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Colgate constitutes 43% of world market of toothpaste.002 employees are working for the company. is a manufacturer of a wide range of toothpastes . toothbrushes. initially he started making soaps and candles but in 1873 he started with toothpaste. its having its headquarters at New York and 36. . and mouthwashes. Most of Colgate toothpaste brands use sodium fluoride. it started advertising for its product in 1902. Colgate is serving from last 200 year. Company was founded by William Colgate in 1806.INTRODUCTION Colgate. an oral hygiene product line and one of the namesake brands of the Colgate Company.

 In 1857 upon the death of founder William Colgate.  In 1873 Colgate toothpaste was introduced in jars.COMPANY HISTORY  In 1806 William Colgate started a starch. his son.  In 1902 Colgate advertising begin. Colgate & Company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Product line includes over 800 different products.  In 1896 Colgate introduced toothpaste in a collapsible tube. . the company is reorganized as Colgate & Company under the management of Samuel Colgate. emphasizing ingredient purity and product benefits. soap and candle business on Dutch Street in New York City.

Home Care and Pet Nutrition. . •In 1989 Annual Company sales surpass the $5 billion mark. Colgate is first listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Today … Today. Colgate now sells its products in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. •In 2004 Colgate acquired the GABA oral care business in Europe. Personal Care. Colgate focuses on four core businesses: Oral Care.•On 13 March 1930. with sales surpassing $15 billion. with its strength in the important European pharmacy channel and its ties with the dental community. •In 1985Colgate-Palmolive enters into a joint venture.

PRODUCTS ORAL CARE • Toothpastes • Toothbrushes • Kids’ Products • Whitening Products PERSONAL CARE • Deodorants • Bar Soaps • Body Wash • Toiletries HOUSEHOLD CARE • Dishwashing Liquid FROM THE DENTIST • Gingivitis Treatment • Household Cleaners • Institutional Products. • Sensitivity Treatment • Fluoride Therapy .

• They would try to increase the wholesalers to smaller towns. • They would track the distribution path so that they are covering all the village areas around the towns. .MARKET • They would try to increase product penetration to rural population.

• Colgate has never altered its target market segment. .TARGET MARKET • Colgate is targeted at middle income and upper income families. • Colgate has had a consistent target market. • Colgate was introduced in the semi urban and rural areas.

as this helps in refreshes breath.  ACTIVE SALT – Elder people are targeted in this segment as it makes teeth stronger and provides protection from cavities. This toothpaste safeguards teeth for 12 hours.  COLGATE SENSITIVE – People who have sensitive teeth are targeted in this segment who have problem in their gums.TARGET GROUP  MAX FRESH – Colgate targeted youth with the introduction of this toothpaste. . cavities and halitosis Basically its for kids but Mothers are targeted as they are very concerned about their kids.  COLGATE TOTAL – Colgate Total contains the anti-microbial ingredient which reduces the number of bacteria that cause gingivitis.

which gradually bleaches the teethFocus is given on group of customers in this segment those who are already suffering from plaque in their teeth • COLGATE 2in1 – People who want both strongest and fresh breath are targeted. Colgate had focused on taste aspect to encourage kids to brush teeth.• KIDS TOOTHPASTE – Often small children don’t like to brush teeth. so for them this toothpaste was launched. Its whitening ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. • COLGATE WHITENNING – A whitening toothpaste that is "Clinically-proven to whiten in 14 days”. .


COMPETITION Its main competitors are   Meswak   Ajanta   Close Up   Pepsodent   Babool   Nimboo  Close-up Choice Optifresh Himalaya Promise Minto Glister All above are the existing toothpaste brands in India but the major competitors are Pepsodent and Close up. .

Many people have been using these Colgate products for ages now. whitening products and also kids products. tooth brushes. They sell tooth pastes. tooth powder. Star like Saif Ali Khan appeared in the Television sets promoting this product.Public Relation & Publicity You would have definitely heard of the brand name COLGATE launched the India's first ever battery powered tooth brush for children.It was a great hit in all countries and reached all the homes quite easily .

•Free Dental Check-up by sending a SMS •Scholarship offers like Learn & earn offer 14 .


Its punch line was ‘Saanso mein zindadil taazgi’. In this advertisement Colgate focused on youngsters. A boy is there in the ad who dates with Aishwarya. It was shown that Colgate gives bright teeth and fresh breath. it shows that Colgate refreshes the breath.  SECOND AD This ad came on TV in 1996. with Aishwarya Rai. This ad shows a college campus where a girl pays attention to a boy who brushes his teeth with COLGATE.CHANGES IN ADVERTISEMENTPATTERN  FIRST AD This advertisement is launched in 1960. .

In this ad it was shown that some people feels pain in their teeth when they eat something. • FIFTH AD This ad came on air on 9. In this father & son are shown painting wood and son leaves some portion of it than father explains son the importance of total protection whether its wood or teeth. august 2007 and was of 30 seconds duration. In this ad stress is given on fresh breath. may 2006. • FOURTH AD This ad came on tv on 31. .april 2008 and was of 30 seconds duration. A girl comes and suggests to use Colgate as it contains salt which helps in getting rid of tooth problems.• THIRD AD This ad was launched on 18. A lady police is there in the ad who stops a guy’s car for alcohol test and she gets impressed by his tempting fresh breath.

Upon getting an overwhelming response. . Ms.Sinha appears on the screen in between some post-wedding procession and demands to know from the bride whether her toothpaste has salt. SIXTH AD In this ad two small kids are shown who are acting as a dentist at their father’s dental clinic where one kid is diagnosing other’s teeth and they say that there is no problem in the teeth and then father comes and says the same thing. she lets the bride pass.Sinha proceeds to ask the bride how many people does she know who use the same toothpaste brand. so its shown that even a father as well as dentist is recommending Colgate to his kids.  LATEST AD Ms. but not before she has told the viewers to find out how many people do they know who use Colgate Active Salt toothpaste. Surprised to hear that the bride’s toothpaste does have salt in it.

A doctor asking consumers to first apply our product and then gulp down a glass of cold water to test the sensitivity aspect. Featuring actors Shahid Kapoor and Genelia D’souza. The concept of the new TVC underscores Colgate MaxFresh Gel’s proposition of energizing freshness and features a youthful cast of Bollywood stars and cricketers. But it was interesting to see that how relieved they were after they discovered the product actually working on them. Infect. along with ace Indian cricketers Virender Sehwag. Gautam Gambhir and Zaheer Khan • In this ad . releasing an intense rush of breath freshening power. This unique formula gives a whole new dimension of freshness to its users everyday. to catch the right aesthetics we even chose the director that has a lot of experience of real shows like Roadies .LATEST AD • Colgate MaxFresh Gel is the first and only toothpaste infused with cooling crystals that dissolve in the mouth completely upon brushing.

From the 1960s onwards. This toothpaste also approved by ‘Indian Medical Association’. Colgate has a toothpaste and toothbrush mascot for children's entertainment The main punch line of Colgate is ‘Dentist ka sujhaya number one brand’. .An advertising campaign for Colgate toothpaste from the 1940s used the slogan "It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth". the slogan was "The Colgate ring of confidence".


. tory/colgate_history.• http://www.swf • /colgate.htm. • .

2.PRODUCT LIST 1. Protects all the teeth even where the tooth brush does not reach. Cleans and makes teeth whiter Repairs early decay spots. Colgate Active salt • • • • Has the power of Active Salt Its unique formula fights germs Gives you healthy gums and teeth Refreshing enmity taste. . Protects against root caries. Great mint taste freshens the breath. Colgate Dental Cream Spreads around and penetrates in between teeth for all around decay protection.

3-1. is redefining the gel segment of toothpaste in India. . Maximum Fresh Clean Mint This patented formula gives a whole new dimension of freshness to its users everyday. releasing an intense rush of breath freshening power.3. with the introduction of new Colgate MaxFresh Gel. Colgate Max fresh Spicy Fresh Peppermint Ice Whitening Fluoride It is the first and only toothpaste infused with Colgate-Palmolive. 3-2. the world leader in oral care. Maximum Fresh Cool Mint cooling crystals that dissolve in the mouth completely upon brushing.

Colgate total Colgate Total provides complete 12hour protection and fights a full range of oral health problems It helps prevent plaque and gingivitis even after meals 5. Colgate sensitive • • This is a sign of sensitive teeth and this pain is cold by Dentinal sensitivity.4. You will notice improvement in 2-4 weeks. .

The new variants are Sparkling Red and Ice Blue with new "high-impact" taste. stay cool with new Colgate Fresh Energy Gel!" FMCG major Colgate claims to have revitalised Its Colgate Fresh Energy Gel toothpastes with "new flavours" that deliver "long-lasting fresh breath". It tastes like bubble gum. but helps prevent cavities with Colgate's special fluoride formula Colgate Junior in Mild Mint Colgate Kids Barbie Colgate Spongebob 10. . Colgate fresh energy gel "Get fresh.6. Colgate kids She'll be telling you it's time to brush when you give her Barbie Sparkling Bubble Fruittoothpaste.

Melissa and mint herbs. cavities and plaque 8.7. Colgate Cibaca Family protection • • • Developed using Colgate's international expertise in oral care Unique formula protects your teeth from decay Refreshing minty flavour makes your breath super fresh . Colgate advanced whitening Restores natural whiteness Prevents stains for adhering Fights tartar. Strengthens teeth and safe to use everyday 9. combines the expert science of Colgate with a unique blend of eucalyptus.. Colgate Herbal Colgate Herbal White ..

Product Life Cycle of Colgate Sales Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Time .

90 !.9/884.90390/ 1472:.789.3/ 43 94495. 4.9 17080335407   .90 .943 41 30 4. .33903807:841-70. 9 90 3974/:.890 3 3/.2:27080.07/. .890 31:80/ 9 4. .70 8 70/0133 90 0 802039 41 94495.83.24.89..90.0 90 47/ 0.425090:543-7:83  700./07 3 47.2:27084439 .1708 9 8 90 1789 .339 %8 5. 40 30 /203843 41 17083088 94 98 :8078 0.443.0390 24:9.708 0 ½n ¾ 9 ½½ ¯°n J °°–   .08 .

 574.4/ - 0393.3/ 98 5. 83 41 80389. 80389.90949./08 .6:0 .3/ 198 .9 574-028 9 058 570. 4.02039 3   008 .03 .3 8 .1907 20.8  4.039 5. 1: 7.90 %49.0 2574.30 41 47.0 W W %8 8 .0 9009 .9080389. 0.98 0.9 4:  349. 4.3/ 3.943 .425090  4:7 57490.

90 8 850.7-0 $5.8908 0 -:--0 :2 -:9 058 570.. 1:47/0 1472:.. 4.90/8 $0  -0 903 4: 9 8 920 94 -7:8 03 4: .890 9 9.0 07 .908 9 4..73 :--0 7:9 94495.90:3473/39 .039 . 4.

90170803070 09 1708 89.9 9.9 /0.7. .893 1708 -70.4:78 9.80/ 98 4.28 94 .890 .90 .9 %0 30 .47 4.44 9 30 4.9..–f  /8 f  4..3/ .0 :0 9 30  25.73 #0/ .70 $5.90 ½°–   4.8908 9 30 1.07 43 .398 ..90 708 307 0  2.0 70...90 708 307 0 94495.

/..039889.0/9033 #08947083. .6:0  4.9:7.08 4:7 -70.3.9007-.7 . 57490.257490.79.3/ 8. #017083 239 1.98 4:7 9009 1742 /0.38147.. 90 . :36:0 -03/ 41 0:...4:7 2..90..90 9 .90 8 39073. .03..90-.. 4.3/ 239 07-8 $97039038 9009 .70 &36:0 1472:.10 94 :80 0.0 41 4.59:8 088. 0507980 3 47..943 W W W 0.908. 4.943.  4.9 8:507 1708 .3/5.42-308 90 05079 8.903088 !70. .90 07-.0450/ :83 4.07/./073 989.

910.0414.9:79 0.08 3974/:.90 $.30 %20 .!74/:.943 749 .

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