Was T he A poll o Moon Landi ng F ake?

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

• Apollo 11 mission (first manned mission to land on the moon). • First human spaceflight of the Apollo program. • Third human voyage to the moon. • Launched on July 16, 1969.

• Neil Armstrong, Michel and Edwin. • "20th July Armstrong and Edwin "first humans to land on the moon. • 1969 700million people viewed the event. • 2001 the program conspiracy theory "did we land on moon" on Fox television network. • claimed "NASA’s Apollo mission was a giant".

Main points:
• possibility of man's landing % at that period (which was practically nothing on Moon in 1959 was 0.0017!). • Flattering of flag • The shadows • NASA forgot to paint the stars in the sky. • Temperature • Radiation

Flag waving:

There is no atmosphere on the Moon, it consequently means that there can be no wind. It looked rather strange that a corner of the flag fluttered and one of the astronauts even had to pull it down. Probably, some stupid worker in a film pavilion, where the documentary was shot, opened the door and let the wind inside. The American flag and the words "United States" are always Brightly lit.

The shadows:
The shadows that astronauts and their apparatuses cast on the Moon, they were of different length and direction, at the time when it is known that the Sun is the only source of light on the Moon.

NASA forgot to paint the stars
Where are the stars?

According to NASA moon’s temperature is 180 degree Fahrenheit. But amazingly all the visitors of moon survived in that temperature and The spacesuits cannot operate their air-conditioning in a vacuum.

The Radiation:
The radiation would have greatly affected the film that was shot on the Moon. The only thing that would protect the film from this damage would be a thick layer of lead around the camera casing, which according to NASA was not used.

Future life of the astronauts was also a mystery. Within a year since the sensational expedition, 11 people connected with the Apollo program died. 7 people died in car accidents and 3 burnt down in test capsules although they were highclass pilots. Is it possible that the people were liquidated because they wouldn't keep the secret about the fake Moon expedition?

"Man lies but fact’s don’t".
• Innocent people were made fool. • Most photos , films and video tape of Apollo moon mission are easily proved to be fake. • People having slightest knowledge photography, lighting and physics can easily prove that "NASA faked the visual records of the Apollo program.