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Development in


the Philippines about
250,000 to 300,000 years
ago. They arrived from
other countries through
1 the land bridges. They
had primitive economic
existence. More civilized
migrants came in later
time. The Spanish rule
introduced the tobacco
monopoly and galleon
trade fro the benefits of
2 top ranking Spanish
citizens. Similarly, the
Americans exploited our
agriculture economy.
Japan completely ruined
our economy.
The Philippine government got
its political independence in
1946, but not economic
independence from the United
States. The import control
3 program of President Carlos
Garcia gave a breathing space
for Filipino entrepreneurs.
However, this did not last. The
U.S. had its own way in
dominating the Philippine
Aquino as President.
Under her administration,
the engine of economic
development has been
4 assigned to the private
business sector. The
Ramos government has
sustained most of the
good programs of the
Aquino administration.
Poverty has remained a
serious problem in the
country. This has
spawned not a few social
5 problems like
unemployment, housing,
prostitution, robbery and
other allied social crimes,
many are squatters in
their own country.
and technical
assistance programs for
the poor who are
interested in putting up
6 their micro business.
Even some NGO’s are
actively involved in
entrepreneurial projects
for the poor.