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Dishwasher Vending Machine

Creative Design Corporation

Miss Nurul Zarirah Binti Nizam

Creative Design Corporation 2010

Executive summary
Creative Design Corporation is a new company that focuses on manufacturing and engineering field.

Creative Design Corporation is scheduled to begin operations on July 12, 2010. Creative Design Corporation appropriate products are used by all levels of society and focus on the manufacturing industry.

Target - manufacturing industry such as food court, canteen or caf in any place that seeks a solution on customers satisfaction or food management.

We predict our product will be used in school canteen and university caf first.
Marketing strategies distributing fliers and brochure, electronic media advertising and internet promotion.

Company background
Creative Design Corporation is located at IKS Bukit Katil, Melaka The main product of Creative Design Corporation is application product to be used in caf management in the manufacturing industry. We produce the product based on the problem arise in the manufacturing industry management and developed using customer idea and consult by us. We also provide service maintenance for the product that we developed.

Creative Design Corporation 2010







STRENGTH Strategic marketing for manufacturing industry.

Availability of other hardware and software for engineering field and designing tools. Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive. High-quality product for manufacturing industry offerings that exceed competitors offerings in quality, presentation, and price.

WEAKNESSES Dishwasher Vending Machine name lacks brand equity. A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness. Some individuals within the professional staff do not have an understanding of or a commitment to the marketing activities of the firm.

OPPORTUNITIES Growing market with a significant percentage of our target market still not knowing we exist. Increasing sales opportunities in take out business. Internet potential for selling products to market

THREAT Increased competition from sole practitioners and new firms. Continued price pressure, reducing contribution margins.

Organization chart
Managing Director Mohd. Amir Hazim B. Mat Taha

Admin and Finance Executive Muhamad Syakir B. Muhamad Nasir

Chief Marketing and Operation Office Marhaizan Bt. Mahmood

Chief Designer Muhamad Basha Abas B. Basrah

Human Resource Manager Latifah Bt. Abdul Aziz

Marketing Executive Noor Zalina Bt. Kamaruddin

2 Technicians
Azilah Binti Harun Wan Afirah Abd. Hamid

Designer Mohd. Safiy Hafifi Mohamad

Programmer Muhamad Hafiz Abd. Aziz

Human Resource Plan

1. Free Medical check up every year. 2. Insurance cover 3. Maternity leave 90 days with salary. 4. Hostels for general workers. 5. Transport allowance.

the vending machine concept in plate dispensing for self service food outlets such as food court or large canteen
ensure that customer return the used plate when a proper and valid coin is inserted into the coin acceptor. This machine also has washing function that will activate when the dirty plate is full

mechanical dishwasher cleans by spraying hot (5565 degrees Celsius or 130150 degrees Fahrenheit) water on the dishes. A mix of water and detergent is used for cleaning purposes, followed by clean water to remove the detergent residue.

The dishes will then be rinsed and dry cleaned using the build in heater.


Dishwasher vending machine will save you and your employees time

More time to serve customers food or beverages.

Save manpower without having to hire a dishwasher Reduce operation cost

Market Overview
Creative Design Corporation are aim to be friendly product with the user The promotion method use is advertising and pamphlet. This is important to get customer awareness.



Defines the characteristics of the product or service that meets the needs of our customers

Decide on a pricing strategy - do not let it just happen. Even if we decide not to charge for a service (a loss leader), we must realize that this is a conscious decision and forms part of the pricing strategy.

PROMOTIONS This includes all the weapons in the marketing armory - advertising, selling, sales promotions, Public Relations, etc.

PLACE Some of the revolutions in marketing have come about by changing this P. Think of telephone insurance and the internet. A bit of lateral thinking here might reap rewards for a business.

Prepare a marketing budget Know the product concept Develop marketing strategy

Analyze the target market

Do the sales forecast

Determine the market size Identify competitors

Determine the market share

PRICING STRATEGY based on offering high value to our customers compared to most price points in the market. Value is determined based on the best quality available, convenience, and timeliness in acquiring the product We will consistently be below the price points offered, but we will offer better quality and selection. PROMOTION STRATEGY Advertising in trade journals Trade shows and conferences Telemarketing and targeted sales calls User group and direct mailing

Year Sales (Local) Sales (Exports) Total Sales Net profit (loss) before tax Net operating cash flow Liquid Assets Stocks ( Inventory) Trade Debtors Current Assets Fixed Assets (net) Current Liablities 2010 400,000 100,000 500,000 250,000 225,000 94,333 100,000 100,000 105,667 30,500 2500 2011 500,000 360,000 860,000 430,000 253,000 660,333 100,000 380,000 1140,333 23,100 2500 2012 600,000 240,000 840,000 420,000 273,000 1,847,333 100,000 290,000 2,237,333 17,000 2500

Long-Term Liabilities
Paid-up-Capital R&D Investment ( at cost) Networth ( cumulative )

30000 148,000 430,000

30000 42,000 860,000

30000 42,000 860,000

Based on the current trend that everything is going to simple and manpower less, the product is guaranteed to meet customer satisfaction.

The strategy of our company is to offer low price with high quality product

We offer services for every product that we are going to sell.

Creative Design Corporation management has carefully considered its market, potential customer base, and its ability to grow its sales average to capture 10% of the manufacture industry.

For Creative Design Corporation to achieve status as an industry leader, it must secure initial capital.

This capital will be used for start-up costs, to establish a reputable storefront, and to further develop the business, business infrastructure, internal systems, product development, and extensive marketing and geographic positioning. Providing that the company is able to acquire its funding requirements, Creative Design Corporation should be able to achieve operational success for many years to come.