Web 2Ŧ0ť Web 2Ŧ0ť

Where Where users are a|| about users are a|| about
Monlruzzaman 8hulyan
lnsLlLuLe of lnformaLlon 1echnology
unlverslLy of uhaka
What |s th|s? What |s th|s?
W Web 2.0, refers to a 8:55480/ second
generatIon of Ìnternet·based servIces
that emphasIze onlIne collaboratIon and
sharIng among users
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
Sourceť wlklpedlaţ 2010
What |s th|s? What |s th|s?
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
Sourceť 8ernal ţ 2010
amp|e amp|e
W $ocIal networks (flIckr, youtube, 4JthIngs, slIdeshare)
W Web·based applIcatIons (Coogle docs, TImeTracker)
W WIkIs (wIkIpedIa)
W 8logs, photologs or podcasts (blogger)
W News promotIon systems (dIgg, meneame, fresquI)
W Content managers (netvIbes, del.IcIo.us, cannotea, refworks)
W CommunIcatIon tools (skype)
W $uscrIptIon systems (bloglInes)
W $earchers based on tags (flIckr, technoratI)
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
W|k|ŧŦŦ W|k|ŧŦŦ
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
harecter|st|cs harecter|st|cs
W pplIcatIons :80/ entIrely through a Web browser
(access Info)
W &8078 own the data on the sIte and exercIse
control (manage Info)
W &8078 are encouraged to add value (create Info)
W $ome 84.,·networkIng aspects are Included
W rIch, InteractIve, :807·frIendly Interface (easy to
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
@oo|s @oo|s
W ©ax
W Mashups
W user CenLred ueslgn
W 1ags
W CauLh
W ŧŧŧŦŦ
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
,ashups ,ashups
° Manage MulLlple 1echnologles for Mashups
° SeparaLe uaLa from ÞresenLaLlon
° use ScrlpLs
° ccess uaLa wlLh Þls
° Mlnlmlze lullŴÞage Loadlng
° Make ?our Mashup vlslble Lo Search Lnglnes
° use Cb©ecLŴCrlenLed Þrogrammlng
° dopL SLandards
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
,ashup ,ashup @echno|og|es @echno|og|es
W now Lhe Web 2Ŧ0 Mashup 8ules and ueslgn
W use xML Lo SLrucLure uaLa Ŧ
W use !avaScrlpL Lo ScrlpL Lhe Mashup Þage
W use ÞPÞ Lo Þerform ServerŴSlde ScrlpLlng
W use MySCL wlLh ÞPÞ Lo 8eLrleve Mashup uaLa Ŧ
W use 8SS and Lom Lo 8ecelve uaLa uLomaLlcally
W use xMLPLLp8equesLţ xMLŴ8ÞCţ 8LS1ţ and !SCn
W Lo 8eLrleve uaLa
W use xP1ML Lo SLrucLure Lhe Mashup Þages
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
u||d u||d ,ashup ,ashup
W lmplemenL a 8aslc Mashup
W use an Þl (eŦg Coogle Maps/lllck)
W 8ulld Mashups wlLh a Þl(eŦg Coogle
W use Lhe mazon Web Servlces and Coogle
Search Þls
W use Lhe e8ay
W Map Lhe LocaLlons of e8ay lLems
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
W 3Ŧ0 W 3Ŧ0
1hls wlll be abouL semanLlc web (or Lhe meanlng of daLa)ţ personallzaLlon (eŦgŦ
lCoogle)ţ lnLelllgenL search and behavloral adverLlslng among oLher LhlngsŦ
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
eferences eferences
W 8ernalţ !Ŧ (2010) web 2Ŧ0 ooJ 5oclol Netwotkloq fot tbe
íotetptlseţ l8M pressŦ
W lellerţ !Ŧ (2008) ow to uo ívetytbloq wltb web 2Ŧ0
mesbopţ McCraw PlllŦ
W wlklpedla (2010) bttpť//eoŦwlklpeJloŦotq/wlkl/web_2Ŧ0ţ
1 uecţ żCnllneŽţ vallableť
hLLpť//enŦwlklpedlaŦorg/wlkl/Web_2Ŧ0 ż16 CcL 2011ŽŦ
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb
;uest|ons ;uest|ons
lf you need Lhe slldes
mb[duŦacŦbd | wwwŦLlnyurlŦcom/monlrb

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