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Rukiya Kelly September 06, 2011

. The current training provided to teachers will need to be increased based on the rise in inappropriate student and teacher relationships.INTRODUCTION Educating teachers in positively handling the fragileness of the student and teacher relationship is top priority in the current days of rising misconduct by teachers.

CHARACTERISTICS OF APPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIP  Teachers show their pleasure and enjoyment of students. Teachers offer students help (e. Teachers seldom show irritability or aggravation toward students.    .   Teachers interact in a responsive and respectful manner. answering questions in timely manner. Teachers help students reflect on their thinking and learning skills. emotional strengths and academic levels.. offering support that matches the children’s needs) in achieving academic and social objectives. Teachers know and demonstrate knowledge about individual students’ backgrounds.g. interests.

35. . 49. former administrator of Eastover Christian Academy in Cumberland County. Craig Steven Wheeler. 2011). Joshua Andrew White. 2011).CASES of TODAY •Three days later. was charged with having sex with a student while on school property (Huffman. •The same day. was charged with committing sexual acts with a 14year-old student while on school property (Huffman. former Garner Magnet High School drama teacher.

State Superintendent June Atkinson appointed 30 people to the Task Force on Teacher Ethics and Licensure . 120 teachers have lost their licenses for having a sexual relationship with a student.RIGHT IN OUR BACK YARD Since North Carolina began requiring districts report teacher misconduct in 1993.

civil. identify the behavioral signs that indicate a child is uncomfortable with a school employee's conduct. describe the criminal. recognize personality traits and motivating factors that lead to inappropriate relationships. and ethical consequences of inappropriate behavior and analyze actions by asking peer-observation and self-policing questions that help detect potentially inappropriate behaviors . characterize four types of behavioral triggers that create risks for school employees. list general rules of behavior that help avoid claims of misconduct.CAN SCHOOLS ASSIST IN AVOIDING INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIPS        summarize the conduct that school administrators expect of all school personnel and the actions to be taken if suspicious behaviors are observed.

Peer-Observation: What role should teachers take in observing their peers and reporting inappropriate conduct? What are some warning signs teachers should look for in their colleagues' behavior? To whom should they report complaints of questionable conduct? Self-Policing: What can teachers do to make sure that their conduct does not contribute to a blurring of the lines between teacher and student? Are teachers unconsciously engaging in flirtatious behavior? Are after-school meetings with students really necessary? . or to fit in may be one of the most common triggers that dissolve the barrier between teacher and student.WHAT TOPICS SHOULD BE COVERED IN THE TRAINING Touching: Clearly there should never be any touching in the "bathing suit zone." One-on-One Meetings: Should teachers ever spend time alone with a student behind closed doors? What limits should be placed on a teacher's contact with a student outside of school? Dress/Appearance: Dressing to impress. to look younger.

CONCLUSION: WHO SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE It’s not only the responsibility of the teacher. but the school system as a whole to ensure that both students and teachers are respected. Training teachers and school officials on how to handle relationships with students should be seen as a necessity not an option. .

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