Mobile Marketing

• Mobile Users = 3 * E-Mail Users • SMS is still the king of mobile marketing. • Mobile Marketing is the youth marketing. The Mobile Services (paid digital content)
• Logo • Ring Tone, Phone Tag • Wall Paper • Games & Gambling • eWallets (Micro-Payment Tools) • Etc.

Innovation : M-Commerce & L-Commerce

What Do Asian Mobile Phone Users Want, Have ?
Interested in Using 48% 45% 44% 42% 40% 38% 33% 32% 32% 31% 29% 28% 21% 21% 20% 20% 20% 18% 9% Currently in Using 3% 3% 2% 7% 0% 12% 0% 20% 5% 17% 13% 2% 16% 3% 35% 7% 4% 52% 76%


Download/play music E-mail attachment capability Send/receive music/video LBS Video conferencing/phone Send/receive photos Watch real time TV Search Yellow Pages/directories Subscribe to mobile coupons Browse Internet Subscribe to news/notices Mobile wallet/payment Download/play games Shop Download logos/characters IM or chatmail Online banking/stock Download ringtones SMS

Global Telecom Business
• • • • Fix-line internet had been tremendously growth in 90s Mobile subscriber is sky rocking since ’96 Mobile subscriber already surpassed the fix-line now Expecting mobile internet to exceed fix-line internet in few years time

Advanced User

Multi-purposes with Multimedia Interaction e.g. TV interactive, Radio Interactive, and etc Mutimedia with camera become common function



Basic User

Color Screen & Internet Ready


2006 onward

Mobile Internet


Interactive with TV and Radio are integrated with next generation mobile

GPRS and mobile internet. People use it for browsing internet, content download, e-mail and www site


Basic Voice

People start using SMS and enjoy its content

< 2004





SMS Advertising
Media Return to Purchase Rate 3.3%

• 70% of mobile user tried SMS • SMS had become standard way of interactive

TV Channel



Direct Marketing


Mobile Network



Source: WTS

Why SMS not e-mail
• New & Trendy • Personal & Engaging • Speed & Reliability • Accessibility (anywhere anytime, not at pc only) • Wider audience than email • Ability for recipient to instantly call back sender



Mobile Pay, My Coke

iv ct ne a i r ch to a ra m pe ing O d 2. en V

e at



3. Consumer receives the product.

3 C .M C rad ach ca ase it in rd o av e c f u ail h si ab ec ng ili ks a ty i th cr n e ad it

2. Bluetooth-enabled Mobile phone Connects directly to A vending machine

1. Call to a premium Rate number

1. Special credit, payment card Issued by A financial institution

Push/Alert Function for Mobile Service
Web server Content 1. Use the fixed internet to set a predefined trigger 2. Content releases the trigger

3. Content is pushed to a mobile terminal.

Multichannel Advertising Model
Content Consumer
1. Consumer sends an sms to the advertised number SMS/MMS Server

2. In return,he/she receives online settings for a mobile portal site

SMS/MMS Game Formular: Fastest, Maximum & Random

Interactive Media with Barcode

Access Personal WAP page
Internet Web Site

Mobile Network

Mobile WAP Site

Access VDO clip

ตัวอย่างละคร และ หาคู่

Mobile Marketing
Moblie Services
• SMS • Ring Tone • Logo & Picture Message • Screen Saver • eWallet

Moby Language
• RU OK 4 2Nite ? • CUL8r • UR my D l8est friend. • THANX 4 GR8 Party.

NTT Docomo
Mobile Portal : 2x,xxx Mobile Apps (News, eCommerce, Game & Gambling) NTT Docomo Mobile App. Developer


• M-Commerce (Coke Buying) • L-Commerce (Where is Coke ?)

E-Mail + Mobile

(Realtime email)

E-mail for Old User. MSN for Teen User.(m-gen)

3 Tools eMarketing Environment
Push & Pull Marketing
Brand Identity Banner Ad. Sponsors Free D/L
E-book, E-Doc, E-Catalog, etc.

Promote by Traditional Media, Web, e-mail, etc.

Permission Opt-in/Opt-out

• Call Back • Repurchasing • 1To1 Web/e-mail Mkt. • CRM • etc.

Free Services
News, Article, etc. • Sell & Promotion • Search • Paid content & services • Marketing Research • etc.

Pull Push


• Newsletter • Direct Mail • E-promotion • etc.



• Viral SMS Marketing • Web Promotion • Paid Mobile Content • Alert Services (UBC) • etc.

Services Integration • Mail Services. (read, write, alert, etc.) Content : Logo, Ring-tone, Game Services : Internet (WAP, GPRS), e-wallet, SMS

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