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DM New Products and

Technologies 2007
• Introduction
• Product Technology Features & Benefits
– New Products and Technologies
MultiMode Recording & TransCoding
New DS2 & NetVu Connected BX2
DS Server
Deep Integration & DCCP
MegaPixel IP Camera
IP Dome
NetVu Console
ECO9 & ECO16
SD Range
TransVu Media &TransVu CF
Agenda Part2
• New Product & Feature Demonstrations
NetVu Observer – Embedded text display
Alarm Response & RVRC Features
DS2 - Selective Archiving
Advanced PoS Integration
User Accounts & Security
VMD Inhibit

• Enterprise Class Solutions

HighVu Excel
PowerScript ™
New Digital Range
New DVIP Server
New DS Server
New Single Channel CODEC
New DVIP Decoder
New BX2 - Continuous Archive
New TransVu & TransVu Media
Key Network Video
Server Elements
• Traditional Digital Video Digital Sprite2 DVD
Recorder & Network Video
DV-IP & DS Server
• Network Video Server & Digital
Video Recorder.

• Compact Video Server & Digital DV-IP ATM

Video Recorder.

• Mobile Digital Video Recorder &

Video Server.
NetVu Connected


IP Network


Virtual Matrix
Viewstation NetVu
NetVu Connected
• Distributed ‘Edge of Network’ recording
• Standard network connectivity
• Independent recording and transmission
• Full Web based configuration
• Soft CODEC architecture – leverage latest developments
• Remote maintenance & diagnostics
NetVu Connected
• Multi-site & PDA viewer support
• Network-Friendly
• All functionality available over network
• Video Streaming – Live OR Playback for remote
• Network archive of vital events
• Developer tools available for custom applications

• Most importantly it guarantees interoperability between

all NetVu Connected products
NetVu Connected
• Improved Functionality
• Improved Reliability
• Improved Security
• Improved Scalability

• Reduced Design Costs

• Reduced Commissioning Costs
• Reduced Training Costs
• Reduced Maintenance Costs
Criminal Behaviour
is Unpredictable

<5% Used
• Problems with “event-only” recording systems
– Must define “important” and “non-important” events beforehand
– Require careful configuration and maintenance
– Foster doubt
• “Always-on” recording is highly-recommended
New MultiMode Recording
MultiMode recording provides the New NetVu Connected Products with
• Settable recording resolutions from 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF to QCIF
• Settable MPEG and JPEG compression recording and PPS record rates
• Dynamically-Switchable resolution from normal to event recording
• Dynamically-Switchable compression MPEG4/MJPEG from normal to event
• Settable quality
• Switching configurations on a schedule
Recording Intelligently
Its not what you do, but how you do it !
• Traditional approach (JPEG 18K file size)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Time (s)

• The intelligent approach

JPEG 25K files

MPEG4 48Kbits/s = 6K file size MPEG4 48Kbits/s = 6K file size

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Time (s)
Multimode Benefits
bit-rate (= image quality)
Alarm rate

Better quality
alarm images

Alarm rate

Background rate Extended record

duration for
same size HDD

Background rate time
Record Duration Multimode
(related to area) Record Duration
Recording & Transmission
Traditional Systems
Compression Format
MAXIMUM File size/Bit rate MAXIMUM

DM Trans-coding Systems (DV-IP Server, NEW DS2, etc.)

Recording Transmission
Resolution Resolution
Compression Format Compression Format
MAXIMUM File size/Bit rate File size/Bit rate MAXIMUM
Unique TransCoding
Multiple Cameras SIMU

High Quality Low bit rate MPEG4

MASS Transcode
STORAGE High Quality


• Emphasis on QUALITY • Emphasis on IMMEDIACY • Emphasis on EVIDENCE
• “Always-on” recording of all • “On-demand” viewing of any • Digitally signed images
cameras cameras
• Remote interrogation
• Evidential admissibility • Low bandwidth, fast update
rates • Non-real time download
• Several months storage
• Live or recorded • Indefinite storage
New DS2
Key Features
• DM Embedded real time operating system
• MJPEG & MPEG4 Transmission
• Multi-mode Recording, 24 camera profiles for recording in MJPEG and
MPEG4 with selection for resolution, picture size
• 480TVL recording resolution
• Record encoder IP input – Up to 4.5 Mbs
• MPEG4 Transcoding
• 10/100 BaseT Half & Full Duplex Ethernet
• 6, 10 & 16 camera inputs
• 100 PPS
• 80, 160, 320, 600, 750 GB, 1 & 1.5TB units available
• Flash storage for system setting & web pages
• Up to 30 TB Externally via SCSI
New DS2
Key Features
• Build in DVD Burner
• Two way audio over Ethernet
• Main Monitor Output
• Spot Monitor output
• 2 x RS232 Ports
• 2 x RS232/RS485/RS422 Ports
• 16 on-board alarms - Expandable to a total of 32
• 6 on-board relays - Expandable to total of 38
• Dome Control – on Coaxial with Pelco & Dennard/Baxall +
RS485/RS422 on two Serial Ports.
• 8 x Alarm presets per camera 128 on 16 cameras.
New DS2
Key Features
• Multiscreen alarm displays
• Spot monitor display options
• Variable Speed Telemetry control over Ethernet
• Video Motion Detection
• Pre-Alarm buffer of 100 images
• E-Mail on Alarm/VMD
• SMS on Alarm/VMD
• Alarm over Ethernet to PC Viewer
• Centralised archiving of alarmed video
• Variable Rate Recording
New Features of New
• MultiMode Recording
• Advanced Alarms
• IP Camera Support
• Text Support
• FTP Continuous Archiving
• Holiday Profiles
And now:-
• Selective Archiving
• User Accounts and Security
• VMD Inhibit
Selective Archiving to CD or
• DS2 now allows selective
archiving of cameras to
• Choose which cameras to
use as evidence.
• Keep covert cameras
• Maximum 650MB data
per Selective Archive
New DS2
Key Features
• Auto archiving of Alarms/VMD to DVD
• Webpage configuration.
• Diagnostics via Ethernet
• Backup & restore functionality over Ethernet
• Text search over Ethernet
• Text storage over Ethernet
• All this and still the unit is plug & play with auto detection of
cameras, PAL/NTSC auto sensing.

BS 8418 Compliant
DV-IP Server
Key Features

• Same features as New DS2

except button on the front &

BS 8418 Compliant
DV-IP Server Overview
• DV-IP Server is a CCTV network video server that offers:

– NetVu Connected Compatibility

– Full function DVR capability

– “Always-on” CCTV recording

– “On-demand” network viewing

– Independent recording and transmission characteristics

– Future-proof, soft CODEC architecture

DV-IP Server Developments

• Migration to latest CODEC architecture

– Performance improvements
– New chassis design
– Activity Search
– MultiMode recording
– Improved MPEG4 quality

BS 8418 Compliant
DV-IP Server
Key Benefits
• Full remote configuration saving time and reducing
the cost of deployment and servicing.

• DV-IP allows bandwidth capping – so IT managers

can control how DV-IP impacts the network.

• Reduction in cabling costs by distributing video

over IP
DV-IP Software Suite

DV-IP Viewer

On-Line Help
Database Site Files
VCR - Archive Management

e Utility Watermarking Utility
DS Server
A DVR and a transmission server in one box
The balance of a simple installation and comprehensive remote monitoring

• Easy to install
– Plug it in
– DHCP enabled – Finds it’s own IP address
– IP address is displayed on spot monitor output for 10mins or permanently.
• Overcomes primary issue for a non IT installer
• Viewing immediately via NetVu ObserVer
• Configuration via web pages is simple and uses a familiar browser
DV-IP Decoder
Applications and Uses
– Offers distributed viewing across multiple
composite monitors
– Provides a cost effective way of building video
– Need to add main monitor support to any NetVu
Connected server
• Multi-Site Viewing
• JPEG and MPEG-4 support
• 5 Monitor Outputs
 Controlled through web pages
 SDK for project tailoring
• Multi-Screen Modes
 Quad screen across 5 outputs
offers 20 individual cameras
New BX2
Key Features
• DM Embedded real time operating system
• Hot-swappable HDD facility for instant archiving
• All recording is archived with RAID1 mirror disks
• MJPEG & MPEG4 Transmission
• Multi-mode Recording, 24 camera profiles for recording in MJPEG
and MPEG4 with selection for resolution, picture size
• 480TVL recording resolution
• MPEG4 Transcoding
• 10/100 BaseT Half & Full Duplex Ethernet
• 16 camera inputs
• 100/120 PPS recording rate for PAL/NTSC
• 1.2TB & 2TB units available
• Flash storage for system setting & web pages
• Up to 30 TB Externally via SCSI
BX2 Developments

• Using the same architecture as the New DS2 and DV-IP

• DVD replaces the previous CDR
• 100% NetVu Connected
• MPEG-4 and JPEG (soft codec)
• Transcoding
• Multimode recording

BS 8418 Compliant
Key Features
• Designed for use with ATM Text Interface
• Compact design
• 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
• MJPEG & MPEG4 Transmission
• 4 camera inputs
• 50 PPS
• 80, 160, 300 or 600 GB
• Flash storage for system setting & web pages
• 4 x RS232 Ports
• 4 x on-board alarms
• 2 x on-board Relays
• Two audio inputs
• Sequencing Spot Monitor Output

BS 8418 Compliant
Health monitor
Text Capture
Captures and stores up to 4 RS232 data inputs
or 16 TCP data streams simultaneously.

•Compatible with D4, DS2A, DS2 Plus, DS Server, DVIP, BX2
•JBOD standard 1 Terabyte can be daisy chained
• RAID 0-5, 1.2TB and 2.4TB can be daisy chained
• Maximum up to 30TB on DS2A/P and BX2P
•Maximum up to 14-30TB on DVIP
User Accounts and Security
• Usernames and Passwords now
setup via Webpages

• Separate passwords for user ftp of

video downloads and system file

• Passwords always stored in

encrypted form

• Passwords encrypted when

transmitted over network.

• Programmable camera access –

Live and Playback
VMD Inhibit
NetVu Connected BX2

• Using the same architecture as the New DS2 and DV-IP

• DVD replaces the previous CDR
• 100% NetVu Connected
• MPEG-4 and JPEG (Soft CODEC)
• TransCoding
• MultiMode Recording
• Advanced alarms
DS Server
The DS Server is a scalable mid-range Video Server suitable for medium-to-
large CCTV installations.

Utilising the product feature set of the DV-IP Server / DS2, the DS Server
allows a quick a simple installation process by displaying the IP address
on a connected monitor during start-up.

This allows installers to quickly locate the unit on the network and begin
DS Server Features &
Product Benefits
• Multi-channel video server that offers a smooth transition into the world of
networkable and integrated CCTV solutions.
• Easy IP set-up through spot monitor display of DHCP-allocated IP Address, Subnet
Mask and Gateway simplifies the installation process
• Deep integration with other NetVu Connected products allows users to realise the
true benefits of interoperability and build scalable networks with ease
• Remote diagnostics, configuration and upgrade capability through web pages

Product Features
• Easy IP set-up and network connectivity through monitor display during start-up
• MultiMode Recording – dynamically-switchable resolution, record rates and
compression settings (MPEG-4/JPEG) per camera
• Simultaneous, high quality JPEG and MPEG-4 transmission and recording via unique
transcoding technology
• Capture, record and search video footage by time, event and text data
IP Streaming and Recording
Stream video for Live
viewing and
recording from :-
• DM Encoders
• MegaPixel Cameras
• NetVu Connected
Video Servers
Deep Integration
• Seamless Operation
– Coax and IP Cameras
– Static and PTZ

• Add seamlessly too!

– Address & attach
– Set up recording of DM IP Cameras
and MegaPixel Cameras just like a
standard cameras via Dynamic
Camera Configuration Protocol –
– Encoding done outside DVR -get extra
DV-IP Encoder
The DV-IP Encoder is a single channel
encoder designed to increase the
flexibility of NetVu Connected
analogue/IP CCTV networks.

Its versatility allows existing and new

analogue cameras to be added to an
IP network, allowing a CCTV solution
to expand and adapt organically
without the cost and trouble of
completely replacing and redesigning
the installation.
DVIP Encoder Features
• JPEG/MPEG-4 simultaneous video compression
• Up to 30PPS update rate
• QCIF, CIF, 2CIF Resolution support
• NetVu Connected
• 3 Alarm Inputs
• Telemetry support for PTZ cameras
• Fully compatible with NetVu ObserVer
• Pre-Alarm
• Deep Integration – becomes part of the DVR
DVIP Encoder Features
• Bidirectional Audio
• Alarm Inputs available for PowerScript
• 6 Viewing Profiles - 3 MPEG4 & 3 JPEG
• 2 MultiMode Profiles for recording Normal & Event – configured
in the DVR
• Embedded web pages for easy configuration
• SDK available for project customization
DVIP Encoder
Coax / UTP Power A single static or PTZ analogue
BNC IP Network camera can be connected to the
DV-IP Encoder for viewing over an
IP Network
:::: Audio
:::: In Up to 3 alarms can be connected
per Encoder
Microphone Ethernet
(Audio, Video,
Audio In/Out can provide bi-
directional communication to act
as a help point or tannoy. Can
Alarm Out
contribute towards BS8418
compliance .
Ethernet Ethernet
Ethernet (Audio, Video, With an associated IP address the
BNC Alarm) DV-IP Encoder can be viewed by
Coax / UTP any permitted NetVu ObserVer
Coax / UTP
A NetVu connected DVR can view
and configure the DV-IP Encoder
over an IP network whilst still
viewing traditional analogue
cameras. The encoder will be
RS485 Serial
Legacy CCTV treated as one of the available
Data Network cameras to the user and its IP
Analogue PTZ (inc. Audio speak / listen) (inc. Recording & Audio Stream recorded.
Camera speak / listen)
The DV-IP CODEC is a flexible IP building block
which can be utilised to integrate analogue
sources and display devices into IP networks.

It is capable of encoding analogue video sources

to NetVu Connected IP streams or decoding them
for display on composite or VGA devices.
• Selectable Encoder or Decoder Operation
• VGA and Composite Output in Decoder Mode
• Full, Quad & 16way Split Display in Decoder Mode
• NetVu Connected
• JPEG/MPEG-4 simultaneous video compression
• Up to 30PPS update rate
• QCIF, CIF, 2CIF & 4CIF Resolution
• 3 Alarm inputs & 1 relay output
• Telemetry support for PTZ cameras
• Pre-Alarm
• Deep Integration – becomes part of the DVR
• Bidirectional Audio
• Alarm Inputs available for PowerScript
• 6 Viewing Profiles - 3 MPEG4 & 3 JPEG
• 2 MultiMode Profiles for recording Normal & Event – configured
in the DVR
• Embedded web pages for easy configuration
• SDK available for project customization
End to End IP Solutions

IP Network

End to End IP for easy installation or rapid deployment

using existing network infrastructure
MegaPixel IP Camera
High resolution capture and display of
images for public space monitoring,
retail and banking applications

Key Benefits
• High resolution image capture provides more detail
to increase the ability to identify a suspect
• Wide area can be covered by a single camera
• Operates seamlessly within a NetVu Connected Network

Main Features
• 2 Megapixel image capture, double the resolution of full frame
analogue video
• Capable of up to 800% zoom, available through NetVu ObserVer
viewer software
MegaPixel Camera
The MegaPixel IP Camera has been developed as an ideal replacement for
35mm film cameras used in banking applications.
The MegaPixel Camera offers the following benefits over 35mm film variants:-
• Video is instantly available – no film to develop
• Video is not stored in the camera – reduced possibility of the footage being
taken by the assailant.
• Improved recording options – integrated into the profile recording paradigm
• Reduced cost of ownership – no film to replace or processing costs
• 1600x1200 (2MP) for very high resolution images.
• Server Push technology for maximum compatibility
• Retrospective zooming on alarmed images will be important in order to
extract background detail.
MegaPixel Camera
• 1600x1200 max resolution
• Minimum sensitivity 3 Lux @ 50IRE
• Maximum frame rate at Max resolution 15fps
• Maximum frame rate at CIF resolution 30fps
• Programmable white balance, gamma, electronic iris,
image flip, colour and sharpness.
• CS mount lens
• Extruded aluminium housing
• Accessory mounting ¼” 20 UNC or ¼” BSW (top and
• Power-Over-Ethernet to IEEE802.3af
• 1 SD slot for WiFi or extra pre-alarm
MegaPixel Camera
2 EOL alarm inputs via push fit connector
1 500mA light duty relay output
1 two way push fit connector for 12VDC (or 24VAC)
1 serial port via D-Type for RS232 (3 wire), RS485 (2 wire)
and RS422 (4 wire)
1 network port via RJ45
1 audio input via 3.5mm stereo jack
1 audio output
LEDs for power and network access
1 BNC output for focussing and positioning
JPEG and MPEG-4 delivered simultaneously for live
viewing and recording
What can you do with
MegaPixel Images?
• MegaPixel camera generates the following streams :-
– Live Viewing MPEG & JPEG
– Normal Profile Stream for Recording
– Event Profile Stream (upto 4CIF) for Event Record
– SALVO Stream at MegaPixel resolution (JPEG only).
This will be buffered and transferred to DVR for
DM IP Dome
NetVu Connected IP Dome
Key Benefits
• Rapid, cost effective deployment of a PTZ
camera to an existing CCTV system
• Use the building’s existing network to extend
the CCTV System
• Seamless remote viewing and control through
NetVu ObserVer or NetVu Console
Main Features
• All the features of a DM 2060 dome
• Deep integration and recording with a NetVu
Connected Server or DVR.
IP Dome Features
The IP2060 / 2040 IP Domes provide all the features and
functionality of the existing Dennard units but include IP
Connectivity to allow them to be directly operated over an IP

• Optically correct, vandal -resistant hemisphere and housing

• 2 year warranty
• Robust die-cast internal mechanism
• x18 and x26 optical zoom options (x26 option on 2060 only)
• Programmable fixed shutter speeds
• 24 privacy zones (8 displayed at one time)
• Improved IR performance
• Indoor version available (no IR filter)
IP Dome Features
• Colour/mono viewing capability
• Lift & gain adjustments
• Quick mount innovative release mechanism
• Advanced privacy patches, preset positions and tour facilities
• Optimised compatibility with Dedicated Micros controllers
• Clock & calendar functions for independent alarm masking
• Coax & RS485 control (built-in BBV and Baxall protocols)
• Multi-language options
NetVu Console
Remote NetVu Connected CCTV Console with
traditional joystick control.

Key Benefits
• Add remote control and additional viewing
to an existing standalone CCTV system
with no need to retrain operators
• No need for a PC for remote viewing and

Main Features
• Joystick telemetry control over the network
• Controls up to 99 cameras from up to 20
NetVu Connected DVR or Servers
• Works with a composite or VGA monitor
• Simultaneous view of up to 16 cameras
from any mix of sites.
NetVu Console Features
• IP to analogue conversion allows use of composite and VGA monitors
• Simple network connection via Ethernet
• NetVu Connected Technology allows integration with other NetVu
Connected products
• Transparent Telemetry control through an associated DVR
• 3-axis joystick allows an operator to easily control the pan, tilt and zoom
functionality with one simple movement
• Onboard LCD identifies connected unit name and number
• Additional telemetry buttons ensure 3rd Party PTZ or dome cameras can be
accessed and controlled via the keyboard
• Supported protocols via associated DVR include; Dennard, JVC, Bosch,
BBV, Mark Mercer, Panasonic, American Dynamics, GE, Pelco, Samsung
ECO9 & ECO16
The easy to use DVR now with up to 16 cameras and
NetVu Connected

• Integrated CD-R (CD writer) with Selective Archive

• Live spot monitor output
• QCIF, CIF and 2CIF MJPEG compression
• Simultaneous record, playback, background image archiving, remote
viewing and playback with no loss of performance
• Recording up to 30pps.
• Full remote control and observation over local Ethernet, Broadband
Internet or dial up Modem connection
• Multiscreen, quad display and picture in picture viewing
• IR Remote Control Option
• Built in Activity Detection
• Controlled via NetVu ObserVer over the network
SD Range
The New SD Range is a
desktop DVR, designed to
sit between Compact 4 /
Eco ranges and the Mid
Range DS2 units.

The SD Range will offer much of the local capability of the

mid-range units (such as Telemetry and Text support)
without the remote monitoring features.
SD Features
• 4, 10, 16 camera input options
• Main and spot monitor outputs
• Recording of up to 60pps (NTSC)
• NetVu Connected
• MultiMode Recording – QCIF to 4CIF
• TransCoding video transmission
• Dial-Out on Alarm
• Built in CD-R writer and USB ports for download of video archive to external
• Single , Picture in Picture and Multiway displays
• Live and playback viewing over local Ethernet
• Built in activity detection
SD Features
• Web pages provide easy remote configuration
• Control via IR Remote
• Optional USB keyboard
• Network viewing & configuration
• On-screen display for basic configuration
• Text support and text search features (POS)
• Telemetry support (Coax & Serial)
• 160GB 300GB & 500GB models
• 750GB on 16 Input Units
• Serviceable Drives
SD Remote Control
• Unique in DM’s range of DVRs the
SD unit will offer local user control
via a IR Remote rather than the
traditional front panel interface.
Configuration SD Range

3 Recording
Date and Time Record mode : MPEG
Record calculation
No. of events / hour 10
Hard drive size 320GB
Network `
Recording duration
Activity 10 days 15 hours
Configuration SD Range

Recording (MPEG)
Date and Time Cam Day Night Weekend
Camera 1 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
Recording 2 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
Schedule 3 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
4 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
5 HQ 4pps` LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
Alarms 6 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
Activity 7 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
More.. 8 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
9 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps
10 HQ 4pps LQ 2pps LQ 1pps

Mode Profile Event
Compact 4
• Quick and easy to install
• Plug in and record out of the box
• No VCR tapes or maintenance
• 60PPS record rate
• 4 camera inputs, 1 monitor output
• MPEG4 recording at QCIF,CIF & 2CIF
• Single & Quad display
Compact 4

•Simultaneous live and playback

•USB port for download of video archive
to external flash disk or CD/DVD drive
•Web & MicroBrowser OSD support for
unit configuration
• Controlled locally from the front panel
• 80GB, 160GB & 320 GB Models
• Activity Detection
• 8 Camera Inputs
• Simultaneous MPEG-4 transmission and JPEG
• NOW with MPEG-4 Recording
• Ruggedised design with shock-proof cradle
• Record Rate 60PPS
• Fixed and removable hard drive options
• Accelerometer included as Standard
• Spot Monitor Output for Deterrent
• Report on alarm via SMS or wireless networks
• Location tracking via GPS
• New Hot Swappable Compact Flash Option
TransVu Advanced
• Flash storage for system setting & WebPages
• 4 x RS232 Ports - Data, GPS, Modem & SMS
• 5 on-board alarms + Ignition Sense
• LED status – Camera Fail, Power & Recording
• Telemetry Control of Domes or Matrix
• Video Motion Detection
• Camera Masking Detection option
• Two audio inputs with AGC
• Power Management – 10 to 30 Volts d.c
TransVu Media
TransVu Media offers customers the
capability of providing location specific
messaging and advertising through
dedicated monitors located on the vehicle.

The media solution provides TransVu with

an edge in the market.

It allows the customer to quickly recover

the cost of the unit and generate ongoing
revenue from advertising.
TransVu Support
• Media Manager for TransVu Media
• GPS Data Storage
• Auto Downloader
• Backup & Restore
Auto Downloader
• Status Server

Status Server
DM Media Manager
Diagnostic & Reporting
Status Server Diagnostics
• System Issues
• Temperature
• Active Camera fails
• Intermittent Camera Fails
• Camera Masking
• Hard Disk Faults

Auto Download Software

• Definable Downloads Per Unit
• TransVu Auto Download Check
• Centralised Archive Playback
The FlightVu DVR provides an integrated ground and flight-based video
surveillance solution for airline and airport operators. FlightVu can be used
for multiple applications including the protection of cabin, flight deck and
cargo areas.
• Integrated, ground and flight-based video surveillance for airline and airport
• Defender solution - provides perimeter security around the aircraft during
service and maintenance intervals.
• Use with covert cameras in hold area to protect baggage and freight.
• Spectator application provides In-Flight Entertainment via exterior views.
• DVR capable of retrieving up to 16 composite video signals.
• 8 VMD Zones to detect cargo movement or potential intruders.
• EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) compatible.
NetVu ObserVer 1.6
The latest software release of NetVu ObserVer now incorporates support of up
to 36 simultaneous connections across 36 sites, MultiMode Recording
support and a Map plug-in/editor application for simple (multi-site)

• Viewing of live and recorded images in full, picture in picture, quad, 6, 9, 16,
25 and 36 way screens
• Controls all NetVu Connected video servers including the new DS2 and DV-
IP Server, DS Server and ECO16 and new ECO9
• Up to 36 simultaneous connections to 36 different sites
• Drag and drop control of cameras onto the PC screen for live and replay
• Multi-mode recording support
• Savable views made up of multiple sites
NetVu Observer Features
• Map support with Map Editor
• Control of remote functions including audio, and telemetry
• Archive replay functions available for managing downloaded
• Multi-site alarm control to multiple operators
• Reference images assignable to specific cameras
• GOTO time and date support, Smart and Text Search Support
• Telemetry control, including PTZ and telemetry presets
• Save/print image option
• Multiple user access
• Event and Search preview window
New NetVu ObserVer
• Embedded Text Window
• RVRC Alarm Response
• Dynamic Vehicle Data
Embedded Text Display
NetVu Connected
Remote Monitoring
Product Benefits
• Improved system reliability and reduced false alarms
• Provides end-user assets with high levels of security
• Enables users to receive police responses to system activations

Product Features
• False alarm suppression, Dial-out on alarm, Alternative signalling path &
tamper proof alarms
• MultiMode Recording – dynamically-switchable resolution, record rates and
compression settings (MPEG-4/JPEG) per camera
• Simultaneous, high quality JPEG and MPEG-4 transmission and recording
via unique transcoding technology allows video images to be streamed
across the network efficiently
• Capture, record and search video footage by time, event and text data
• IP connectivity and remote monitoring functionality
• Instant Remote Alarm monitoring using Ethernet or PPP modem link
• Dial-out on alarm and alternative signaling path
NetVu ObserVer RVRC
Remote Video Receiving Center capability for
NetVu ObserVer provides:-
• Event Sessions Management.
• Characterisation and Closure of Sessions.
• Report Generation from Event Database.
• Billable Patrols
NetVu ObserVer RVRC



Distribution Report Reports
NetVu ObserVer ARC
Alarm Characterization
DS2 with Text Support
Product Benefits
• Consistent, quality surveillance of retail environments empowers users to
reduce shrinkage and prevent theft
• Retail units provide a rapid review of suspicious transactions with powerful
text, data search and date/time GOTO event facilities
• Straightforward installation, causes minimal disruption to the customers
• Minimise staff training costs and time with intuitive and easy-to-use features

Product Features
• The new DS2 records and associates POS transaction data with video –
simplifying fraud detection
• POS transaction data backed up by crystal clear digital image quality to
easily identify suspects
• Real-time alarms can be triggered on suspect transactions using keywords
• 300 cash register EPOS terminal interfaces supported
Advanced POS & ATM
• Rules-based Exceptions to
trap suspect transactions
– Low Value item paid for with
high value banknote
– Out-of-hours transactions
• Append Text and generate
Keyword Events
• Combine with Embedded
Text Display in NetVu
ObserVer for remote
management capability.
APoS Features
• Connect up to 8 POS devices per module
• Easy-to-use configuration utility with upload/download
• Interfaces to almost any POS equipment
• Connects to printer, customer or POS network ports for
maximum data capture
• User-definable rules and exceptions
• Integral 4way data switch for easy network connection
APoS Configuration Utility
DV-IP ATM - Secure, high quality video surveillance provides fast resolution to
transaction disputes.
Product Benefits
• Small-form, 4-channel, IP-based video server with up to 50pps record rate.
• Size allows unit to be conveniently located near ATM units without impacting on
• Pre-alarm recording captures evidence before an event occurs allowing a review
of footage before the incident as well as during and after
• Additional ATMi unit allows associated text to be displayed over relevant recorded

Product Features
• MPEG-4 compression allows transmission over low bandwidth connections.
• Remote alarm management.
• Searching of video by time/date or transaction number.
• Compatible with leading ATM vendors.
• Telemetry now as Standard
Archiving Solutions
• Automatic Archiving of Events via FTP
– (& DVD on DS2)
• Continuous Archiving now available on DS2, DS
DS2, DS Server and DVIP Server.
• Improved fault-tolerance compared with NAS
– Recording continues when network slows or
– Archiving resumes when network restored
– Reporting of Slow Archive and Archive Fault
Enterprise Class
• PickaPoint
• HighVu Excel
• DM MegaPixel Camera
• DVIP Decoder
• PowerScript ™
PickaPoint Digital Matrix

• Stand-Alone Enterprise DVR

• Next Generation M3G Platform
• 240 & 480PPS Real-Time Record Capability
• 8, 16 & 32 Camera Input Options
• IP and MegaPixel Camera Support.
• Embedded O/S - no PC-based issues
• Dual Composite Monitor Outputs
• NetVu Connected
DVIP-RT Features
• Designed for easy install.
• Works “Out of the box” as DS2 and DVIP Server
• DVD writer for local archiving
• Up to 1.5TB internal storage
• Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface
• PowerScript™ for Custom Solutions and Integration
• Storage expansion via dual external SATA-connections.
• 2x Bi-directional Audio Channels
• Viewing via NetVu Observer, NetvVu Console and DVIP
HighVu Excel
• Modular Expandable Enterprise DVR Solution
• Next-Generation M3G Platform
• Real-Time D1 (4CIF) Recording and Viewing
• 1024 Camera System Capacity
• Real-Time Live and Replay Viewing Capability
• 48 Monitor Capacity – plus Monitor Expansion
• 8, 16 and 32 Camera Input Building Blocks
• Any Camera to Any Monitor Switching
• Composite and Dual DVI Monitor Support
HighVu Excel Features
• Multi-Channel Lip-synced Audio Capability
• Dual Independent Network Interfaces
– 1 x Gigabit & 1 x 10/100
• External Storage via 4 x SATA Interfaces
• Storage Expansion as RAID5 and 3.75TB JBOD
• Continuous Archive Option
• HighVu Keyboard for Local Control.
• DVD Writer for local archiving
• Digital Monitor Output Resolution 1920 x 1080
• Comprehensive & Flexible Alarm Management via
• Bespoke Applications ‘Out of the Box’
• Adds custom functionality to standard product.
• Ideal for Systems Integration and Specification Lock-In
• Interpreted C programming language
• Available on most NetVu Connected Platforms