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Oracle Alert gives you an immediate view of the critical activity in your database. It sends Notification for any unusual business events you need to know. Basic Business Needs  Lets you specify the exception conditions you want to know about, as often as you want to know about them.  Informs you of exception conditions by sending alert messages through a single application - your electronic mail.  Takes actions you specify, based upon your response to an alert message.  Automatically performs routine database tasks, according to a schedule you define.
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Each user found is an exception. Action Types     Send an e-mail message Submit a concurrent program request Run a SQL statement script Run an operating system script Page 3 .  For example. an alert checking for users who did not change their passwords within the designated time finds five users that meet the criteria.Exceptions & Alert Action Types Exception  An exception is a specified condition found during an alert check.

Alert Types Event Alert Event alerts immediately notify you of activity in your database as it happens. that is.  As a result of Alert action you can send a mail. You define what a database event is an insert or an update to a table and Oracle Alert informs you when it happens.  A SQL Select statement that retrieves specific database information as a result of the database event. or running a SQL statement script. running an operating script. running a concurrent program. an insert and/or an update to a specific database table. Page 4 . You specify the following:  A database event that you want to monitor.

 Page 5 . Rather than notify you of immediate exceptions in the database like an event alert. a periodic alert scans for specific database information specified by its SQL SELECT statement at scheduled intervals. The Frequency that you want the periodic alert to run the SQL statement.Alert Types Periodic Alert A Periodic alert periodically reports key information according to a schedule that you define. You can specify the following:   A SQL Select statement that retrieves specific database information. Actions that you want Oracle Alert to perform once it runs the SQL statement.

 No exception action An action that represents no exceptions found in the database. Page 6 .  Summary action An action that represents multiple exceptions found in the database. An alert action can fall under one of three levels:  Detail action An action that represents one exception found in the database.Alert Action Level An alert action is an action you want your alert to perform.

You must enable the alerts you want to use.Using and Customizing Predefined Alerts Using Predefine Alerts  All predefined alerts are initially disabled.  Select the Oracle Alert Manager responsibility when you start Oracle Applications to view or use a predefined alert. Customizing Predefined Alerts     Electronic Mail Integration Standard Alert Message Text Alert Frequency Alert History Page 7 .

Define Alert Alert -> Define Import file for SQL Export SQL Verify SQL Statement Run SQL Statement 2 3 1 Page 8 .

Define Alert Alert Frequency Page 9 .

List of Alert Frequency Page 10 .

Event Alert Output Variables Input Variables Page 11 .

:ORG_ID and :DATE_LAST_CHECKED.Define Input Variables Implicit Input variables are :ROWID. :MAILID. Page 12 .

Define Output Variables Page 13 .

Define Oracle Schema Page 14 .

Enter Action and Action Details Summary Detail No Exception  For Summary action level Oracle Alert performs action once for each unique combination of exceptions found.  If there is No Exception found then also Alert can perform any action like e-mail/running concurrent program or a script.  Detail action such that Oracle Alert performs that action for each individual exception found. Page 15 .

Enter Action Details Action Type .Message Send a Notification to concern persons via E-mail Page 16 .

Page 17 .Action Details Action Type – Concurrent Program Run a specific Concurrent program as part of an action when an Exception occur.

Page 18 .Action Details Action Type – Operating System Script Run a specific Script as part of an action when an Exception occur.

Page 19 . add Action in the members tab to complete the Alert definition.Define Action Set Abort Set Member Finally.

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