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By the grace of ALLAH in the year 1992 Sofia Abdul Hamid started a tailoring section to train poor Muslim ladies at the premises on North Rd cook town. After a lot of thinking we came to the conclusion that we have to educate the girl child in Islam and Dunya so that the education will make her independent and bring awareness not be a slave of drunken males dominating the lives of poor destitute women. RIFAA ARABIC ACADEMY RABITA WELFARE GROUP TRUST The Trust Is Known In The City Of BANGALORE/INDIA For Its Cause of uplifting the Muslim Sisters from the evils of the society. So came the dream of having a home for destitute abandoned girl child who with education. Bangalore where she was staying that time in the name of Rabita welfare group However soon it was realized that their drunkard fathers or husbands never wanted their women to be trained to be self sufficient rather they wanted them to work day to day in Agarbatti or garment factories or as household domestic help which can fetch them Daily income. healthy environment and care can become educated women of the future who cannot only save herself from poverty and misery but will be a help to others like her and be a help to the society. .

. where the children live in peace and harmony Learning their Religion and Academics. RIFAA ARABIC ACADEMY • Hence this dream came true Hence Rifaa home for the Girl Child was been formed under the Rabita Welfare Group Trust. The School is running by the will of Allah for destitute and abandoned girls. Which is Located in Hennur/Bangalore.

RIFAA ARABIC ACADEMY • Glimpse of the School .



We seek refuge in him from the Evils of our Souls and Evils of our action and we witness that there is none worthy to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad (salllahu alahi wa sallam) is his slave and messenger. As Allah says in the Quran: • [ِ‫حمَـنِ الرّحِيم‬ ْ ّ‫] ِبسْمِ الِّ الر‬ • [‫ك هَـذَا‬ َ ْ‫ح ْينَآ إِلَي‬ َ ْ‫حسَنَ الْقَصَصِ ِبمَآ َأو‬ ُ ْ‫ نَح‬. you were among those who knew nothing about it.‫ن‬ ْ َ‫ن نَقُصّ عََليْكَ أ‬ ِ ‫ك ءايَاتُ الْ ِكتَـبِ ا ْل ُمبِي‬ َ ْ‫الر تِل‬ َ‫ت مِن َقبِْلهِ َلمِنَ الْغَـفِلِين‬ َ ‫] الْقُرْءَا‬ َ ‫ن وَإِن كُن‬ . of this Qur'an. Arabic language is the language in which Allah almighty sent down his book and similarly he also chose his messengers tongue to be Arabic which means the entire knowledge of Al-Islam is based on the language of the Arabs. We understand and Affirm that nothing can be thought and done except by the will of Allah. Verily. We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an in order that you may understand 3. .َ‫ ِإنّآ َأ ْنزَ ْلنَاهُ ُقرْآنًا عَ َر ِبيّا لّعَلّكُ ْم تَعْقِلُون‬. And before this. These are the verses of the Book that is clear 2. RIFAA ARABIC ACADEMY Alhamdulillah (all praises be to Allah). We relate unto you the best of stories through Our revelations unto you. Alif-Lam-Ra. so we try to please him to attain his love and mercy.

then wants to learn another. The best way is to become accustomed to speaking Arabic so that the young people will learn it in their homes and schools. then they became lax with regard to the language and got used to speaking Farsee until it became prevalent and Arabic was forgotten by most of them. and the words of the Salaf. so that this becomes a habit in the land. and finds it difficult. they taught the people of those countries to speak Arabic. with one’s family and household members. where the people spoke Persian. because it involves being like the non- Arabs. unlike a person who gets used to speaking one language. RIFAA ARABIC ACADEMY Ibn taymeeah (rahimaullah) one of the major scholars of the Salaf points out the importance of learning Arabic in order to understand the religion • The Status of the Arabic Language in Islam • By: Shaykhul-Islaam Taqiyyud-Deen Ibn Taymiyyah (d. Such was also the case in Khurasaan in the past. and all the people. This will make it easier for the people of Islam to understand the Qur'an and Sunnah. Know that being used to using a language has a clear and strong effect on one’s thinking. Muslim and kaafir alike. so that Arabic became the prevalent language in those lands. . in the marketplace. Hence when the early Muslims went to live in Syria and Egypt. undoubtedly this is makrooh (disliked).728H) • As for becoming accustomed to talking to one another in a language other than Arabic. which is makrooh. when addressing government representatives or authority figures or when speaking to people of knowledge. Undoubtedly this is disliked. and North Africa (al-Maghrib) where the people spoke Berber. with one’s friends. where the people spoke Byzantine Greek. behavior and religious commitment. and in ’Iraq and Khurasaan. so that the symbol of Islam and its people will prevail. as stated previously. spoke Arabic. which is the symbol of Islam and the language of the Qur'an.

learn the Qur‘an in Arabic for it is Arabic. if some people fulfill them the rest are relieved of the obligation). he said: “Learn Arabic for it is part of your Religion.” According to another hadeeth narrated from ’Umar (). and learn how the estate of the deceased should be divided (faraa‘id) for these are part of your Religion. to learn Arabic and the Sharee’ah combines the things that are needed. This is the meaning of the report narrated by Aboo Bakr Ibn Abee Shaybah who said: ’Eesa Ibn Yoonus told us from Thawr from ’Umar Ibn Yazeed that ’Umar wrote to Aboo Moosa al-Ash’aree and said: “Learn the Sunnah and learn Arabic.e. RIFAA ARABIC ACADEMY It also has an effect on making one resemble the early generations of this Ummah. i. and knowing Arabic is an obligatory duty. then the means that is needed to fulfill the duty is also obligatory. religious commitment and behavior. the Companions and the Taabi’een.. and others which are obligatory on the community or Ummah (fard kifaayah. Moreover. the Arabic language itself is part of Islam. Understanding Arabic is the way to understand the words of Islam. and they cannot be understood without knowing Arabic. There are things which are obligatory on all individuals (fard ’ayn). Being like them improves one’s thinking. for Religion involves understanding words and actions. and understanding the Sunnah is the way to understand the actions of Islam…” • Iqtidaa‘us-Siraatil-Mustaqeem (2/207) .” This command of ’Umar. If it is a duty to understand the Qur'an and Sunnah.

After a lot of struggle and research Alhamdulillah we now announce our humble start towards the cause. To help them in this noble ambition we have organized an Academy where our sisters can learn the Arabic Language with its authenticity for which we have chosen the medium of instruction to be English to make it easier Special classrooms have been designed maintaining the Islamic concept of Hijab yet with the modern amenities. now that we know the importance of learning Arabic language. We were encouraged to see the growing interest of our sisters who have graduated from the Convent background and are now keen to learn Al-Islam. it is our Duty to learn and teach Arabic. .Dear brothers and sisters.