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TransVu Mobile DVR

Ruggedised, DVR specially designed for use in public
and commercial mobile vehicle applications.

TransVu Mobile DVR

Ruggedised, DVR specially designed for use in public and commercial
mobile vehicle applications.

– Full function DVR capability
– Key turn operation with timer to continue recording in depot
– “On-demand” network viewing
– Independent recording and transmission using Transcoding
– Future-proof, soft CODEC architecture
– Power Management built-in
– In a ruggedized format designed for transport applications
– Fitted or Removable HDD option
– Integration with GPS & wireless comms (GPRS, 3G)
– Rapid-Deployment Applications

Speedometer. • Incorporated Power Management – Stops the unit recording and closes down operation after the vehicle ignition is turned off. oil pressure etc. Product Features • Ruggedised housing – Suppresses heavy vibrations often generated by urban transit vehicles. • Open Standards – Uses TCP/IP protocol providing seamless integration. . • Media recording – 8 cameras recording while simultaneously recording 2 channels of audio • Vehicle information systems – Integration with vehicle systems such as Tachometer.

80 &120GB • New Hot Swappable Compact Flash . Web Server Features • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet • 8 camera inputs 50 PPS • Spot Monitor Output • High Quality Recording • 40 to 120 GB internal • Removable Hot Swappable Disk .40.

GPS. Web Server Features • Flash storage for system setting & WebPages • 4 x RS232 Ports .Data. Power & Recording • Telemetry Control of Domes or Matrix Integration • Two audio inputs with Automatic Gain Control • Power Management – 10 to 30 Volts d.c . Modem & SMS • 5 on-board alarms + Ignition Sense • LED status – Camera Fail.

HTTP & UDP • Standard & selectable variable rate recording per camera • Variable rate Pre-Alarm record buffer • Advanced Alarms & Alarm Connectivity • Video Motion Detection • Auto alarm/VMD event archiving to a central server • Option .Heater option for Fixed drive units . Web Server Features • Web-Server Supporting Telnet.Replay Caddy for removable hard disks • Option .LED Box for driver cameras status information • Option . FTP.

or power break out equipment. WiFi. GPRS EDGE & 3G transmission capabilities. GPS and ancillary equipment etc. camera fails & camera alarm. TransVu Key Features • Removable drive reviewable via NetVu Observer Software. . • GPS Logging. Power management on TransVu removes the need to install additional UPS equipment. • Optional LED Display Box displaying camera masking. This with power cameras. ON transportation installations space is a luxury. • Ethernet. on-board creating a simple yet neat installation. • Power management initialising external peripheral equipment. TransVu is supplied with a looped power output supporting up to 6 amps to external equipment.

ensure that there is enough time to download video to a central server with the auto archive alarm feature. • For critical system I would recommend a removable hard disk or removable Compact Flash. The infrastructure has to be there and be reliable to support the video download. • Busses. try to integrate with the air conditioning system or use the Compact flash TransVu option. must be installed horizontally. Cars etc. • Only on Trains can TransVu be installed vertically. TransVu Installation Practises • Always try to install the unit as close to the ground as possible. • Should a system (train) support WiFi network traffic. . • In countries where heat is an issue.

front & back .Left. GPS Data Storage Data Storage .GPS Time .4 x RS232 Data Ports .GPS Coordinates Latitude & Longitude . right.Bake/Lights on .Hazards .Indicator Right .Accelerator/Blue Lights .Indicator Left .8 x TCP Data Streams .G-Force .GPS Speed .

Replay. Audio & Telemetry Status Server Auto Downloader Database Watermarking Backup & Restore . Software Utilities Live.

Diagnostic & Reporting Status Server Diagnostics • Current Temperature • System Issues • Temperature • Active Camera fails • Intermittent Camera Fails • Camera Masking • Hard Disk Faults Auto Download Software • Definable Downloads Per Unit • TransVu Auto Download Check • Centralised Archive Playback .

Accreditation Electro Magnetic Compatibility .1 (IEC Class 5M2) Shock and Vibration – Road Vehicles .Railway Applications EN 61373 Railway Applications – Shock and Vibration ETSI EN 300 019-2-5 V2.1.2 Test spec. T5.EMC EN 55011 Conductive Emissions EN 55022 Radiated Emissions IEC 61373 Shock Immunity DD ENV50204 Mobile Phone Immunity EN 61000-6-1 Immunity to Radio Frequency EN 50081-1 Radio Frequency Emissions EN 50121-3-2 Radio Emissions .

Product Highlights • Sending text messages – TransVu can be configured to send SMS messages to a mobile phone or a SMS server. . • Monitoring driver’s behaviour – An internal inertia sensor provides the operating company with vital information on employee driving habits. • Route detection – Alert sent if vehicle travels out side programmed route. • Spot monitor support – Camera 8 is turned into a monitor output.

Ruggedised • Designed to meet: – ETSI EN 300 019-2-5 V2.2(2001-09) Class 5M2 [Road]1 – IEC 61373 [Rail]1 • Single quick release connector – Automotive specific connector carries power. and ancillary circuits. . video. • Flash memory – Operating system runs from flash allowing easy use of removable HDD technology • Small Enclosure – Compact and easily mounted within the vehicle.1.

Hardware Features • 6 alarm inputs – 4 x voltage free – 1 x frequency counting – 1 x ignition sensing • Wide ranging voltage input – 8 to 30 VDC • 4 serial ports – PTZ. GPS. Modem. Text in image • Ethernet port – TCP/IP connectivity over 10/100BaseT .

Taxi .Example Install .

Example Install – School Bus .

TransVu Developments • MPEG4 trans-coding – Perfect for limited bandwidth wireless communications – Available NOW • TransVu Media – Advertising messages displayed on local monitor – On screen passenger information messages – Media display triggered by GPS coordinates – Revenue stream • Solid-state recording – MPEG4 recording option – For especially harsh vibration environments – Up to 4GB .

TransVu Media Manager .

Questions? .