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Internationalized Domain

Names (IDN)

APAN Busan

James Seng
former co-chair, IDN Working Group

พาณิชย์. 公司 . 회사 .‫الهرام‬ viagénie.‫ישראל‬ ทีเอชนิค. 商業 .jp 삼성 三星 .com ヤフー .tw 高島屋 .ไทย 現代 .ca ‫קום‬.kr ‫م‬.com .cn 華人 . 회사 .Internationalized Domain Names 华人 . 会社 .

Digit.g. 新加坡 xn--3bs3aw5wpa2a . Hyphen)  Some compression to produce shorter string  e.Punycode RFC3492  Designed for use with Internationalized Domain Names  It uniquely and reversibly transforms a Unicode string into an LDH string (Letter.

Stringprep/Nameprep RFC3454/RFC3451  Prepare internationalized domain name labels in order to increase the likelihood that name input and name comparison work in ways that make sense for typical users throughout the world.  Based on UTR#15 (Normalization) & UTR#22 (Case Mapping)  Stringprep is the generic processing [RFC3454]  Nameprep is a profile of stringprep for Internationalized Domain Names .

IDNA RFC3490  IDNA only upgrade in applications to handle IDN  Consideration of legacy encoding and interopability  Enforce Nameprep in applications  Uses Nameprep-ACE’ed IDN over the wire .

IDNA-Nameprep-Punycode User End IDNA System processing Punycode Resolver Punycode unless protocol is updated Punycode DNS Application Servers Servers .

IDNA-Nameprep-Punycode User Input: 新加坡 (48 34 28 51 38 34)GBK IDNA processing xn--3bs3aw5wpa2a (E6 96 B0 E5 8A A0 Resolver E5 9D A1)UTF-8 xn--3bs3aw5wpa2a DNS Application Servers Servers .

So…  200 engineers  30 months  6.000 engineering man-months  more then 10 high-tech companies  over 1M names registered  >100M USD investment What next? .

The Eco-system Policy delegation RRP/EPP registration resolution Other Protocols .

What we have so far Policy delegation RRP/EPP registration IDNA resolution Other Protocols .

Protocols . delegation  The goal is to reduce potential dispute conflict by reservation of variants RRP/EPP registration  Provide an algorithm for the variants but allow zoneresolution admin to define further rules  An example how to bridge the gap between Other the technical restriction and users expection. CJK Administration Guideline draft-jseng-idn-admin-01.txt Policy  JET effort (started in Feb 2002).

txt  Internationalized Emails and Netnews names  Based on IDNA  Have consideration for Email identifiers Other Protocols .Email & Netnews Proposal draft-faerber-i18n-email-netnews-names-00.

txt  Policy Internationalized Resource Identifier (IRI)  Complement URI [RFC2396].delegation with a mapping of IRI to URI RRP/EPP  Define registration a new protocol element resolution ??? Other Protocols . Internationalized Resource Identifier draft-duerst-iri-00.

Localization  Per label basis  Understand what users wants  Script vs. Identifier  Internationalization vs.Policy Policy  Understand the technical limitation  Script vs. Localization  Per “FQDN” (whole domain name) basis . Identifier  Internationalization vs. Language  Name vs. Language  Name vs.

IDN tools & software patches  Supportedby Internet Software Consortium (ISC) . IDN plugins.Other development  IDN Open Source  Develop quality RFC compliant software to support IDN capability in different applications running on all major operating system  Would consist of IDN libraries.

IDN OSS Advisory Council Project Convener Legal Project Counsel Manager Chief Technical Quality Translators Software Architect Writers Assurance Programmers .

OR .