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Presentation Overview
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Importance of business report writing Kinds of report Functions of report Uses of report Advantages of report Qualities of well written report Preparation before writing a report Conclusion

Objective Of Presentation
What is an effective business report Skills required for writing a report How to write business report

A business report is a standard form of business communication that combines qualitative and quantitative information in a logical format, serving as critical corporate documentation.

Key word: Critical document

Importance Of Report Writing

Mean of communication
Report writing helps an employee to increase his
communication skills

Analyzing your audience

With the help of reports, employee can define what style has to be chosen for this audience, what information may be interesting for the listener.

Share your ideas

Employee have certain ideas to share and influence their superiors. So, use this chance while writing a report.

Decision maker
Your words, research, recommendation and style of report puts in an important role in your organization.

Improving your skills

Report writing helps an employee to improve his skills.

Kinds Of Business Reports

Types of business report
Informal Report
Informal reports are typically internal reports, and can go to other members of the department and department heads. They are also used for reports that will circulate throughout the company.

Formal Report
Formal reports are longer and well researched. Formal reports are impersonal, rarely using personal pronouns and contractions. Summaries are located on separate pages and usually have more than one heading.

Nature of business report

Informational Reports
When you need to provide information without opinion or suggestions.

Analytical Reports
When a company is trying to solve a problem or make a decision.

Research Reports
When executives make decisions about new products and services, expanding personnel or layoffs

Most common business reports

1. Annual reports 2. Feasibility reports

3. Progress reports
4. Research reports 5. Trouble shooting reports

Functions of report
Core Functions Descriptive Function Collecting data, facts and figures
Diagnostic function

Assessing, evaluating and explaining

Predictive function

Forecasting and choosing a course of action

Other Functions
Risk Management
Business report can provide parameters in which a business can flourish and manage risk.

Source of Information
Richness of information make a business report a strong source of information.

Management Tool
A report is very effective in decision making,
planning, controlling and several other managerial purpose

Advantages Of Report
If something is not going as well as it could, a company can analyze its reports and locate flaws and mistakes.

Business Expansion
Reports that discuss the overall product, or products, for one company can point out opportunities to optimize production or expand areas or departments

Motivating Outsiders
Reading and analyzing company reports can create a sense of credibility toward the company

Uses Of Report
Decision Making
Facilitates future decision making process and help top management to make decisions

Problem Solving
Many business reports are written to illustrate a specific problem within the company. These types of reports present a problem along with solutions to help correct the problems.

Business Communication
A business report can be the best way a company has to communicate vital financial and background information to others.

Growth n development
A report gave us time to time data and information which could be useful to growth and development.

Qualities Of Good Report

Extensive Research
A good depth defying research is responsible for a good report.

It must be accurate. It means that the facts mentioned in the report should be complete and true.

the presentation must be attractive. Centre-headings, side-headings, lists tables, graphs, diagrams, and photographs make the report convenient.

It will be understandable if the subject us thoroughly investigated and logically organized

It must be concise. It means it should be free from unnecessary details. An executive does not have time for reading\

Graphs and Statistical Data

Relevant graphs and statically data must be use
where necessary

Steps Before Writing A Report

1. Determine the scope of report
A business report could be use for decision making, reviewing organization strategy or objectives. PURPOSE MUST BE SPECIFIC.

2. Consider your target audience

Evaluate your audience on the basis of Their need for report II. Education level III. Position in organization IV. Knowledge about relevant topic V. Responsibility and authority

3. Gather Your information

Secondary Information Primary Information

Information Secondary

Books, previous research or reports, newspaper, minutes , magazines, internet. Warning: Data could be obsolete , inaccurate or insufficient


Surveys, observations, questionnaire , experiment, historical information or raw data

Warning: Data must be collected with great care and under strict supervision

4. Analyze Your Information

The purpose of analysis is to make reasoned sense for information that has bee gathered.

5. Determine the solution

Its time to give solution on the bases of your analysis. your solution or recommendation will influence your audience so determine it wisely

6. Organize Your Report

In the end give your report a format or body 1. Give identifying information 2. Define the project or problem 3. Give the background 4. Give the supporting data 5. State your recommendation

Good business report writers always receive promotion, because they impress their superiors with their ability to communicate with others. While written communication plays a role at least as important as, if not more important than, the oral channel, the business report distinguishes itself from other varieties of writing on account of its particular function and requirements.