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Intelligent Solutions for Retail


Advanced POS
The advanced real-time interface between your POS
system and DM Digital Recorder
Retail Solutions

Partnership Solutions
‘leading the way with the
worlds leading POS and
weighing scale
Retail Solutions
Powerful Integration Tool
‘country-wide or POS specific exception reporting
1. Overlay POS data onto video image (searchable)
2. POS usage is closely monitored – security or
3. Irregularities or suspicious activity identified,
monitored and recorded.
4. Disputes over cash handling, wrong change
given easily identified and resolved with video
verification (saves cash/till reconciliation or
customer advantage.)
5. Identify fraud and theft on both side of the
counter and prove it evidentially.
Single Site – Single Solution

video signals
EPOS Network (RS232/RS485/422/Ethernet) Network Connection
Single Site – Multiple Solution
Petrol Station
Tills / Shop
Petrol Station

EPOS Network OR serial connection to individual pos/printer/customer poll

Preset on text
trigger from
POS terminal
Marks & Spencers

Monitoring 54 POS terminals in 1 store

Marks & Spencers

Rack of DS2 and Advanced

POS units providing live
monitoring and recording of
54 POS locations
Marks & Spencers

POS Monitoring integrated

into existing CCTV Control
Room displaying quad images
of live POS data and
exception alerts over live
video images
NetVu ObserVer
Multiple Site Monitoring – Single Screen Access
Retail Solutions

Simple configuration screens, helps to set up the unit, with

configuration ftp
facility to enable multiple unit programming and change.
Retail Solutions

Set up POS data channels of data type and video signal to target
Retail Solutions

Network Switch set up for Ethernet based POS systems and front of
unit switching
Retail Solutions

Store times assigned for exception reporting out of hours

Retail Solutions

Line Rules - This is where the keystrings that identify different Line Types
are defined.
Each entry consists of a keystrings followed by the Line Type that it
Retail Solutions

Exceptions - This is where the actual exceptions that are going to be

presented are defined.
The APOS allows values and events to be checked in AND combinations of
up to two values.
Retail Solutions

XML reporting structure and Java application for linking to alert

tagged video related to the exception lists.
ObserVer Screenshots
ObserVer Screenshots
ObserVer Screenshots
ObserVer Screenshots
ObserVer Screenshots
Retail Solutions

by the
Worlds No.1 CCTV Solution Provider
Retail Solutions
Dedicated Micros – Constant
The solutions shown herein are designed to give you an
understanding of the applications that Dedicated Micros are
working on to make systems integration a powerful tool in the
working life of retailers, law enforcement, petrol forecourt owners
and many, many more people and professions.

Working solutions are in place of all of these solutions shown here.

Integration is always dependent of working partnerships with
systems manufacturers, and access to protocols and co-operation,
as such guarantees cannot be made about future integration
projects until they are discussed with our technical teams.

We would welcome to show you our solutions, and discuss with you
and future integration that you believe you require.