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d by: Rabiatul Zahidah binti Mohd Zaidi 4/23/12 PISMP Mathematics 2


ELE 3102

What is a Scheme of Work? organises course content and
describes how it will be delivered allows teachers to plan a programme that is appropriate for their learners

ELE 3102 What is a Scheme of Work? provide a framework for session planning some schemes of work will provide a detailed breakdown of course content including the time required to cover each topic 4/23/12 .

ELE 3102 Purpose of a Scheme of Work underpins a comprehensive learning experience for the learner requires teachers to work together to plan a coherent programme 4/23/12 .

ELE 3102 Purpose of a Scheme of Work helps teachers plan common activities. visiting speakers and so on helps teachers plan resources helps teachers create their individual session plans 4/23/12 . visits. work experience. for example.

ELE 3102 Purpose of a Scheme of Work teachers joining the helps new programme requires us to think about the essential underpinning skills that learners need and plan to incorporate strategies to ensure these skills are learnt 4/23/12 .

4/23/12 .ELE 3102 Purpose of a Scheme of Work us to think about a requires variety of learning and teaching styles that are appropriate for our learners helps teachers plan assessment methods and a coherent schedule.

There are many reason for this: 4/23/12 .ELE 3102 Who plans the Scheme of Work? teachers who It is good for all the teach a particular standard to work together on the scheme of work for the year.

ELE 3102 4/23/12 .

Factor to be considered in planning a scheme of work Amount of time available What items need to be covered Grading and sequencing ELE 3102 Providing for recycling. reinforcement and 4/23/12 enrichment Balance Integration .

By how many hours learning time can be extended through such things as homework. a teacher should consider: Actual class contact time provided for by the Ministry of education.ELE 3102 Amount of time In calculating available the amount of time available. 4/23/12 . extended reading and project work.

4/23/12 .ELE 3102 Procedure for calculating amount of time P1 TE Find out how many weeks of S available there are for each teaching semester and multiply this by the number of minutes available for each week.

etc.S P2 TE ELE 3102 Make a rough estimate of how much non-contact time is available for homework. project work. P3 STEAdd extra time to contact time to obtain total time available for learning. 4/23/12 .

needs to be interpreted.ELE 3102 The syllabus spells out what needs to be taught in any one year. therefore. However. A syllabus. 4/23/12 What items need to be covered . syllabuses only do so in a very general way.

This understanding is also necessary in allocating amount of time for the teaching of the present tense.ELE 3102 EXAMPLE A teacher needs to recognize the pattern behind the sample sentences in order to generate other sentences to help pupils perceive rules or internalize knowledge of appropriate use. 4/23/12 .

4/23/12 Functions To indicate states To express universal truths To indicate routing or repetitive action .ELE 3102 Sentence patterns He is a doctor. The ground is wet. On Fridays he goes to the mosque. The sun rises in the East. Every day he comes to school by bus. A tree has leaves.

Nature of skill to be taught. Effect on motivation to learn. 4/23/12 . Possible timing of items at appropriate times in pupils’ and school’s calendar of events. ELE 3102 Coherence within and between units of learning.Grading and sequencing Level of relative learning difficulty of the items specified in the syllabus.

Providing for recycling. reinforcement and These are some enrichment issues that need to be borne in mind: Why recycling is important The importance of the item / skill How much repetition is required for the skill to be well-learnt The level of proficiency of the pupils 4/23/12 ELE 3102 .

ELE 3102 Balanc These are some issues that neede be looked to into achieving balance: Whether the emphasis and time allocated to an item reflects its importance in the learning process and usefulness to the pupils. Whether grammar and vocabulary building have been given appropriate attention or if planning has concentrated entirely on development of fluency 4/23/12 . speaking. writing) are given balanced treatment. Whether the four language skills (listening. reading.

Integration of language with interests of pupils and needs.Integrati on Integration is important for a number of reason: ELE 3102 Real communication involves using more than one skill. . Variety of input and output in the learning process improves comprehension and retention. Language items like vocabulary and grammar are best learnt in contexts. integrated with skills like writing and 4/23/12 speaking.

ELE 3102 THA NK 4/23/12 .