 Assess

and Classify Sick young Child Aged 2 mos. To 5 yrs

Treatment with Appropriate Drugs
Pneumonia Cute Ear infection Very severe dse. Mastoiditis Shigella Dysentery Cotrimoxazole ( 1st line) Amoxycillin ( 2nd Line )

Cotrimoxazole 1st choice

Nalidixic Acid 2nd choice


Tetracycline 1st

Cotrimoxazole 2nd


Chloroquine Primaquine 1st

Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine 2nd

High fever Ear pain


Hookworm/ whipworm infection in 2 yrs of age or older


 Management

for the Sick Young Infant Aged 1 week to 2 months

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