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TransVu &

TransVu Express

TransVu Awards

Most Innovative 2006 Queen’s award for Best New IP

International Security Enterprise Awarded to Security/Communication
Project or Installation - AD Group (DM Parent Product – TransVu
TransVu company) for TransVu Media

TransVu family offer mobile digital video recording that is:-

• NetVu Connected core technology

• Light & Compact
• Robust
• Very low power usage
• Purpose built mobile vehicle system
• CCTV & Audio recording
Standard Feature Set

TransVu family all share the following powerful features:-

• 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Connection

• Operates between 10 to 30 Volts d.c.
• MultiMode - MJPEG/MPEG4 Recording
• Web based configuration
• Web-Server Supporting Telnet, FTP, HTTP & UDP
Standard Feature Set
TransVu has been tested to the highest standards to ensure the
unit is able to comfortably handle the extreme conditions that
hardware can be subjected to during operation.

• System settings with onboard memory

• Video Transmission
• Voltage level sense & Power Management for clean shutdown
• Ignition Sense on/off
• Two audio inputs with Automatic Gain Control
– Optional LED Box
– Optional Replay Caddy
Standard Feature Set

TransVu’s Always a Bright Idea

• All of the TransVu range draw very little power.

• The compact flash version of TransVu Express

only uses 5 watts, the same as a car license plate
bulb - making it ideal for rapid deployment.

• A typical headlight bulb is 60 watt. TransVu & TransVu

Media only draw 1/3 the strength using approximately
18 to 28 watts.
TransVu Express

• AD Holdings Standard Mobile Digital Video Recorder

• 4 colour/monochrome camera inputs
• 25 or 100 PPS
• Monitor Output (100 pps unit only)
• Removable 80, 120 GB Hard Disk or Solid State Compact Flash
• 2 x Audio inputs
- 1 x Microphone or Line input
- 1 x Microphone
TransVu Express

• Compact size – 180mmx110mmx60mm

• Integrally stored system settings
• RS232 Port – Engineer/LED Box
• 3 on-board alarms
• Solid State Polarised Relay
• LED status – Camera Fail, Network, Power, HDD,
CF/SD & Recording
TransVu Express Applications

• Taxis
• Coaches, minibuses
• Lorries, Trailers
• Security Vehicles
• Cash in Transit.
Queen’s Award for Enterprise in
Innovation, April 2006

• 8 or 16 colour/monochrome camera inputs

• 50 or 75 Pictures per Second
• Spot Monitor Output
• One data stream per camera via TCP/IP

Managing large fleets of vehicles is simplified with the use of

wireless networks. Operators can manually download images
or alarm images can be automatically downloaded.

• Text search on the stored text

• Alarms on 32 defines key words
• 5 on-board alarms + Ignition Sense
• Variable rate Pre-Alarm record buffer
• Auto alarm/VMD event archiving to a central server

Communication with a vehicle outside of wireless network range

requires the use of mobile technology. Cellular networks like Orange
O2 and T-Mobile offer GPRS, 3G and HSDPA.

• Harness LED status – Camera Fail, Network, Power &

• 4 x RS232 Ports - Data, GPS, Modem & SMS
• Telemetry Control of Domes or Matrix
Note:-via external RS232 to 485 converter
• Support if 4 x IP Cameras/Domes with telemetry and without
licence implications.

With GPS signals from an external module speed,

direction and exact location are recorded with
every image that can then be plotted on MapPoint
or Google Earth.

• G-Force Sensor
• Advanced Alarms & Alarm Connectivity
• Video Motion Detection
• Standard & selectable variable rate recording per camera
• Login securities per client, and for FTP, video download & Telnet.

Additional inputs on TransVu can be

connected to the brake circuit,
indicators and accelerator, Use of these
can also be logged for later review.
TransVu Media
• 8 camera inputs
• 50 PPS
• Media Output
• Spot Monitor Output
• Removable 80, 120 or Compact Flash
• Self managed play list logs
• Single/double height text display
• TCP integration

Media Software Utilities

• Media Manager slide show utility
• Automated Vehicle Update Server Software
TransVu Media
Money Generation
TransVu can output Media (advertising) making the TransVu a
continuous revenue generator. Now Advertising can pay for your
security needs on a vehicle, paying for itself within
approximately 6 months.

Puzzles, missing persons ads, recipe of the day or even competitions

requiring the public to text an answer via their mobile phone can
generate extra revenues

WiFi Connectivity
Wireless networks delivering advertising and news direct to vehicles
automatic whilst logging all media content displayed, plus returning
system statistics at the same time.
TransVu Accreditations
2004/104/EC Automotive Directive
89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility – EMC

BS EN 61000-6-1:2001 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Generic immunity standard - Part 6-1:

Residential, commercial and light-industry. (Includes tests to BS EN 61000-4-3,
20V/m, 27MHz - 3GHz as required by IEC 60571 Ed. 2.0b:1998)
EN 61000-6-3:2001 Electromagnetic Compatibility - Generic emission standard - Part 1: Residential,
commercial and light industry
DD ENV 50204:1996 Radiated electromagnetic field from digital radio telephones. Immunity test.
BS EN 50121-3-2:2000 Radio Emissions - Railway Applications - Electromagnetic compatibility part 3-2
(emissions and immunity). Rolling stock – apparatus
BS EN 50155:2001 Railway applications. Electronic equipment used on rolling stock.
IEC 60571 Ed. 2.0b:1998 Electronic equipment used on rail vehicles.

Shock and Vibration

EN 61373:1999 Railway Applications – Shock and Vibration
EN 55011:2001 Conductive Emissions
IEC 60571 Ed. 2.0b:1998 Electronic equipment used on rail vehicles. ETSI EN300 019-2-5 V2.1.2 (2001-09)
Test spec. T5.1 (IEC Class 5M2) Shock and Vibration Road Vehicles

IEC 60068-2-1/2 Temperature for cooling and dry heat.
BS EN 50155:2001 Railway applications. Electronic equipment used on rolling stock
IEC 60571:1998 Electronic equipment used on rail vehicles.
Diagnostics & Reporting
Status Server Diagnostics
• Current Temperature
• System Issues
• Active Camera fails
• Intermittent Camera Fails
• Camera Masking
• Hard Disk Faults
• Hi Vibration Count
• IP Address

Status Server produces Automated System

Reports and provides operators with an up to
date status of vehicles.

Auto Download Software

• Definable Downloads Per Unit
• TransVu Auto Download Check
• Centralised Archive Playback
NetVu Observer
TransVu Case Studies

First Group
After a year long trial of 120 TransVu units, First
Group UK operators reported a failure rate of only
2% significantly beating the competition.

Leon District Schools

A Major program involving mobile DVR’s installed
on School busses in the USA has been making a
major impact on student behaviour since 2003.

In addition to capturing CCTV images, 2 x Audio

channels are also being recorded.
TransVu Case Studies

City Line - Netherlands

Mobile installation on Sprinter type trains running
the Zoetermeer Stadslijn (City line) in the
Netherlands has reduced vandalism by 40%.

Rat Trap - Tackles Car Crime

Avon and Somerset Police demonstrate their Covert
Capture Car .

Commonly called a “Rat Trap”, the vehicle is left in a

crime hot spot. When an attempt is made to steal the
car, images are relayed to the police.
TransVu Reference Sites

NS Group Trains
Installed in the Netherlands for the company
NS Reizigers, NS-Group train operators on the
Zoetermeer Stadslijn (City Line) .

Connexxion Busses
Installed in the Netherlands by Chubb Lips
Beveiliging B.V. (Installation Company), 450+
TransVu digital video recorders are now installed.
Rapid Deployment

Community Policing
Rapid deployment of CCTV is fast becoming an
essential part Community Policing. While this
example is vehicle mounted smaller units can be
clamped to street furniture to monitor ASBO
situations. ASBO – Anti Social Behaviour Order

Gas Pipeline Monitoring - USA

Integrated with solar panels and charge circuits
from Kyocera Co Japan
Remote Surveillance