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HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application

HCLT Employee Helpdesk
Case Study: SIEBEL 7.7

Application: SIEBEL Call Center

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application

Overview of the Organization Structure


HCLT India HCLT America
(Div) (Div)


GM – General Manager
DGM – Deputy General Manager
SPM – Senior Project Manager
PM – Project Manager
PL – Project Leader
C – Consultant
AC – Associate Consultant

.. • Under each Division..HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  How is the above Organizational Structure Constructed in Siebel??? • Using Access Control Mechanisms. created all the positions by categorizing them.I have defined HCLT Global under Default Organization and has given the divisions as HCLT India and HCLT America by giving HCLT Global as parent Organization for both.

Contact.  There is only one User named SIEBEL at present who logs into this application. As soon as he logs in he sees the below screen. . Service Request and Orders.HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  Any Employee who logs into this Helpdesk Application will be seeing four screens Account.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  Each of the above screens has defined set of views to perform required tasks. Contact and Service Requests as shown below: .  Account screen has 3 views:.Activities.

Activities. . Service Requests.HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  Contact Screen has 4 views:.Account. Orders which are shown below.

Activities. . HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  Service Request screen has 2 views :. Orders as shown below.

More info. . HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  Orders screen has only one view shown below :.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  In Service Request screen. following are the views implemented for Access Control. .

Used DTYPE_NUMBER and “TextStringOverride ” User property. • A New Field Account Code is added and this field allows only numbers restricted to 5 digits. it will throw the below msg.2) Account Management.HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  1.If you enter characters. • There are certain modifications done for the existing Account Entry Applet based on our Application requirements. .

Created a Pick List with LOV values. HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.2) A Pick list field “Account Service Type” is added with the following List of Values:- “Gold”. “Platinum” and “Silver”. .2.

4) When the “Status” field is selected as Inactive.2. the entire record should become readonly. .HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1. .2.5) A new Field “Division Name” is added in the Applet which will display the active division of the created user.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.2.6) A new view “Distinguished Accounts” is created which will list only Accounts of “Account Service Type” = “Gold”. .

In the LOV explorer.2. one LOV type is created with all the 6 List Of values and 4 in child are assigned parent LIC’s respectively.  Set the Constrain property TRUE in the parent (Business Unit) defined in SVF Pick Map of Child (Market). .HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.  Search Specification for Parent is given as [Parent Id] is NULL.7) Two New Fields “Business Unit” and “Market” are added which are hierarchical in nature as shown below (Output is shown in next slide). BU1 BU1 Market1 BU1 Market2 BU2 BU2 Market1 BU2 Market2  Achieved by creating 2 separate pick lists with the same LOV type.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application .

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application .

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.1) Drilling down on “Last Name” in Contact List Screen will go to “Contact – Service Requests View” – Applied Static Drilldown to perform the task.3. .

3. else it will not allow the user to save and will popup the message shown in the next slide.2) When “Pref Communication Method” Field is set with Value of “Email”.  A New Field “Contact Description” is added which is used to describe any contact with a maximum of 500 characters. .  This is achieved by using the “Required” User Property at Field level.  This is achieved by using the “Text String Override” User Property at Field Level. “Email Address” Field is mandatory. HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application .

4) .HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1.3.

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  (1..4.Used Join Concept.1) “ Contact Work Phone” Field is made available in “Service Request” Screen and which will display the assigned Contact’s Work Phone number. .

. HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application (1.4.2) A new Field “Number Of Activities” is added in the applet which will display the actual number of activities associated to ServiceRequest.

Date closed will display the date only when Status = “Closed” .4.4.4 and 1.5) Date Closed Field will be non editable and will display only Date. HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application (1.

 There is existing field “closed date” already in the Service Request BC which is non editable and will display the “current date and Time” when Status is “Closed”.HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application  The above task is achieved by the following steps.  Another modification done was in the control -> Changed “Display Format” from “Date Time” to “Date”. The Field should display only Date and not the time.  So for our requirement all we need to change is ….  In order for the field to display only “Date”-> Go to Field and modify the “Type Value” from “DTYPE_UTCDATETIME” to “DTYPE_DATE”. Rest of the 2 requirements non editable and Status = Closed criteria is full filled. .

HCLT Employee Helpdesk Application .