohit Arora in Jammu on 14-July-2011 .P Singh in Pathankot on 2-June-2011 Detail of OPD of Dr.

Percentage of awareness of services and specialties provided by Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar. . This is due to low branding of Fortis Escorts in remote areas. But they are not aware of multi-specialty services of Fortis Escorts. every patient has perception that Fortis Escorts as Heart Super-Specialist center. Yes No Interpretation: Research study reveals that more than half of patients are not aware about services and specialties provided by Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar. Jallandhar. they have to enhance brand image as multi-specialist. Especially in cities like Jammu. FEHA requires advertising themselves as multi-specialty medical center. Pathankot and Ferozpur have great potential but they need special attention in case of advertisement.

Each and every facility is enjoyed by older Patients as well.Rate the facilities offered by Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar. Super Specialist Outreach OPD . FEHA needs to review with the Patient security and their attitude towards ECHS patients. which spread their message through word of mouth.5 1 0. All the Doctors are masters and super-Specialist in their field and are rated excellent.5 3 2.5 2 1. overall Rate 4 3.5 0 overall Rate Patient Safety Policy Cashless Treatment for Interpretation: Upper study tells us that all the facilities are rated in excellent and good rating scale. well built infrastructure is also very much liked by Patients.

. More number of free camps should be organized so that it should be able to attract new patients and hence make outreach OPD more cemented in development of business of hospital. This is not very good sign because if you are not getting new patients then in future you have to face lot of difficulties more may face stiff competition from your competitor.Percentage of regular patient 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Yes No Interpretation: Study shows that Regular Patients are more in number as compare to new Patients in Outreach OPD. New patients are also very much necessary for development of Good OPD in remote area.

5 24 23. Amritsar. Higher ratio of Patients is from adjoining areas of Jammu. giving opportunity to build faith and creating positive brand image. Ferozpur.5 26 25. . Himachal Pradesh.5 23 Yes No Interpretation: Above study indicates that majority of patients who attended Outreach OPD belongs to remote areas. Outreach OPD is quite successful tool in attracting large no of patients from Remote areas thus contributing in Hospital‟s revenue.5 25 24. where there is absence of quality treatments. Pathankot.Portion of Patients living in remote area 26. Hence such a large portion of Patients belongs to remote area.

Patients who have got treatment from Fortis Escorts are seems very happy and their positive word-of-mouth helps hospital in attracting new Patients from remote areas. More than 95% of Patients are getting real benefit of Outreach OPD.Response in getting real benefit of outreach OPD Yes No Interpretation: Study based upon survey presents that only negligible number of Patients is not getting proper treatment in Outreach OPD. “Perfection is never achieved by human” but even satisfaction level Patients are quite higher which shows positive sign for future growth. more efforts are required to maintain this excellence. .

Positive word of mouth is most effective method of getting popularity of your product and expanding your business. Marketing and advertising wing has to work hard to make it more effective. Local Doctors .Various sources through which Patients come to know about this outreach OPD Score 25 20 15 10 5 0 Advertisem ent Personal Contact Word of mouth Interpretation: Conclusive study of above mentioned table tells us various sources through which Patients come to know about this outreach OPD. But very surprising factor of this research is that effect of advertisement is miniature in attracting Patients. Local Doctors are also guiding large number of Patients towards Fortis Escorts without getting any financial commission. so that advertisement also improves its effectiveness.

7 3.5 3.Rating of the most beneficiary elements of outreach OPD overal Rate 4 3.4 Place Time Super Specialist Cost Interpretation: With reference of Pie chart it is clearly observed that all the elements are excellently rated by Patients.8 3. Super Specialist and Cost are rated as excellent with high ratio.9 3. Place. this shows high satisfaction level among Patients.6 3. All these qualities. which shows that all qualities are highly enjoyed by needful Patients. All the Patients are highly satisfy and enjoying all the services in economical price at their own doorstep without wasting any time in traveling. Time. .

Ltd Bajaj Allianz Dedicated Healthcare Services (I) Pvt. Ltd (DHS) East West Medical Assist Raksha TPA SOS International TTK Healthcare Limited ACC LTD Airtel Service Pvt E-Meditek Family Health Plan Limited Genins India Pvt Ltd.List of Empanelled TPAs & Insurance Companies Asia Rescue Medical Services Alankit Healthcare Pvt. Medsave Healthcare Ltd Airport Authority of India Ambuja Cement American Express Bharti foundation Medi Assist TPA Paramount HealthCare Park Mediclaim Consultants Pvt Ltd. Birla Soft Castrol India Central Bank of India Central Warehouse Corporation .

Ltd. State Bank of India Tata Motors Tata McGraw Hill Wartsila India Limited Nestle India Pvt. Northern Railways Oriental Bank of Commerce Power Grid Corporation Ltd Punjab National Bank .List of Empanelled TPAs & Insurance Companies ECHS FCI(Punjab) Government of Punjab Hindustan Unilever IFFCO IOCL Kotak Mahindra Bank National Hydroelectric Power Corporation LTD Quatrro BPO Solution Pvt Ltd SITA Travels Pvt. Ltd.

5 3 2.K Bhagat Dr.P Singh Dr.5 1 0. Deepak Kapila are rated with excellent rating due to friendly behavior and sincere working. Deepak Kapila Interpretation: All the Doctors are rated in excellent and good rating. Dr.5 4 3. Rajeev Gupta is also rated Satisfied. Dr. S.Ratings of various super specialists on basis of Outreach OPD overal Rate 4.P Singh and Dr.5 2 1.K Bhagat is new and he is not so popular but even then he is rated as good. . Senior Medical Superident Dr. Mohit Arora Dr. All the Doctors are working hard and all are performing their duties with consistency. H. Mohit Arora is also very hard working and he also rated as excellent.5 0 Dr. H. S. Rajiv Gupta Dr. Dr.

. Amritsar. Due to quality driven values of Fortis Escorts and presence in Amritsar. PGI. Chandigarh and AIMS. Delhi is also giving stiff competition. Presence of quality treatment in this area makes it more prominent choice in minds of Patients of this Region. may be due to presence in distant area. make it first place of choice of Patients of this region.Most the suitable place and convient place for Patients Amritsar Chandigarh Jallandhar Delhi Bombay Interpretation: It is clearly approved from above chart that most of Patients want to get treatment from Fortis Escorts Hospital. Most of Patients from Jallandhar choose Jallandhar as convient place for treatment.

As compared with some local hospitals. . whereas Amandeep just cleared Satisfied and falls in good rating scale. EMC stands satisfied in rating scale. values and moral values Fortis Escorts stood excellent in rating. Escorts is only branded Medical institute in Punjab which also have branches internationally. Based on Quality. Amritsar.Comparison with Local Competitor’s Outreach OPD 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Fortis Escorts EMC group Excellent Good Satisfied Poor Worst Interpretation: In comparison with local competitors. Ethics. other two hospitals stand no where as compare with Fortis Escorts. Fortis stood more reliable as compared with other two.

This Outreach OPD program is contributing a lot in revenue generation of hospital. This Outreach OPD saves Time and Money as well as also removes distance and in addition to this they are getting super specialist services.Satisfaction level regarding outreach OPD Yes Hope Interpretation: Above figure reveals that 90% of total Patients on Outreach OPD are hardcore satisfied with performance of Outreach OPD. this most powerful tool to attract distant Patients and make edge over competitors. they think this OPD is blessing for them in doorstep. Majority of portion of Patients are highly satisfied with Outreach OPD. .

cashless treatment for insured and ECHS. Excelleent Good Poor Not Seen Interpretation: Pie chart revels that Fortis Escorts safeguard the interest of Patients and have positive brand image. . Well built infrastructure. Amritsar. Super-Specialty. Major portion of distant Patients have not seen Fortis Escorts Campus but even then they blindly faith on Doctors and enjoying services of Outreach OPD. This whole survey shows that majority of Patients like Outreach OPD of Fortis Escorts. lush green gardens. Amritsar.Rating on Fortis Escorts Hospital. Outreach OPD and professionalism makes Fortis as excellent in rating scale.

This will create perception of FEHA as only Heart specialty Hospital. Dr. Deepak Kapila and Mr. This OPD give coverance to many border area villages and town. But only problem is presence of only Cardio OPD. Most of patients came to hospital without hesitation and contribute into credit sales of the Hospital. which in turn creating brand positioning in the minds of people living in border area. this is because of BGSS( Bhai Gainia Seva Scheme) Empanelment.Findings OPD at Bhikhiwind Bhikhiwind OPD is very rich in terms of conversion rate. . Atul Sharma is working hard in the region to make it more and more fruitful in future. The overall rating of this OPD is 7/10. there must be also other OPD also.

no doubt there is long list of ECHS patients. He is visiting many Local Doctors and Government Doctors. so they are working hard.OPD at Jammu Jammu OPD is also very rich in terms of conversion rate. There is proper branding and advertisement is going on in Jammu. We are providing only Urologist and Oncologist to the people of Jallandhar. The conversion rate is quite slow because of newly introduction of OPD. Many Camp (Free OPD) are organized in Jallandhar regarding Urology problems. There is always large number of patients in Jammu‟s OPD every time. There is absence of cash patients. Hospital is providing Cardio. Ortho and Oncology services at OPD at Jammu. Mr. FEHA‟s OPD in both the places are new. The best part is presence of multi-specialty OPD. OPD at Jallandhar & Ludhiana Jallandhar and Ludhiana both are very competitive in nature because of presence of numerous Hospitals in that region. Jammu is very rich in ECHS patients and most of them are from Armed forces. Rajiv Verma is working hard to attract more and more patients from Jammu region. The overall rating of this OPD is 3/10. Brijesh Bist is working hard to get proper place in Jallandhan„s Medical Market.5/10. Newly appointed Mr. The overall rating of this OPD is 6. .

. There multi-specialty services are missed there. The overall rating of this OPD is 5. The overall rating of this OPD is 7/10. There was not a single banner and board in hospital.P Singh‟s patients. all the conditions are against you. There is always long list of Dr. H. not even single Logo of FEHA was there.P Singh. We have tried hard in Ferozpur. but people must know about all services provided by FEHA. Position of Ortho OPD is little bit better than Gastro OPD. But shocking thing was absence of advertisement and branding of FEHA in Ferozpur. OPD at Pathankot There is one and only one Cardio OPD of FEHA in whole of Pathankot of Dr.P Singh performance. But surprise to see not even single advertisement and branding in Pathankot. H. OPD host(Munilal Charitable Dispensary) is not allowing FEHA to organizing OPD there.5/10. We are working hard in Pathankot . H.OPD at Ferozpur The condition of Ferozpur OPD is very poor in every respect. Now there is biggest challenge in the Ferozpur to continue with OPD in future. some times there was no Gastro Patients in OPD so doctor has to come back without checking a single patient. There must be some other specialty there. not even a single banner or board was present there. These patients are very loyal and highly satisfied with Dr.

this means we are able to choose Perfect situation for Outreach OPD. they will get Proper treatment from Outreach OPD of Fortis Escorts. •Almost every patient thinks. •Every time there is optimal growth in new patients which show increment in patients and helps us in creating healthier brand.Regarding Satisfaction of Patients •Patients of Outreach OPD of FEHA are highly satisfied. •All the patients enjoyed following facilities: Place Time Super Specialty Cost Effective •All patients are satisfied with time saving. •Major portion of Patients thought place of Outreach OPD is suitable to them. This is due to strong faith in brand of Fortis and positive word-of-mouth. •Majority of outreach Patients belongs to Remote area which shows we are able to attracting such patients who really need Quality treatment. .

as we compare fare and expenditure of traveling is saved every time. •Almost each and every Outreach Patients are really satisfied with outreach OPD. •Local doctors are guiding many patients towards our OPD. as all doctors are highly experienced and master their fields. wordof-mouth of older patients and personal contacts. •Most of Outreach patients came to know about from Local Doctors. •Most of Outreach Patients are not aware of services and specialties offered by FEHA. so cordial relationship should be maintained with them.•All patients rate super Specialist as excellent. but quite helpful in attracting patients in camps (Free OPD). •All the patients are interested and willing to go for investigation and treatment to FEHA. •Advertisement is not so useful source to attract new patients. •More than half of patients who came to FHA are have insurance cover. Positive word of mouth also put Good impact on Outreach OPD •Reminder calls play important roles in collecting more patients. . •All patients think that Outreach OPD is Cost effective.

Pathankot and Jammu. similarly Outreach OPD provides services to adjoining area such as Bhikhiwind. These Outreach OPDs also provide competitive edge over your competitors locally and in distant areas. Outreach OPD is just Mobile Unit which works at predetermined places and attracting new patients for the hospital and thus contributing in generating revenue for hospital. Outreach OPD acts like Distributaries Canal which provides water to various distant areas. This not only helps in generating revenue but also helpful branding and hence improves brand positioning among Outreach patients. . During whole research study I have learned how to develop a fruitful Outreach OPD. Ferozpur.Conclusion Positioning of Outreach OPD in business development plays vital role. One thing is clear local support is must for smooth functioning in Outreach OPD. Jallandhar.

I have learnt many new things list below:Public Relation Competitor‟s Analysis Advertisement Branding Promotion Event management Reporting . I also got help from other officials as well and build a strong foundation of corporate life.Learning Experience. Nelson Prabhakaran. Marketing Manager was main Guru of my Summer Training. Beside my core project of Outreach OPD . “Take a dip in chilled water and then come out quickly. such was experience while working in hospital with professionals. Mr. but eagerly to go again”.

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