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The Hype

About Hybrids
What is the Hype?
Hype - Everything is going IP

Some Facts
• 90% of Camera Sales are Analog
• This is forecast to reduce to 50% by 2011
• 40% of IP Cameras sold today are integrated
with Analog Cameras
What is A Hybrid DVR?
What WE mean is a DVR that can Record, Playback, View
and Control Analog Cameras as well as :-

IP Streams from DV-IP Encoders & Codecs

AND Megapixel Cameras

AND Selected 3rd. Party IP Cameras

AND Server-to-Server viewing and recording

Features of NetVu Connected technology that give

unrivalled levels of seamless interoperability
A NetVu Connected
Hybrid DVR in Action
A single static or PTZ
analog camera,
connected to the DV-
IP Encoder.

NetVu ObserVer
PC Client

A NetVu Connected DVR

can view and record analog
and IP streams seamlessly.
Benefits of Hybrid DVRs
• Uniform User interface
– Across all camera types, analog and IP – static and PTZ
• Continues use of Analog cameras
– Still cheaper and will be so for some time to come
• Protect Investment
– Cameras & Lenses, Cabling and Control Equipment
• Picture Quality
– Analog has resolution limit
– Analog signals suffer loss and interference
– Megapixel cameras offer very high resolution
Issues to Consider
• Latency
– Processing delays can make switching and PTZ less ‘responsive’
• Network Traffic
– Need to manage Bandwidth
– Record at ‘Edge-of-Network’ has major benefits
– Busy networks may suffer dropped frames and sticky images
• Distance
– Ethernet cable runs 100m before repeating
– Coaxial/Twisted Pair can go further (with correct cable)
– Wi-Fi needs no cable
Storage Options
1 2 3

Compression Compression Compression

IP camera IP camera/

IP Storage IP
PC Server PC,
Storage etc

Viewing PC, PDA, etc Viewing Viewing

MultiMode Recording
MultiMode recording provides the New NetVu Connected Products with
• Settable recording resolutions from 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF to QCIF
• Settable MPEG and JPEG compression recording and PPS record rates
• Dynamically-Switchable resolution from normal to event recording
• Dynamically-Switchable compression MPEG4/MJPEG from normal to event
• Settable quality
• Switching configurations on a schedule
Multimode Benefits
bit-rate (= image quality)
Alarm rate

Better quality
alarm images

Alarm rate

Background rate Extended record

duration for
same size HDD

Background rate time
Record Duration Multimode
(related to area) Record Duration
Recording & Transmission
Traditional Systems
Compression Format
MAXIMUM File size/Bit rate MAXIMUM

DM TransCoding Systems (DV-IP Server, NEW DS2, etc.)

Recording Transmission
Resolution Resolution
Compression Format Compression Format
MAXIMUM File size/Bit rate File size/Bit rate MAXIMUM
Standard IP Solution

The PC Client software

is used to view and
record and playback all
Video camera images.
Coax Ethernet


PC Viewing
Video Client
Integration at a Basic Level

Video Video
Encoder Decoder
Coax Ethernet Coax

Basic integration of analog and IP

achieved through stand-alone
Video Encoder Decoders.
Enables existing IP Infrastructure to
be utilized to reduce installation DVR
time and cost.
Hybrid DVRs
A Basic Application

Coax Ethernet Coax


The DVR can accept IP Streams DVR

for viewing and recording so that
the user has a seamless control of
all cameras in the system.
Connecting 3rd Party
IP Cameras

Selected third party IP

cameras supported on
NetVu Connected servers
Digital IP
NetVu ObserVer can be camera
used to view all cameras streams
and 3rd party IP cameras on viewed on
the DS2, but cannot view 3rd analog
party IP cameras directly composite

Supported third party IP camera telemetry is either

controlled remotely using NetVu ObserVer or locally
via a suitable interface.
Hybrid DVRs
An Advanced Application


Remote DVR

PC Client for Additional remote

viewing and control positions

Local DVR
Analog cameras on the Remote
DVR can be viewed and recorded
as an IP stream on the Local DVR.
A Digital Matrix Solution

Remote DVR Remote DVR

Remote DVR Remote DVR

Multi-Channel Digital Matrix

Digital Matrix Multi-Channel Video Decoder Workstation
Workstation Video Decoder
Emerging Technology
• Dynamic Camera Configuration Protocol
– Configure the DVR and let it set up the IP Sources

• Embedded Analytics
– ANPR, Left/ Removed Object, People Counting

• Enterprise Level Viewing Recording and Playback

– HighVu Excel offers unrivalled levels of Decode Performance