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Introduction to Data Mining

Mayank Pathak
Few Definitions:

Data Mining is the non trivial extraction of

implicit,previously unknown and potentially
useful information from the data.
Definitions (cont..)

Data Mining is the search for the

relationships and global patterns that exist
in large databases but are hidden among
vast amount of data
Definitions (cont..)

Data Mining refers to using a variety of

techniques to indentify nuggets of
information or decision making knowledge
& extracting these to make prediction,
forecasting and estimation.
Knowledge Discovery Database

Stages of KDD:
3. Selection

4. Preprocessing

5. Transformation

6. Data Mining

7. Interpretation and Evaluation

Data Mining

2. Verification Model
3. Discovery Model
 Association Rule
 Classification Rule
 Clustering
Issues and Challenges in Data Mining

2. Limited Information
3. Noise or missing data
4. User Interaction and prior knowledge
5. Uncertainty
6. Size, Updates and Irrelevant Fields
Data Mining Application Areas

2. Business and E-Commerce Data

3. Scientific and Engineering Data
4. Health Care Data
5. Multimedia Documents
Case Study