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By:- Santosh kumar singh Roll no-1012270137

Under the esteem guidance of Miss Karishma seth Mr.R.Kumar Faculty Personal Manager S.R.M.C.E.M Bata India Ltd.

At the outset I would like to thank entire Management Department of S.R.M.C.E.M,for helping and providing all the necessary support throughout the course of the project. I have benefited a lot from this project during the course of management.This project has been a rewarding knowledge ,I have got into the various aspect of Bata India Ltd.Bataganj,patna by analyzing various information sources in it. I am especially thankful to the management of Bata India Ltd,Bataganj unit for providing me the opportunity for doing this in their prestigious organization I take this opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of those people who helped me in successful completion of this project report .i express my gratitude and sincere thanks to Mr. Rishikesh kumar(personnel manager),Mr.P.R.RAO(Asst. welfare officer),Bata patna to prepare this report.

A student learn that how a manager works in an organization.From internship M.which type of problem they face in an organization . As a student of management I have also learned which type of structure is there.which type of work manager has to perform.Internship teaches us how a person should work in organization .B.i have done internship on the topic LABOUR WELFARE that has given me the good experience.A from any organization.How he handles the work.It also gives us practical exposure and better understanding and meaning of subject. .Doing internship on any project that is the part of formal experience of any student who is pursuing different officers perform different type of job.B.

Quality policy Concept of labour welfare Welfare facilities bata india limited Observations and findings Suggestion and conclusions .Mission.       Introduction Organisational profile Vision.

  Purpose-the purpose of selecting this topic is to know . .In bataganj unit 1158 employees are working .man(workers)are the only living assets of the manufacturing unt depends largely on the quality and psychological status of its employees .about the various labours welfare facilities provided by Bata India Ltd.industrial or commercial.out of the four M’s required for production i.whether big or small .e man.material.It has a high level manufacturing unit and highly a labour intensive unit in India Rational behind the study-Labour is one of the principle factor of production in all kinds of establishment .organized .To give them their due wages along with certain employment benefits and to present exploitation of labours by the employees. To its employees .machine.unorganized.therefore it is necessary to ensure job security and satisfaction to the labours .money.

organization and other related person in the organization etc.or what I normally expected on the part of the contracted benefits for which workers may have trained .saintary and medical facilities. Scope of study:-employees welfare include anythings done for intellectual physical morale and economic betterment of the workers.employee’s welfare services should mean such services facilities and amenities as adequate canteen . To find out the suggestion made by the employees to improve welfare activities. Finding of the study may be valuable to manager .whether . Labour’s welfare includes statutory as well as nonstatutory activity for physical and mental development of employees both as a compensation for wear and tera .rest and recreational facilities . arrangement for transportation and facilities including social security measure which contribute to conditions under which workers are employed.labour .  .it is also to ascertain the impact of the welfare schemes on the production and the working environment of the establishment.B. The core objective of the study is concerned with the analysis of the welfare schemes presently being provided in Bata India Ltd. Thus this is an effort to analyze the measure taken by Bata India Ltd.Bataganj for labour welfare and its effectiveness.Bataganj and how many workers have been benefited by such schemes.A To find out the activities for the labour welfare in Bata India employeers or by government or by other agencies over and over what is laid by law . Objective:-To submit the project report in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of M.Besides this objective .

Due to personal reason many employees did not came out with views and co-operated in filling the questionnaire. Limitation :-the topic of project handled by me was very lenghty but demanding one for the time being. thee sample site has to be reduced because there were over 1158 employees working.there were some limitation attach to it such as:The scope of study was very vast but it was limited due to time constraints. .Although it was an interesting one.

annual report .patna for the labour welfare and to avoid feedback/suggestions from the workers side may be obtained from thee primary as well as secondary sources of data.   Methodology:-The methodology applied in carrying out this project study for getting the feedback of the employees in the Bata India Ltd.managers and supervision of the company.Bataganj .union. thee information regarding the steps taken by Bata india Ltd.both and other officials staff circulars staff circulars members of the organization. Secondary sources:-The secondary sources such as journals. Primary sources:-The data gathering/collection from the interviews of the random sample of workers in the organization. Is questionnaire and observation.. .

he wanted to enhance the business throughout the world.of india its name was changed at Bata India ltd.By the end of 1932 he established 29 Companies all over the world (before 1923 it was known bata shoe pvt. Ltd.he found a good market for his own factory in these countries.). Ltd. In 1973 .)which is one of the top shoe manufacturing concerns in the world was established in 1884 at zelim in czechoslovakia by thomas Bata in 1990 .there is hardly any town where you won’t get any shop of Bata India. .pvt. of the country .and England and saw great scope of rising .co.Germeny. become one of the eight largest co.Bata co. Bata shoes company os a multinational organization (Bata shoe co.he visited Amercia.however at the instance of govt.

Mission  To provide products and services of exceptional values.  To create long term relationship  To achieve excellence in business through continual To be the number one in footwear production around the globe. Quality policy “Remember that there is no limit for the improvement of quality.  To assume leadership in business through proactive customer services.” .  To perform beyond customer expectations.

Thomas bata decided to produces shoes in india and this proved to be fruitful . Also India the raw material and labour cost appeared cheap in comparison to Zlin and this leaded to the setup of the manufacturing factory in india.calcutta present kolkata with Mr.Bata Nagar is situation at about 20 kms .The Bata shoes was made at Zelin and was therefore costly.Bata therefore decided to prepare shoes at a local basis so they may cost cheap as similar to the local over. . so.America and Chinese made local shoes . Ltd. Thomas bata came to india on 19th feb 1925 with the objective to arrange supply of raw rubber .By 1939 Bata Nagar become self sufficient with respect to its production activity.south of calcutta in 1934 . quisre shoes were costly in comparision to cheap Britisa.raw and semi processed leather to his huge shoe manufacturing complex at zelin. Purchase 153 acres of land and the construction was completed by 1935.In 1928 a bata shop was started at kpnnargarh in the district of hooghly .Bata shoes co. pvt.

the management after being impressed by their skills in chappal making. Since most of the workers at batanagar were from bihar and they used to visite homes in masses during the harvest season.the management of bata to have a facctorry near patna . shoes industries has been an industries mostly for cobblers.Another favorable factor was the fact thhat the company got both order for supplying military shoes .This type of temporary migration had effect on the production at batanagar factory .mostly to meet the requirement of indian army .patna on the patna.danapur road .set up Bataganj factory in 1942. .But subsequently it started production for civilian also.there labour was cheap and most of the workers hailed from adjecent it was decided to construct a factory at digha. The cobblers working with chinese shoees marrkers at calcutta reequested thee management of bata to have a factory near patna.

4 km further west.factory Nabagerbad 45 cobbler and craftsman who had come away from kolkata in the war of jobless bombing during the early of the world war 2nd . on its northern flank.   Location:-12 km west of patna collector on old patna danapur road.The financial production was for the army cantonment location at danapur .5 Acers. Area :15. Started on:-5th may 1942 at present “White pillars” which is used to the Durbar Hall of the Raja of chainpur. .e. The old influence of the river Sone and Ganga is behind Bataganj i.

      Cost and efficiency Department Production Department Purchase Department Accounts Department Supply and Transport Department Personnel department .

" . In the Report II of the ILO Asian Regional conference. over and above what is laid down by law or what is normally expected as per of the contractual benefits for which the workers may have bargained. facilities and amenities." The Labour Investigation committee (1944-46) includes under labour welfare activities "anything done for the intellectual. moral and economic betterment of the workers. though no single definition has found universal acceptance. it has been stated that worker's welfare may be understood to mean "such services. enjoyment of health and prosperity". physical. by government or by other agencies. working and sometimes living and cultural conditions of employees beyond what is required by law. the customs of the industry and the condition of market". The Encyclopedia of Social Science defines it as "the voluntary efforts of the employers to establish. within the existing industrial system. Freedom from calamity. Labour welfare has been defined in various ways. which may be established outside or in the vicinity of undertakings. The Oxford dictionary defines labour welfare as "Efforts to make life worth living for workmen. to enable the persons employed therein to perform their work in healthy and congenial surroundings and to provide them with the amenities conducive to good health and high morale. whether by employers." Chambers dictionary defines welfare as "A state of faring or doing well.

Welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high so as to retain the employees for longer duration.Labour welfare entails all those activities of employer. The welfare measures need not be in monetary terms only but in any kind/forms. Welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages. accident and unemployment for the workers and their families. industrial relations and insurance against disease. Employee welfare includes monitoring of working conditions. which are directed towards providing the employees with certain facilities and services in addition to wages or salaries . creation of industrial harmony through infrastructure for health.

Sound industrial relations can only be based on human relations and good human relations dictate that labour being. The basic needs of a labour are freedom from fear. An environment where he is contended with his job. In any industry good relations between the management and workers depend upon the degree of mutual confidence. assured of a bright future and provided with his basic needs in life means an atmosphere of good working condition and satisfaction to labour. the cumulative effect of which is to grease the wheels of industry and society. This is possible only when labour is given due importance and human element is taken into account at every stage. Labour welfare Activities is combinations of various steps. better health. which can be established. fair dealing and concern for the human beings physical and social needs. it would make a great contribution to the prosperity of the organization. The human heart harbors secret pride and invariably responds to courtesy and kindness just as it revolts to tyranny and fear. This can only be achieved through satisfaction of the labour as the worker feels that he is an active participant in the production process. Labour welfare activities are based on the plea that higher productivity requires more than modern machinery and hard work. This. It requires co-operative endeavor of both the parties. security of employment and freedom from want. in turn. If rightly directed and fully used. The worker has a fund of knowledge and experience at his job. Adequate food. and he does at most for increasing the production and its productivity. clothing and housing are human requirements. labour and management. human being should be treated humanly which includes respect for labour dignity. depends upon the recognition by the labour of the goodwill and integrity of the organization in the day to day handling of questions which are of mutual concern. .

Working conditions of organization may be led by an artificial environment which features are dust. co-operative. fumes. unhealthy temperature. canteens. The welfare activities are done to minimize the hazardous effect on the life of the workers and their family members. play grounds etc. give more real wages and foster better industrial relations . The object of welfare activities is to promote economic development by increasing production and productivity. Improving the efficiency of the labour is another objective of labour welfare activities. stores. supplement their wages in monetary teams. one in the form of increased production and the other in the shape of higher wages due to achievement of higher productivity. etc. Efficiency gives double reward. The underlying principle is to make the workers given their loyal services ungrudgingly in genuine spirit of co-operation. The next objective of welfare activities is to add in a real way to the low earning of the labour. it can be seen that they are guided by purposes of humanitarian and social justice. The facilities are provided to supplement the income of the workers by services such as housing. It is the duty of the employer to see these human needs. assure proper human conditions to the workers and their family members. the objective of activities are to promote greater efficiency of the workers. school. If welfare activities are viewed in this light. Another objective of welfare activities is to secure the labour proper human conditions of work and living. Thus. noise. medical assistance.


sec.Rest room and lunch rooms.sec48 Welfare officers.sec.44 First –aid facilities and appliances.49 .sec.sec.45 Canteens.sec.46 Shelters.      Facilities for Sitting.47 Creches.

Machinery Anti-pollution drive Self-development Distinguished Visitors Company picnic Help to hire-purchases counselling .             Medical facilities Housing facilities Educational facilities Recreational facilities Recognition Help to orphanages Liaison with Govt.

Bathrooms.4.6.white washing .Urinals.cleanliness. Working condition:-the main objective was to find out that what extent the workers of bata india Ltd.the following facilities aspect are examined:-1. .Lighting.under working condition .Air conditioning as information gathered from the labourers.8.5.Adequate Drinking water & washing facility.Bataganj are satisfied with the facilities provided by the company.7.most labours are satisfied with the facilities provided by the company.ventilation &controlling of temperature.3.2.

some are simply and few are less satisfied .The principle objective of this was to get reaction from the workers about the arrangement in the bata india minimize the casualty:most of the worker are highly satisfied .Fire fighting equipments and pump sets are included. .about provision or facilities availed by bata india ltd . Safety Provision:.Under safety provision .patna to cope with any movement in danger .Bataganj.

one room for patient with medical facilities and one ambulance for the emergency situation when need arises to send the patient to outer hospital. Medical Facilities:-I found that for emergency or for a regular check-up of bata.Trained persons for First-aid are available here during working hours.A free check-up facility is also provided for worker’s family.Also I found first – aid box in almost every work department. .It contain one qualified Doctor and some no’s of medical staff .Digha Factory a dispensary is situated on the factories main gate.

preparation cleanliness &hygienic environment .digha.It is capble of serving the total workers capacity. Entertainment Facilities .This is used as per the requirement of workers. Canteen Facilities:-A canteen of the large servicing capacity is available here.Room and Lunch Room Provisions:Finding on the issue of provision of the shelter or restroom at bata .   Shelter .this room is adequately & ventilated.only one restroom is of prescribed standard.Here foodstuffs are provided at a standard arte.

Working condition:-1. . 4. 2.picture are also fixed on the different places on exterior and interior of the work place.Some motivational messages . The no of toilets urinals should be increased and properly cleaned of frequent basis 3.Interiors of the workshop should be properly cleaned .The manufacturing place should be properly and timely cleaned.whit washed and appropriately painted.

 .Proper fencing of machinery where it lacks is to be done and checking for it is done on frequent basis.worker should be properly trained in his area of work .from chemical solution sprays.body skin etc.For to secure workers lift through any unforeseen circumstances or accident during the work medical facilities should be always ready &properly maintained.Safety Provision:-1.) 4.are provided goggles in appropriate no’s to prevent eyes. 3. 2.The workers who work on dusty and fumy environment (like in spray works etc.

of those workers who works in a dusty and funny environment and preventive and clinical measures should be taken for them.Counseling  .Medical Facilities:-1.A regular check-up of heart .Time to time analysis of effectiveness of medical services has to be done.workers with poor financial background are to be provided medical test.medicines etc.either free or in minimum rates.lungs etc. 2. 3. 4.

Proper cleaning and disinfecting work should be done on frequent basis inn a around canteen premises. 4. 3.The variety of food-articles should be increased.Quality of foodstuffs should be checked on time-to-time basis. 2.Canteen Facilities:-1.  . 5.non-veg food are also served as peer the workers demand. 6.Some more staff are required for the help in canteen’s work.Nets should protect windows so that fly proof status of canteen is maintained.

like spoirts.Entertainment .cultural etc.recreational activity.communication gap should be minimized. Labour-Management Relation:-on this issue I want to say that meeting should be arranged by the management time to time for the purpose of to knowing the view and ideas of the workers and also to communication management’s views or any other important decision etc.Entertainment and games facilities:-For the fitness of employees at physical &mental level appropriate arrangement is necessary. .

However in the changing socioeconomic environment there is imperative need to enhance the welfare facilitates to workers of industries who are backbone of the country.Almost all develop or developing countries are providing adequate facilities to the worker and their families to create smooth and better environment for the rapid growth of the industries . In the present industrial development era labour welfare is a wide topic having definite impact on the efficiency of the worker and production of an industry. .

Sub:A study of welfare facilities facilities at Bata India Ltd. Put(p)Mark against your choice Name: Designation: Department: Qualification: Years of Service .

Are you aware of all the welfare facilities which the organization is providing to its employees? YES…………. NO…………… CAN’T SAY……….Does the organization gives the facilities of first aid? 5. 2..Do you think that the welfare facilities given by organization enhance the productivity level of the employees? 3.Does the organization providing you some refreshment facilities during the working hours? 4.1.Does the organization providing you the facilities for transportation? .Are you satisfied by the welfare facilities provided by the organization? 6.

Does the organization providing you conductive environment in which you can work comfortably? 8.The welfare facilities provided by this organization is better than the other similar organization? 12.7.Does the organization canteens providing you hygiene with reasonable rates? .Does the organization gives you township /housing facilities? 11.Does the organization provides you thee medical facilities if needed? 10.Does the organization provides you entertainment or receration facilities time to time? 9.

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