*VAS Marketing Plan

Duration: July 2011 - Dec 2012 Team Zaki, Abid, & Faiq

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Sending e-mail to Corporation

(PIA, Steel Mills, WAPDA, PTCL, etc.)

Follow-up call Setup 1st VAS meeting with Presentation Convince them to have Presentation / Demo. Follow-up


Value Added Services

House Building Finance Company Ltd (HBFCL)

Presentation by: Zaki, Faiq, & Abid

*Vision *Mission *Core Values *About us *Company Profile *Market Insights *Customer Value Proposition *Value Added Services *Q&A


To be the prime housing finance institution of the country, providing affordable housing solutions to low and middle income groups of population by encouraging new

constructions in small & medium
housing (SMH) sector

To be a socially responsible and commercially sustainable housing finance institution

• Integrity • Customer Focus

• Commitment to Excellence & Innovation

* HBFCL Corporatized on July 25, 2007, is now an unlisted public company. * Government of Pakistan & State Bank jointly hold the capital of HBFCL.

* HBFCL is the oldest housing finance institutions in the Asia-Pacific region
* HBFCL provides financing facilities for construction, reconstruction,
renovation and purchase of houses

* Its deep rooted and national foot print of twelve Zonal offices, fifty eight
Branches, fifteen Representative offices, four Camp offices, three Regional

offices, and the Head Office based in Karachi.

* Over the years we have developed and offered housing finance products
based on the needs of our clientele

* A housing portfolio of Rs.14.6 billion * Successful recoveries of Rs.64 billion * HBFCL financed 456,256 units for Rs.47.82 billion * Company is handling over 77,666 operative accounts * A work force comprising of 951 officers and support staff * Operates throughout Pakistan including Azad Kashmir & North * The Registered office of the Company is situated at Finance &
Trade Centre Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

* HBFCL has focused on providing house financing for the
housing needs of the lower & middle income socio economic sector

Great brand image, superior customer service

Low bond credit ratings

and high customer satisfaction
Strong presence through out the country Traditionally associate with housing needs Well capitalized

An increased number of NPL.
Legacy operating system Non-continuity of policy Inflation and economy collapse

Most experience in the field

High interest rates

8.7 million housing shortage back log 0.5 million increased in housing shortage annually Recent flood destruction causing immense demand in the housing sector

Facing strong competition by large and merged banks to sustain its market share Political influence on loans Depressed real estate sector Global recession & economic estate. War zone scenario

*In our country constructing a house is a difficult challenge *HBFC has inherited expertise in housing sector *HBFC is offering a complete solution with the concept of
“One Window Shop”

*Value Added Services (VAS) an integral part of the operations

* Unreliable property market due to forge documents
* Multiple owners with fake documents (Kabza group)

* Fraudulent contractors at large
* Mismanage time and cost during completion

* Menace of inferior quality building material
* Low grade iron, cement, and raw material

* Beehive of lawyers (black panther)
* Ready to tear apart public in legal paper work

* Extraneous factors including financial management
* Project goes over budget with high rate of inflation

*Goals of VAS

1. 2. 3.
Providing consultation in real estate


Allocate country-wide panel of property dealers (Guidelines)

Recommendation for reliable construction


Team of Architecture and Interior designer (completeness)

Arranging suitable contractor


Trusted group of professionals (reliability)


Ethical panel of lawyers


Providing assistance in legal paper work (genuineness )

*Channels of Communication
Customers will contact using various channels






*Thank you very much

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