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Overview Presentation

Salim Idris 27 March 2007

NetVu ObserVer

• Viewing client designed to provide all the functionality of a traditional viewing environment
through a PC.

• Provides seamless viewing and connection to NetVu Connected DVR’s

• Can display up to 36 different cameras from

36 different DVR’s on the same screen

• Compatible with BS8418 compliant systems

such as DS2 and DV-IP Server

• Free Software shipped with all NetVu

Connected DVR’s and available as a
download from
Seamless Viewing
• Full, picture in picture, quad, 6, 9, 16 and 25 way viewing screens allows the
user to flexibly display live or recorded images
• Drag and drop control of cameras onto the screen for live or replay viewing
• User interface provides control of all live and recorded functions including
audio, telemetry, alarm receiving and event search
• Map Editor function allows creation & tailoring of
maps to suit the customers application
• RVRC functionality for alarm receiving centres
• Save and print images
• Audio challenge and eavesdrop
• MultiMode Recording support
Map Control / Editor
• To simplify multi-site management -
NetVu ObserVer incorporates Map
• Users are able to use map images
and floor plans to identify camera
locations around a site, installation
or CCTV network.
• A Free Map Editor plug-in allows
users to construct their own network
of site plans.
NetVu ObserVer
RVRC solutions
• Essential remote viewing software for RVRC’s
• Receiving and Auto Serving alarms to multiple stations
• Enables even man power management in large RVRC’s
• Export of Data as reports
• Provides information to manage RVRC and provide charging data to customers
• Provides information to manage site maintenance such as unusual alarm levels and
performance analysis
• Stack alarms in priority
• Provides the important alarms first
• RVRC User log in and validation
• Enables traceability of actions to specific operators for customer management
• Characterization
• Enables operator to respond and review the alarm and then characterise the alarm session
with a code and text prior to closure.
• Bi Directional Audio challenge
• Enables deterrent and immediate response to illegal activity
ObserVer RVRC Operation



Events Reports
Event Report
Distribution Extract
• Single PC client for all NetVu connected products
• Multi-site viewing facility makes site management more efficient and
responses to events even quicker
• Map application allows diagrammatic representation of camera / site
• Multi-site viewing
• MultiMode support
• Smart Search
• Map integration for hierarchical approach to camera selection.
• Saved Selection of Views
NetVu Connected Products

• DS2 • Eco16
• DV-IP Server • DS Server
• TransVu • 2040/2060 IP Domes
• Eco9 • TransVu
Effective Standards – BSIA
• BSIA (British Security Industry
Association) is key industry body
• Represent 90% of the CCTV
industry (by turnover)
• CCTV Section (TC/10)
• Work in vital areas:
- BS8418, Digital Video Evidence,
Chip and PIN & Privacy Masking
Effective Standards – BS8418
• Code of Practice for detector
activated, remotely monitored
• Landmark standard -addresses
elements from installation to
• Police and insurers support is
• Powerful tool – visual
confirmation, false alarm rates –
• Audio warning deters 90% of
Effective Standards – Digital Video
• Code of Practice for Digital
Recording Systems for the purpose
of image export to be used as

• Ensures pictures are fit for the

purpose, authentication methods
considered and sound audit trail

• Cites House of Lords Select

Committee for Science and
Technology 5th Report 1997/8
• Dispels the myths around
• PC Viewing client for NetVu Connected DVR’s
• Multi-Site Management through Map GUI, drag and drop control of cameras and site
• RVRC Support through
• Event management
• Session support
• Report creation
• Incident characterisation
• Available as free software